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February 17, 2021


Harry Miller

Well done Tom, such a great heartfull post for a great loving person.

VA, I believe we will all be saying prayers for You and your family,


Ditto Harry!
Tom - perfect
VA - so sorry


me too-me too


Anyone know what happened to Randy Shannon. I’m guessing he’s not at ucf anymore since they hired T-Will. But there’s no news on weather he quit or got fired. The latest news on him is from January.


Hang in there VAC


Hang tough VA Cane... So sorry for your losses...

A great reminder to us all to cherish the ones we love, and the moments we have together. How fleeting life can be...


Takes strength to lay it out bare to all.

Blessings to you and your family


From January 5, 2021:

UCF defensive coordinator Randy Shannon’s newest contract included a $1 million annual salary and a hefty buyout, according to records obtained by Knight News.

If UCF were to fire Shannon without cause, UCF would owe him 100% of his $1 million base salary through the term of the agreement, the records state. These terms of Shannon’s agreement had not previously been reported.

This is from February 17, 2021:

Williams signed a two-year deal with UCF that pays him an annual salary of $600,000, according to an agreement obtained by the Orlando Sentinel. ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg was the first to report that a deal was in place to bring Williams to Orlando Tuesday afternoon.

“This is an awesome opportunity,” Williams said.

Williams, 38, coached with Malzahn at Auburn, first as a graduate assistant then as a linebackers coach before moving into the role of co-defensive coordinator of the Tigers from 2019-20. He most recently found himself on the Miami Hurricanes staff as the inside linebacker coach.

Williams met with UCF interim coach and former defensive coordinator Randy Shannon after he arrived on campus and plans to meet with the remaining defensive staff as well.

“That’s the right thing to do is meet with them,” Williams said.

Shannon’s current contract runs through the 2021 season, with a $1 million buyout option.


The UCF Knights will begin their 2021 baseball season tonight, but head coach Greg Lovelady won’t be in the dugout.

The program announced Friday via Twitter that Lovelady has tested positive for COVID-19 and will not be with the team for any part of its three-game series versus the Florida Atlantic Owls this weekend. Assistant coach Ted Tom will be the acting head coach while Lovelady is out.

(Note: Lovelady wasa player at Miami)

VA Cane

Many many thanks to 86 for his kind thoughts for my loved ones, and many thanks to each of you for the support a family always gives it members. Things are actually pretty good. The baby girl looks to be better; they ran some tests and doctors feel real good about her. We will know more on Monday.

we have made funeral arrangements for Tab; I wrote the obituary and her story on the memorial page. There is a nice video of pictures from her short but very full life. Her 2 children are safe and appear to be doing ok for now. Without going into details, the man beat her to death in front of these children; the casket will have to be closed; there was nothing left of her beautiful young face.

Please read about her life, read the obituary, look at her pictures. I know that none of you knew her, but you know of people who suffered the same fate:death by domestic violence. If you can read her story, and can help in any way the link is at the end of my statement. As for me, you know I am angry about this, but rather than hate, I am going to get involved in my community with domestic violence: speak counsel fund raise to help stop the violence against all women.

If you are able to help in any way, me and all of my family would greatly appreciate your gift of compassion and love.

Here is the link to Tabatha Inge Memorial


Thank you so much for your time consideration and prayers!

Always VAC


If you are able to help in any way, me and all of my family would greatly appreciate your gift of compassion and love.

Here is the link to Tabatha Inge Memorial


Thank you so much for your time consideration and prayers!

Always VAC

Posted by: VA Cane | February 19, 2021 at 03:45 PM

Well done my friend, well done.


Same ole
Same ole
Gators 5 Canes 1 in 7th


The U loses game 1, 7-5 to the gators

Terrance M Sullivan

Hang In There VAC. Prayers To You!


And The Beat Goes On. Same story different year.

orange 'n green in the vein

"Incredible gutsy performance by the basketball team to cut that 30 point halftime deficit to a final margin of only 27 points."

There, saved the pathetic apologist the need to post a pathetic post.


canes bb goes down to GA Tech
. . . beverly couldn't play; his back finally had enough . . . then we lost wong at the end of the 1st half = 5 scholarship players (including deng gak and his knees!) = herendon playing major minutes

i'm gonna say it: FIRE THE G#D#MN BASKETBALL GODS . . . really tired of them always messing with the canes!


VA: gonna tip my cap to you, you did a FANTASTIC job with the story on the memorial page (thx for posting the link)! i watched about half of the photos, which was also done excellently (good music, btw)
. . . the whole thing is very heartbreaking
. . . and i really appreciate that you're gonna bring your fight and energy into the battle against domestic violence
- side note: my wife's (first) name is "inge"


Love it! Lol


Same ole
Same ole
Alpine crying over the basketball team and the canes baseball team losing to the gators (7-3 - 6th inning)


8-4 in the 7th


There beat before they get on the field. U didn't think a bunch of rookie weekend pitchers were going to tame the Gators?

By the way it looks like Pac Man is going to coach inside LB's.
Manny looking to hire some analysts from T A&M. His last name is Aristade or something along those lines. He will coach strikers but the good thing is he's supposed to be an excellent recruiter.
Basically will have to rookie's coaching LB's.


We have a bad coach and hire coaching inside LBs in patke
The new guy is an excellent recruiter (supposedly) and is a top up and comer. His dad is the principal of Miami northwestern


canes win in the 13th; lucky number


Alpine - that is wonderful news! Thank you


Canes up 8 - 0 in the 4th. Yes, you read that correctly. This freshman pitcher (besides a little control problems) is VERY GOOD!


now only 8-6


canes survived, wow
. . . a certain monkey just fell off the back

beat the gators for the first time i think since 2014?

should be good for their confidence!
. . . or great? fantabulous?

58 Straight


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