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February 01, 2021



. . . so is this article!
. . . you killed it, 86; WELL DONE!


Good one soupster

Old Skool

I like it


Great article! Very true and enjoyable and sad!

orange 'n green in the vein

This blob could be way worse, it could be about the men's basketball team instead of the decades of irrelevance of the football team now.


Well, nice first chapter for this novel.
I tend to go by these words:
It Ain't Always Going To Be This Way, although it seems like it after all these years.
Manny is trying, I'll give him that much. He put his head in the noose, by taking over playing calling on the dee, so we shall see.

The Herb

Travis William is the new LB coach.
Now we have some people on that side of the ball that can recruit, especially getting sum dam quality LB's, hopefully!


Travis William is the new LB coach.
Now we have some people on that side of the ball that can recruit, especially getting sum dam quality LB's, hopefully!
Posted by: The Herb | February 01, 2021 at 02:50 PM

Totally agree... appears to be a REALLY good hire, (top flight recruiter!)

Going back to the blog and SOUP's comments on Coker... "Then you ran the Mercedes you were given into a brick wall at a 100 MPH by your failure to recruit."

Hopefully, Manny D., is getting on the right track on recruiting!

Going back to the

Goes well with SOUP's "Eagles" blog.

Terrance Sullivan

Soupster Stays On A Roll Daddio!


watched canes v. duke replay this morning
. . . "surprised" would be the understatement; my expectations, like everyone else, were pretty low!

- not only did the canes play one of their absolute best games of the season, the game itself was easily right up there with the purdue comeback game
. . . an absolute thriller from start to finish against a very scrappy duke team

- we were still down a shyt-load of players, but at least olaniye was back (he had a MASSIVE game; easily his best one since arriving as a transfer); and mcgusty, deng gak, walker & wong all played thru their injuries!
- began with a small lineup; i figured maybe it was because the bigs played so uninspiringly last game, but the herald said it was to keep up with duke's fast players or something to that effect
. . . herald also mentioned that they had never practiced these 5 together before = gamble; but this time L's roll o'the dice came up 7's!

- but what i thought was especially cool, is that later, L played both bigs together! ... i can't imagine this is the first time, but i truly don't remember them together in any other game . . . and not only did they play good, they also played together really well, and was fun to watch (granted, it wasn't tons of minutes, but ...)

- coach L is now 6-7 vs. duke since his time at miami, if i remember right
... evidently we were 2-15 or so before L's arrival (my memory is not my strong pt; someone correct me if a remember these stats wrong)

- and again, if enough of our players stick around next year, and if the injury bug doesn't hit again, this team has GREAT possibilities (... my main worry is that wong might move on)


Who cares?!

Old Skool

Captain Sir Thomas Moore RIP


I am a glutton for punishment, but I decided to watch the BB game yesterday, against Duke. So glad I did. The true grit of a badly damaged team, came out. So much fun to watch. I even had my U blanket on the couch and my shakers, too! I guess I am a LOVER OF THE U. True since I went to the U, in 1966. Went to many losing games at the Orange Bowl, in the old days. Spectacular memories, for sure. Ted Hendricks played when I was there. Nothing like the grand old Lady, the OB. Went to a game a decade or so ago, with 86. Had the time of my life with Tom. He picked me up at the airport, took me to the hotel, picked me up for the game. Met so many CANESPACERS through him. I wonder if some of you remember meeting me there, and WHAT YEAR????


Have any of you gotten the Coronavirus vaccine?? I am going down to FLA soon. I think I will get it. I am 72 yrs old now. WHAT SAY YOU??


thought of you, herb, when i read this:

How three Miami natives — and, yes, Ed Reed — put together UM’s top-10 recruiting class


ML, my wife & i got our 2nd shots last friday night
basically no problem with the first one
came home after the 2nd one and somehow rammed a door frame right at the place of shot, shooting some heavy lightning into my pineal gland and causing my spinal cord to grab my liver

. . . but it's behind us; very worth it, for that added feeling of safety


Soupster Stays On A Roll Daddio!

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | February 02, 2021 at 12:25 AM

I'm like BUTTER baby!


Thanks for the thought Alpine but not being a member, I couldn't read it. Should I say a subscriber.


Posted by: HerbieIbis | February 02, 2021 at 10:39 PM

i see what you mean . . . i'm not a herald subscriber, but i get everything on my ipad
. . . i sent the article link to my computer to open and copy-paste here, but it doesn't allow that; tried opening the herald on my computer alone, which allows sports headlines, but no reading of the articles unless membership
= sorry

. . . maybe someone on canespace with a subscription can copy most of this article for the herb??


So How Do Manny Haters Feel Now??

RCCF .... 12%


Great article, love Don Henley


The Miami Hurricanes will begin the month of spring football on March 13, according to Manny Diaz during a media session on Wednesday afternoon.

Miami is expected to hold the 15 practices that are allowed during the offseason.

The date and location of the spring game is yet to be determined, according to Diaz.

58 Straight

The football Canes are still undefeated in 2021.

That's for U RCCF!


After two months out, Chris Lykes may play for UM Saturday vs. No. 16 Virginia Tech.


Game started.
Lykes is not in uniform.


canes vs. va tech #16
. . . exciting blue-collar game
canes down by 1 halfway thru 1st half

. . . but no lykes today :(


halftime vt 31, MI 28
very good game!




Miami plays tough. But we lose in OT. 80-76


Miami plays tough. But we lose in OT. 80-76
Posted by: nemo2020 | February 06, 2021 at 02:15 PM

major ouch
thought karma would finally give the canes this one; instead, . . .


Tough loss boss.




Some interesting trends in the Miami Hurricane blue chip ratio at positions. These are done in three year increments:

2006: 100%
2009: 100%
2012: 0%
2015: 25%
2018: 50%
2021: 75%

2006: 50%
2009: 56%
2012: 20%
2015: 22%
2018: 60%
2021: 64%

2006: 50%
2009: 14%
2012: 0%
2015: 40%
2018: 50%
2021: 50%

2006: 57%
2009: 83%
2012: 60%
2015: 50%
2018: 50%
2021: 80%

2006: 50%
2009: 44%
2012: 23%
2015: 27%
2018: 38%
2021: 44%

2006: 43%
2009: 44%
2012: 11%
2015: 11%
2018: 43%
2021: 38%

2006: 63%
2009: 43%
2012: 40%
2015: 44%
2018: 33%
2021: 50%

2006: 45%
2009: 86%
2012: 20%
2015: 22%
2018: 29%
2021: 22%

2006: 62%
2009: 79%
2012: 23%
2015: 47%
2018: 47%
2021: 75%


Another fun series of facts...

Top High Schools for Hurricane recruits:

LARRY COKER: Miami Central (6)
AL GOLDEN: Booker T, Miramar, St Thomas, Palm Beach Central - all tied at 4 recruits
MARK RICHT: St Thomas (4)
MANNY DIAZ: Chaminade (5)

Top 5 States Recruited per Head Coach:
1. Florida (63%)
2. Texas (10%)
3. New Jersey (4%)
4. California (4%)
5. Louisiana (4%)

1. Florida (61%)
2. Texas (6%)
3. California (5%)
4. Georgia (5%)
5. New York (3%)

1. Florida (58%)
2. California (7%)
3. New Jersey (7%)
4. Georgia (5%)
5. Virginia (5%)

1. Florida (69%)
2. Georgia (8%)
3. Texas (6%)
4. New Jersey (4%)
5. Ohio (3%)

1. Florida (58%)
2. Georgia (6%)
3. Texas (6%)
4. California (5%)
5. New York (4%)


Tony...I don't know how U do it, but U sure do do it man! That is awesome stuff. Thank U!


I’ll second what 86 said Tony! Thx


tony, too bad this is canespace instead of broadway
. . . otherwise, your "role excellence" would probably win you a tony
. . . which could sit on your desk giving inspiration as you write future canespace-stuff


Tony...while I find the recruiting by various states % interesting I think it also reflects two things: (1) Where the coaching staff is from and has recruiting ties and (2) where the talent shift has gone from and to in high school football and I think that mirrors the population shifts from State to State over the decades.


I agree. I think Golden's ties for instance were in the Northeast, and some of his secondary recruiting reflected that. Shannon went all in on Miami Northwest, whereas others have been more diversified (for a number of factors). Some of the stuff I've looked up is to simply answer questions. Such as how recruiting has changed. Or if the trend is truly up. Sometimes the data reflects some harsh realities - we were really rendered low (by Miami standards) in 2012. As FSU has found out, it can all slip away quickly through a combination of coaching changes, bad recruiting, and rapid roster attrition.

One more stat...

Larry Coker (5 years): 39
Randy Shannon (4 years): 38
Al Golden (5 years): 50
Mark Richt (3 years): 30
Manny Diaz (3 years): 27

Sarasota 'cane

Dolphin fan for life but I’m definitely pulling for the hometown Buccaneers 🏴‍☠️ today!

Fire the cannons!

Go Bucs!


Fins need chase/smith and Harris and their O should be good! So glad Chan is gone! A terrible hire by Flores and a terrible OC for Tua.


Nice first half for the patriots. Oops, I mean Tampa bay! Lol

58 Straight



Great halftime show IMO


for those who were more interested in canes women-bb than super bowl, they played one of their best halves of the season in the 2nd half vs. fsu (who has owned them the last 10 years or more), and taking them down by 13 points or so

. . . now back to regularly scheduled goat-man programming . . .


for more in depth background to the coach kotys & craig curry stories regarding coral gables HS integration in mid-1960's, this is VERY worth reading:



Not that it matters, but, I still can’t get a virus shot up here in Michigan. So, I signed up in Florida and will get it down there. When you are 72 yrs old, you cannot take a chance. How many of your family, parents, etc. have gotten theirs? Stay safe, all you Canespacers.
Did your see that Miami leads ALL schools with players that played in Super Bowls, from the first one on?


Did your see that Miami leads ALL schools with players that played in Super Bowls, from the first one on?

I didn’t- pretty cool!

I took my mother in law today- very smooth and efficient (in st Augustine) abs they required Florida ID at every step FYI

58 Straight

This just in...Tom Brady is above average.

That is all.

58 Straight

From UM Grad Burgess Owens:

Black History Month is an important annual celebration of the black community in America. Our ancestors might have come from different places and at different times in our nation’s history, but we should all be proud to call ourselves Americans.

This month has a lot of power when you consider the principles that helped our ancestors rise from slavery and a segregated society.

My great-great-grandfather was brought to America on a slave ship, and he did not have such an opportunity to pursue his dream until he escaped on the Underground Railroad. He later became a successful entrepreneur, thanks to freedom and the American Dream.

I grew up in the segregated Deep South in the 1960s during a time when the barriers of Jim Crow were being torn down. Despite growing up in this divisive era, I came to recognize the importance of God, country, family, and freedom, and hard work. While I have faced many challenges throughout my life, I have faced them head-on and always picked myself up after failing to try again.

In large thanks to a strong family and God, I went on to become the third black student to be offered a scholarship to the University of Miami and graduated with a degree in Biology/Chemistry. The pride from my community in my achievement laid true the principles that keep the black community strong: patriotism, education, work ethic, discipline, and respect.

Thanks for your continued support!

Burgess Owens

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