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June 24, 2021



Back to our roots.

What it is ALL about!


I love it!


Great article! Glad you guys had a good time!

Go Canes!


Paradise camp this weekend! 5 star DL/DE shelmar Stewart attending.
Been on campus like 4 times since 6/1. Let’s hope he commits and shuts down his recruitment and helps recruit other top guys!


Here are the alumni names expected at paradise camp:

RB Deejay Dallas

RB Travis Homer

RB Najeh Davenport

RB Quadtrine Hill

RB Lamar Miller

RB Edgerrin James

WR Travis Benjamin

WR Michael Irvin

WR KJ Osborn

WR Lamar Thomas

WR Herb Waters

TE David Njoku

OL Joaquin Gonzalez

OL Brett Romberg

DL Allen Bailey

DL Calais Campbell

DL Trent Harris

DL Ufomba Kamalu

DL Jaelan Phillips

DL Greg Rousseau

DL Warren Sapp

DL Daniel Stubbs

LB Jon Beason

LB Sean Spence

DB Corn Elder

DB Antrel Rolle

DB Duane Starks

DB Deon Bush

DB Adrian Colbert

DB Sheldrick Redwine

K Jose Borregales


WR Reggie Wayne

TE Jeremy Shockey


The DL - the list is more than impressive
Only guy I feel we are missing is ray Lewis- I feel he could help with LB recruiting


Harry Miller!

Absolutely a Canespace legend!


VA Cane

Nice nice article....what a great man...a legend of Canespace.....my nominee for Legend of the Fall!!!!!

I am dreading the opener...I do not think we will do real well...for many reasons...biggest are OL and LBs....I do not like to lose...and I feel one coming. It is not good to play the defending NC....but then again....sometimes it can be good to take a real ass kicking...may make us take a look at things....no wait....we been doing that for what...18 years and counting!!!

Ill watch and still pull for the guys!!!

Old Skool

Nice writeup Soup


Thank you one and all!


Jacolby Spells - a 4 star very speedy CB is making his decision July 4th. 5’11, 175 and one of the state’s fastest guys (a converted WR); it’s between us, WV and Indiana but IMO its us and WV

Terrance Sullivan

Outstanding I Love It My Canesspace Family!


I am dreading the opener...I do not think we will do real well...for many reasons...biggest are OL and LBs....I do not like to lose...and I feel one coming.
I'll watch and still pull for the guys!!!
Posted by: VA Cane | June 25, 2021 at 11:30 AM

Have to agree with you VA Cane... not looking forward to that Bama beatdown that is "possibly/probably" coming on 9/4... My HEART says we have a chance, my HEAD says... I was there in Dallas in 2018 when LSU humiliated us on another National TV season opener kickoff game.😩
There's ALWAYS hope though.🤞🏼
Let's Go CANES!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


There's ALWAYS hope though.🤞🏼

Posted by: roachcane77 | June 26, 2021 at 12:35 PM

Yeah me too.

Canes 34 - Tide 13

That is all.


I had the pleasure of spending some time with Harry in Dallas. A true gem.

Best wishes always to you young man!


Alabama is going to put 21 points on us. Maybe 24.

We’re going to put up more.


I’d love to see it. But I sure wouldn’t bet on it. I’m pretty sure if Saben had our team and manny had the Bama team, the U would win! However, we got manny and he’s proven NOTHING in his 2 years other than he can make changes on his staff and does decent with the portal. This is year 3 - IMO it’s his ‘prove it to me year!’


Hi everyone,
Hope all is well with our Canespacer Family All the greats should be there. Making all that money is no reason to Abandon our boys. The Greats need to be there to inspire, to motivate, and celebrate what it means to be a Hurricane. Hope you have a list of the greats, and not so greats who show up, and THOSE WHO DON’T SHOW.


Good points ML
See above - I posted the list


This is year 3 - IMO it’s his ‘prove it to me year!

Posted by: AeroCane | June 26, 2021 at 10:04 PM

Is that a threat or a promise? LOL

I'm gonna go with "Manny Shocks The World" headline for now because it's all I got to keep hope alive. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and have him exceeding our dreams until IF/WHEN he doesn't.

Winning something meaningful again would be a nice distraction from COVID, the immigration crisis, fears of inflation, race issues, crime issues, general world politics and other issues and problems of the day.

God knows we need a break!


Just got off of the phone with Harry Miller. He is back in California and having computer issues. He will be around over the next few days. Says "hi" to everybody on here.


Cornerback Tyrique Stevenson and wide receiver Xavier Restrepo have set school records in the weight room at their respective positions.

Both records came in the squat during testing in 2021 with Stevenson squatting 465 pounds and Restrepo squatting 505 pounds.

Stevenson, who is listed at 6-foot and 214 pounds, is entering his first season at Miami after two years at Georgia while Restrepo, who is listed at 5-foot-10 and 195 pounds, is entering his second year at Miami after catching one pass for 12 yards and returning three punts for nine yards last year.

The school record by a Hurricane at any position is 680 by former defensive tackle Jim Burt set in 1980.




The recruiting period transitioned to a dead period on Monday and it will remain that way until it opens back up during the last week of July.

UM was able to host 36 recruits from the 2022 class on official visits during the month while holding multiple camps that featured hundreds of players.

The month of June was non-stop from a UM recruiting perspective.

“There has never been a June like it,” Diaz said. “It has been non-stop, but it has been good. Last year we weren’t doing anything and we didn’t know if we would even be playing football at this time. The recruiting staff has worked very hard and done a phenomenal job of keeping everything organized for us. We have really liked the quality of player and person that we’ve brought onto campus for visits.”

Miami currently sits at four commitments in the 2022 class, which ranks them No. 58 overall in the country. The Hurricanes are tied for the least amount of commits amongst ACC teams.

Diaz says he is comfortable being patient for commitments this cycle.

“This cycle is going to be unique and different,” Diaz said. “We are still a long, long way from signing day. What the 2022 and 2023 class have gone through makes things different for these cycles with not only recruitments but also evaluations. I do like where we are positioned right now.

“Signing day is a long way away and there is a lot of ball to still be played. I think this 2022 cycle in general is going to be unique with twists and turns.”




A six-pack of Miami Hurricanes notes on a Monday:

▪ The Canes are moving ahead with two position switches — Keontra Smith to weakside linebacker and Amari Carter to striker — and both make a lot of sense.

Smith, the former No. 2 striker behind Gilbert Frierson, was impressive in the spring game at linebacker and could offer the best option at that spot if Sam Brooks continues to have durability issues. Brooks missed the spring with a toe injury.

UM’s top five linebackers, in no particular order, could end up being Corey Flagg Jr. in the middle, Brooks, Smith, Bradley Jennings Jr., and either Avery Huff or Waymon Steed, with Tirek Austin-Cave and freshmen Deshawn Troutman and Tyler Johnson also pushing for playing time.

Carter’s move to striker — where he figures to share time with Frierson — could ease the logjam at safety.

Bubba Bolden and Gurvan Hall are clear front-runners to start the opener at safety against Alabama, but the path has been cleared for at least two talented young players to join the safety rotation among Avantae Williams, James Williams, Keshawn Washington, Kamren Kinchens and Brian Balom.




On one field, Michael Irvin and Lamar Thomas demonstrated how to run routes. On another, Joaquin Gonzalez and Brett Romberg led offensive linemen through drills.

And at one point in the evening, as young football players milled about, Calais Campbell pulled Greg Rousseau to the side and showed him some of the moves that helped him earn the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year award in 2017. Soon after, Jaelan Phillips joined the conversation.

On Saturday night, nearly two dozen former Hurricanes football stars returned to the Carol Soffer Indoor Practice Facility and the Greentree Practice Fields to participate in one of the more well-known events hosted by the Miami program: Paradise Camp.

For many of them – whether they were an NFL Hall of Famer or a younger alum still playing in the league – the opportunity to be part of Paradise Camp was a no-brainer, their chance to give back to the program they believe changed their lives.

“You come to The U and you’ll always have support. It’s a deep thing. You will always have support,” Irvin said. “All of us showing up all the time, it’s important to show whatever kid is thinking about coming here…we want them to know, right here, buddy, you will always have that support and I think that’s very important…It’s not like a family. We are a family.”

Added Gonzalez, “Any excuse to come back to Coral Gables, even though I live in Miami, is always welcome. It’s always awesome. To do it under these circumstances, such a beautiful backdrop, all about football and talk to the younger generations, to me, I thoroughly enjoy it, maybe more than the kids do. It’s an opportunity.”




Quan Lee decomits.
I mentioned that they didn't need 2 guys who were basically the same, in Lee & Ibieta.
Need a couple taller WR's.
The dude will probably end up at CFU.

Terrance Sullivan

Outstanding Work Soupster


Outstanding Work Soupster

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | June 29, 2021 at 02:05 AM

Soup doin the heavy lifting while we rest comfortably in our cribs.

That’s why he’s the CEO

orange 'n green in the vein


Sixth most improved team: "Miami's 10-17 season, replete with injuries and transfers, would have been enough to drive many 71-year-old coaches to retirement. But Jim Larranaga is returning for some redemption with the help of a solid recruiting class that will surely outshine the program's now disintegrated 2020 haul. DePaul transfer Charlie Moore and George Mason transfer Jordan Miller are proven producers, and three freshmen will compete for minutes. Assuming last year's leading scorers Isiah Wong and Kameron McGusty withdraw from the NBA Draft, the incoming players should comprise most of the supporting cast on a team that will be far more competitive."

Would be nice if it works out the way it's drawn up on the board that's for sure.

58 Straight

Soup doin the heavy lifting while we rest comfortably in our cribs.

That’s why he’s the CEO

Posted by: KYcane | June 29, 2021 at 08:14 AM

We ready, we ready.

UM 34 - Bama 13.

That is all.

58 Straight


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