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April 18, 2021


Harrt Miller

You never know what you are going to with this base ball team. Sometimes it's good and most everyone gripes then they get it going we feel so good.

Harry Miller

Sorry, I left, get out. I have no excuses either.
Well maybe, getting old, can't see, can't type,
lose my place, can't spell. There might be some more. Can't remember.


There might be some more. Can't remember.

Posted by: Harry Miller | April 18, 2021 at 11:37 PM

Too funny!


I actually watched some of this series. 3rd baseman Morales is the truth


Oh and on the Spring game - D'eriq calling the plays in the 4th - LOL - no running up the middle there - air it out boys. Was fun to watch.


3rd baseman Morales is the truth

Posted by: CGNC | April 19, 2021 at 02:20 PM

OK, this one seems pretty safe so...TWSS


I know I’m in the minority but I think our offense will be better with Tyler or Garcia - I feel king’s weakness is throwing the ball around and without him being able to run, he’s fairly useless. IMJ


Aero trying to kick the ant pile? LOL

You are assuming that King will not regain his same mobility? Do you remember a guy named Frank Gore? Willis McGahee? Relax dude. If you want something to worry about it is NOT the QB position. Worry about the OL or the CBs or the DL if you want but NOT the QBs.

Terrance Sullivan

Ha My Concerns Are Linebackers, Defensive Backs, and Tight Ends, on This Team as of Now and Pope and Wiggins Needs To Bounce out of Coral Gables and go likd to FAU or USF because They ain't it for Miami Hurricanes Football Daddio!


TSully...yeah, I agree LBs and CBs are to worry about. But TEs??? Not so much?


18 Larry Hodges Tight End 6-2 220 lbs. Redshirt Freshman Tampa, Fla. Jesuit

48 Robert Prosek Tight End 6-4 240 lbs. Redshirt Freshman Key Largo, Fla. Coral Shores

80 Elijah Arroyo Tight End 6-4 235 lbs. Freshman Frisco, Texas Independence

85 Will Mallory Tight End 6-5 245 lbs. Junior Jacksonville, Fla. Providence School

86 Dominic Mammarelli Tight End 6-4 248 lbs. Freshman Naples, Fla. Naples



4 Star



4 Star



4 Star



4 Star


Sure the TEs were injured for the Spring game but we have at least three good to great players there even without Larry Hodges who got himself suspended for the vague "team rule violations".


Just read that Hodges may of been arrested. Not positive though
I’m excited to see Arroyo!
We do need to hit the portal for a stud LB or 2 IMO

58 Straight

Just read that Hodges may of been arrested. Not positive though

Posted by: AeroCane | April 20, 2021 at 05:05 PM

When U hang out with OGV shyte happens. IJS

The Word From The Herb

Well, in The Herb's humble opinion, the LB's will be the sore spot. I think they will be better but there is no where near enough, star power at that position. In other words, we ain't got no it guy, Yet!
For as good as our DE's were good last year, we let to many RB's get to the edge and LB's weren't there to cover.
Our Secondary will only be as good as our pass rush. We have talent on the backend but we need a little more speed.
Wiggins and Pope should be on a shredded vine. The butterfinger brothers get one chance and if they blow it, banishment.
The Oh line should be better but how much?
The Bama game will show either how far we have come or if we got to keep climbing that mountain. Plain truth, if we ever were to have a chance against Bama, it's this year. Bama has, what 4 or 5 starters coming back on offense and a new QB. Their defense will be very good.
We have enough talent to get the job done, so it's up to Manny to get his game day, shut together.

58 Straight

1. The Bama game will show either how far we have come or if we got to keep climbing that mountain.

2. We have enough talent to get the job done, so it's up to Manny to get his game day shit together.

Posted by: The Word From The Herb | April 20, 2021 at 09:08 PM

1. We are screwed.

2. We are screwed even worse.

Terrance Sullivan

Great Stuff Soupster So We Are Good At TE. We Definitely Got To Get Better on our Back 7 on Defense(LB and DB)

VA Cane

to quote "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" movie,

"Bama gonna pull the Us pants down and paddle the little behind....."

Not gonna be a good start, and when we start off bad...it usually stays bad.......going on 18 years at a stadium near you....IJS


Nah, it ain't going to be that way BUT I'm sure they are going to try and run it down our throats and see if what they hear about our Lb's is true. Manny knows he has to grab a MLB in the portal. We ain't good enough at that position, yet.

orange 'n green in the vein

"When U hang out with OGV shyte happens. IJS

Posted by: 58 Straight | April 20, 2021 at 08:54 PM"

All charges were dropped due to lack of evidence of me doing a single thing illegal. Have they ruled out mistaken identity yet?


Posted by: 58 Straight | April 20, 2021 at 09:25 PM

Sadly agreed


Sadly agreed

Posted by: CGNC | April 22, 2021 at 02:25 PM

It's funny, I was reading a summary on Spring practice ending and the article stated that Miami was coming off a solid 8-3 season in 2020. Somehow, It doesn't feel solid the way I remember it?




Wow! Should have known! Had to come to canes pace to get the negative view on a spring game that was the best in a longbwhie, even with starters out.
The problem is LB, middle linebacker to be specific. Keyontre was the truth at weak side. The open field tackling was focking orgasmic. I don’t know the problem at DB u all talking about. We have safeties stacked. Our DBs r descent with the Georgia transfer, couch and our 2 older guys and another badass kid with a funny name I forget. I don’t see our DEs as a problem. They r just not known, same as when we lost the older guys dating back to 2017. Just watch. And I think the other D groups will cover up for sorry mike LB play, especially strikers.

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