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March 20, 2021


The Herb

It looks like there maybe only 3 players left on the BBall team after this mass exodus. The portal giveth, the portal taketh away and then there's the NBA.


4 star qb J Brown commits to the U - out of lowndes GA. # 5 dual threat and #167 in country - now let’s hope these other high end recruits gravitate to him and start committing as well!


Interesting note: brown feels like he is the leader of this class and now wants to take on a whole new role - recruiter! Awesome
This was my problem with Garcia this past recruiting year - commit early and become an ambassador of the class. GO Jacurri!


Dude has alot of upside but at this time is not a great passer but since we are now loaded in the qb room, Lashlee will have time to develop that little problem.

VA Cane

Just kidding. I am sure that the Kings of Spring are " progessing nicely", "looking good", "are competing" and "are further along than we expected at this point".

Cmon 86....you know them sumbitches "Are Flying Around!"

VA Cane

I am a Non Bubba guy....way over rated as a player.....and he dont need a helmet on the field...that damn head is so hard....he is what I call a stupid player...I hope..I say hope....we can show an improved O line...those fat boys did not show me a lot ....and maybe someone who can catch the ball...our WRS sure dont....it called afraid ofr getting hititis!

I hope DK will be ready....with him even damaged goods knee....we have a hint of a glimmer of hope opening day...without him....let the massacre begin...


4 star qb J Brown commits to the U - out of lowndes GA. # 5 dual threat and #167 in country - now let’s hope these other high end recruits gravitate to him and start committing as well!

Posted by: AeroCane | March 26, 2021 at 09:45 AM



Cmon 86....you know them sumbitches "Are Flying Around!"

Posted by: VA Cane | March 26, 2021 at 01:26 PM

They only "flew around" under Shannon and, well, U know where that got us, right?

Old Skool

RIP Howard Schnellenberger

VA Cane

I concur Skool, RIP Howard. He was a very fine man. He lived just down the street from my aunt and uncle...who were big Dolphin and Canes fans. I went to phins games saw the great teams but was not big fan...but loved the games! He was a cool guy, my uncle and him got on right good.He was cool to chat with about football as a young teen ..he remembered what my uncle told him about my playing and was a great mentor...he really encouraged me to play!....and after I finished playing and began coaching he knew I was and said keep doing it!

What a fine gentleman....that pipe...laugh...very special man I was so lucky to interact with!

Hope you all are well....team sounds like it is going to be good.....but like CSN&Y and Crosby say on Deja Vu....we have all been here before....I had to add that 86....flying around my AZZ!!!! didnt get us very far did it? LOL!!!

Hope you all have great weekend!!!!


RIP Howard Schnellenberger

Posted by: Old Skool | March 27, 2021 at 09:56 AM



RIP coach Schnelly


RIP Coach Schnellenberger. You were a true gentleman, a man who loved the U, and a credit to decency, in the sports arena. Can’t find that much, anymore.


Offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee is excited about the way veteran guard Navaughn Donaldson is playing through the first five spring football practices.

Donaldson (6-6, 345) missed the majority of the 2020 season as he worked his way back to health after suffering a knee injury during the final regular season game of the 2019 season.

As a fifth year senior, Donaldson has the most game experience of any offensive lineman on the UM roster—and that is saying something within the context of UM’s line featuring a group that returns most of its starters from the past two seasons and a seventh-year tackle in Jarrid Williams.

“He is looking good,” Lashlee said of Donaldson during an appearance on The Joe Rose Show on 560 WQAM. “We have had five practices and he has been able to go through all five of them from start to finish and has done some good things…Inserting him into the competition on the offensive line has been great so far.”

Donaldson has been working primarily with the first team offensive line at right guard this spring.

Donaldson played 28 snaps on offense in 2020 with 26 of those shapes coming as a back-up against Duke. According to Pro Football Focus, during those 26 snaps against the Blue Devils Donaldson did not allow a sack and graded out with a 75.3 run blocking grade as he helped open a rushing lane that led to a 34-yard touchdown.

Even though Donaldson was held out of action in 2020, he will still be UM’s most experienced offensive lineman going into the 2021 season with 34 starts in his career. Offensive tackle Jarrid Williams has 29 starts under his belt.

While Donaldson is experienced as a starter, Lashlee admits he and Justices are getting a first glimpse at the impact he can make when fully healthy.

“It is funny because me and [offensive line coach] Garin [Justice] don’t really have a baseline for him because when we got here he was injured and he was able to play just a little bit at the end of the year last year,” Lashlee said.

From 247 Sports


In 2019, the Hurricanes were arguably the worst pass protecting offensive line amongst Power Five programs, allowing an average of 3.92 sacks per game, which ranked No. 127 overall in the country. According to Pro Football Focus, Miami's pass protection graded out 104th overall nationally. Miami was also poor at running the ball, with the Hurricanes rushing for 118 yards per game, which ranked 120th in the country. PFF graded UM's run blocking that year at 109th overall in the country.

Miami's 2020 offensive line returned all of the starters from the previous season and made solid improvements.

In 2020, UM allowed 2.73 sacks per game, which ranked 98th best in the country. PFF graded Miami as the 48th best pass blocking bunch in the country. The Hurricanes finished the season ranked 67th in the country in rushing yards while averaging 162 yards per game. PFF graded out Miami's run blocking at 98th overall in the country.

In one year, the Miami offensive line took the step of being quite poor to average.


All I want to be is "average" said no one ever.

King made a big difference.


King made a big difference.
Posted by: 86Cane | March 27, 2021 at 12:52 PM

THAT, my friend, may be the understatement of the year so far in 2021! Just where would we have been last season WITHOUT DKing?

Let's Go CANES! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


Just where would we have been last season WITHOUT DKing?

Posted by: roachcane77 | March 27, 2021 at 02:07 PM

La basura!

VA Cane

we would have been.....very bad....we may have been without a win...had it not been for DK!!!! I love the kid....a leader a winner....I just hope its going as good for him as it sounds in rehab!

Good info on here...thanks Soup for the great updates.....we are getting a little bz online....picking up.....lets all keep checking in....about Canes...and other stuff.....Big trade by Phins....any of you insiders got a ear on where they are going in the draft....I think they got a shot to be better than they have been for a long time...they are a good team....I was thinking they might look at a QB...I like tua...no faults as a person....little concern with injury possibilities...good kid for sure!!


Canes pitchers give up one effing hit and get shut out 4-0. Bunch of sisters of the poor hitters.



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