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January 12, 2021



Nemo...I think you won the UM tumbler from Sarasota Cane. Can you email me your info to tpopadak@hanoverbuilds.com



A fantastic kicker.

The Herb

Rambo commits to DA U. Hope he is a tough as he is in the movies😂

The Herb

Carlos Joseph dead at 40.
Another Cane gone to early R.I.P.


Finish up the portal with Ty Stephson, get rid of Baker & Patke and let's get to game planning for Bama.


Rambo commits to DA U.

Trautman: I don't think you understand. I didn't come to rescue Rambo from you. I came here to rescue you from him.

Teasle: Whatever possessed God in heaven to make a man like Rambo?
Trainman: God didn't make Rambo. I made him.

Rambo to Trautman: "Sir, do we get to win this time?"


Blowout loss tonight to BC - one of the worst teams in the ACC.

Our team is really not bad.

Coach L can COACH, I guess. But he can't RECRUIT (enough?) quality basketball players for UM to be really good in the ACC.

VA Cane

We are a disaster all around in all sports...even our ladies have declined....my niece just got a job for a research company....she got here degree from UM...since I raised her...she knows football way better than any of our coaches and understands execution of fundamentals better than our coaches or players I rubbed off on her as I have a passion for sharks...especially the man eaters....nicole will be researching all kinds of stuff about sharks....at least the degree is great....hard to say the same about our sports....I do not follow the others closely....baseball is the sissy boy game and basketball is a girls game...football is a hitting mans game...hit hate hurt ya know....and we are not good at it either! IJS


86 - you managed to make a dull subject (winning an award) interesting; well done!


- men's bb:
BC was on fire last night
- except the senior transfer, brooks, we are not good enough with all frosh/sophomores, cause covid and tons of injuries have cut way into both the quantity & quality of our practice time
. . . last night we couldn't keep up w/o our 2 upperclass injured
. . . their confidence kept building, ours sagged and ran off like a climate-warmed glacier shytting melt-water
- i actually turned the game off with about 8 minutes still left; very un-alpine'ish


Having played all 3 major sports, I will say this, football is tough, u have to be to play the game.
But baseball by far is the toughest to play. U stand at the plate and let somebody throwing upper 90's at u and see how many want to play the sport. Same with a missile hit on the ground and take a bad hop. A baseball can kill u. Ain't no sissy sport. Now it can be dull because of the waiting between pitches.


DE Kenyata Jackson a 4 star from Madonna Prep was offered by Minnesota in May 2019. Auburn in Sept. And Miami finally in November. How can 2 schools recognize talent and offer a ship before u do. Kids sitting close by. No way a school 2000 miles away should beat u offering a kid that now has 31 offers from every major program.
At present, one crystal ball for OSU. Long way to go of course but that's not how u get talent by being late to the party.

VA Cane

Yes dull...and other than the missile...which I always enjoyed....not a lot of physical contact....way overpaid.....prima donnas and crybabies on the top tier!

Basketball even worse...Kyrie Irving got to be the biggest crybaby ever....upset about capital attacks...cmon dude who really is upset by that political crap...like I said its good to see the ruling class running scared..they do not rule me...and stupid....the world is flat...the guy is an ignorant crybaby....same with James Harden....crybaby only scores no D....looks as if he has not bathed in weeks....wash your dame hair shave that nasty filthy beard...he has to smell like a goat....I despise crybabies in baseball and basketball....very limited number of good players...who the hell are the rest of these losers..no names....there are divas in football but the big difference is you gonna get hit! A mans game not a boys game JMO

VA Cane

Thats how we recruit.....we do not recruit! We wait and hope at the end....and it shows with the clutter on the field...then we take some scraps and hope for luck in the portal...we had a couple good ones....but Bama is waiting and gonna be licking them chops....this will be a beat down!


Jon Ford is coming back.


Nemo, so is Nesta
Good news
Now if McCloud, pope, Wiggins and baker (lol) would enter the portal, that would be great!
And getting Tyrique as a CB transfer in

58 Straight

How can 2 schools recognize talent and offer a ship before u do. Kids sitting close by. No way a school 2000 miles away should beat u offering a kid that now has 31 offers from every major program.

Posted by: H | January 13, 2021 at 11:42 AM


UM contacts the recruit, recruit tells UM staff that he wants to go to school out of Miami. He has never been out of Florida and wants to see the world. Wants to get away from his family or his negative influencers or his hood.

UM stops recruiting him.

VA Cane

This is one of the biggest problems we have we do not recruit like the days of old. Someone needs to go back and pick the genius brains of HS JJ DE and their assistants...get the notes of how it is done by the best....we at one time were the best...great coaching great recruiting coaching up great players with obvious skills yet finding the diamonds in the rough and making them stars....hey wait....thats how I do it!!!!!

This is the biggest problem we have...along with an AD who needs to be fired....its frustrating...and if MD dont turn it around soon....well fire up the plane and get the signs ready....Fire MD will be flying!!!!!!

Old Skool

From Tampa Bay Ttimes

Former Florida and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer reportedly is on track to become the latest coach to make the jump from the top of the college ranks to the NFL. A deal between Meyer and the Jaguars is close, according to ESPN, Yahoo! and multiple other outlets.


Great kid, that Jose B.! Well deserved honors!
And a great blog there too '86!



Posted by: HerbieIbis | January 13, 2021 at 10:11 AM

to me, baseball has to be seen in person to be appreciated.

VA Cane

I hope none of you are Jag fans....I am not. i am an even bigger Urban hater. He is a liar, has no morals and is a sorry azz POS. I give him credit as a coach but i despise him. Get a look at his side profile.....the back of his head is flat....thats because someone smart person hit the Mfcker in the back of the head with a square shovel...Old Flathead.....hope they lose every game and he stresses himself back into retirement....Colin cowturd has his head up Urbs tail saying how great he is....yea right...Bad Luck Urban, bad luck Jag superfans...

The Herb

Van dyke will be CB coach and Simpson DL and associate head coach. Last week Robinson was coaching the all DB's. What's going on?
Nothing about Baker or Patke.


Never mind, Manny just cut his own throat by keeping Baker and Patke, in their same roles.
Rumph has been reassigned as a recruiter. Ain't that rich. I guess they finally figured to give him seasoning in that department. Essentially, I guess, him and Van Dyke just swapped places.

Harry Miller

Hey VA I am with you om Urbin, can.t stomach his
lying ass. I hope they lose every game. The only thing he will get millions to sit on his sorry ass because he will have a Hugh buyout. He will still have to meet his maker one day

The Herb

Supposedly Manny calling plays. Why then do we need Baker?
Way to early Bama score 48-20 and that's if King plays.


from https://www.stateoftheu.com/2021/1/14/22231640/miami-hurricanes-football-finalize-coaching-staff-jess-simpson-demarcus-van-dyke-mike-rumph-more

Just to run down the list, here’s the full Miami Hurricanes coaching staff for 2021 as presently constructed:

Head Coach Manny Diaz (will call defensive plays)
OC/QB coach Rhett Lashlee
RB coach Eric Hickson
WR coach Rob Likens
TE coach Stephen Field
OL coach Garin Justice
DC/LB coach Blake Baker
DL coach/Associate Head Coach Jess Simpson
Striker coach/ST coordinator Jonathan Patke
DB coach Travaris Robinson
CB coach DeMarcus Van Dyke


Let's see, we got 2 LBer coaches
2 DB coaches
1 coach for strikers, which is essentially another LB coach.
Manny is calling plays on game day, which is what I told his stupid azz to begin with, be your own Dee coordinator.
All that's lacking is a DE in coach.
Simpson gets to coach 16 or so guys and the rest get to coach 5 or 6 each.
All that individual attention at LBer and DB should lead to some dam good play.
Still say Manny could of up grades from Bakes and Panzer. He must owe them dudes something.

VA Cane

I swear HM I cannot stand Flat Head....that back of his head is FLAT!!! He is a terrible man...dont care about nobody but him. God I want to punch Colin Cowturd and Skip Balless...they tout him as GOD....aint nobody that....
Harry my daughter is delivering me a 2nd grandchild in about 12 days....I have my Lilly girl so I am hoping for a boy...but as long as the baby is healthy is really all that matters!!!

I hope Odin is doing well...please advise!! That young man is gonna keep you running...guess us old guys need to run!!!! LOL!!!

I am not happy with the staff......I just dont see good things...you know our saying...just wait til next season.....54-14 Bama!!!!

Todd in Texas

Consider these scenarios...

MD as the coach of Alabama and Saban as coach of The U and who wins that game?

Butch as coach of Alabama and Saban as coach of The U, who wins?

Lane Kiffen as coach of Alabama and Saban as coach of The U, who wins?

Cristabol as coach of Alabama and Saben as coach of The U, who wins?

Va Cane as coach of Alabama and Saben as coach of The U, who wins?

My point being s we all know Manny doesn’t win that game, but besides Cristabol, all the others games lean towards Alabama every time. You can have all the dynamic talent in the world, but you need the right captain. Not sure why Manny still has a job at Miami.

VA Cane

Agreed Todd.....you got to have the right guy running the show...and his concepts (execution and fundamentals) running through the coaching staff and players veins like blood....you got to make it happen top to bottom...obviously Saban gets it done. That guy is 69....and he wants to win every game!

We have not seen that or even been close regarding a coach since Erickson a true leader from where the waters flow...or the blood if ya wish....players since 2003...but even then, Coker let the intesity drop....and KD11 and Co never suspected OSU would come out to win.
I think things have been shuffled but its still the same old deck with bent frayed cards....54-14 Bama!

The Word From The Herb

Because uh, he has been head coach for 2 years and improved the record from year one.
This will be a make or break season. I won't consider the first game.
Keeping Baker and Patke, a mistake. Why, they effing bring nothing in recruiting wise. Our talent at LB is a Dee. We need some quality at the position and they ain't bring it in. Patke is getting a pass because of Headly and Borragales. Stevie Wonder could of coached them.
Don't know what Van Dyke brings to the table as a coach but can recruit at least. I guess T-Rob will be an overseer of DB's, whatever gets the job done.


Saban is the best coach out their no doubt but he would of never won a ship at MSU. Being down South and that Bama has always been a juggernaut he just needed to get established. Thru all the coaches who have come and gone on the staff, they keep winning. No matter the offensive changes he's had to make. Bama being a big brand name is good for about 25% of his recruits each year the rest is dudes wanting to play for him, winning ships and going pro, although the players from Bama have been a mixed bag of success in the NFL.
He also knows how to evaluate coaches of course it could be that there is so much talent at each position those coaches could coach sitting in a lounge chair. Probably a little of both.
If he stayed at LSU he would have a couple more but no where near the success he has had a Bama.
He has all the resources at his disposal to be this good. If he were at Miami the results could be similar minus the resources.


Any update on Tyrique? We need a big time CB like him!!

58 Straight


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