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October 16, 2021



U all think Rambo can go number 1?
I wonder what his 40 time is?


We r so much better than them. We got studs!


Bullshit running into kicker call.

Sarasota 'cane

UM needs a TD. And the this is 4 down territory. I’m sick with all the missed opportunities.


Announcers questioning if Av was down. They must be blind, not looking at his elbow.


QB, not av. 🤦🏾‍♂️

Sarasota 'cane



Y did tvd throw that ball to knogton, looking at LB breathing down his back. WTF???


Our corners have gotten beaten on one on one a bit.


I don’t love this!


Forget what I said

Sarasota 'cane

I’ll take it…

Go ‘canes!


What say u all???


So torn... happy we won...but it just prolongs Manny...Pitt will be ugly next week I believe


I think manny is gone period.
Just end of season.

Terrance Sullivan

Much Needed Win By Our Miami Hurricanes Football Team Tonight Daddio

orange 'n green in the vein

Gritty win by the football team, lucky to survive at home, was impressed with Van Dyke's performance, he'll need to improve next week to make it back to back wins in a row just like the rest of the team will have to play much better all around to come out with a W in six days. This is as close to a signature win as you're getting from the over promoted peter principle coordinator.

Terrance Sullivan

Preach OVG


Well. I didn't see a win coming but u can only last so long with those feet against the wall.
Manny says that's life in the coastal, tough close games
The Herb don't see it that way.
With the supposed 13th best roster in college football, should we be struggling every game against lesser talented teams? I say hell no!
Ok we have lost about 8 players for the year but I think we have us a QB. Not anointing him a superstar but I liked what he did yesterday. The proof in the pudding is if he can do it game after game. Pitt will be a good measuring stick.
If the Dee would quit giving up these big chunk plays and they tighten up the missed tackles we should be able to handle the rest of the schedule, unfortunately if this happens Manny will probably be back.
Even if by some miracle that happens, it ain't enough to salvage this 22 class. He's done blown that opportunity. We still have a slim chance with Stewart and Kelly both DE's and LB Bisainth.

Manny's Changing the Culture

With our win over NCST, we're probably ranked somewhere in the top 75 now.
Well, that's something, I guess.


Now THAT'S Miami football.

Posted by: nemo2020 | October 23, 2021 at 09:17 PM

If that drive doesn't get rid of Manny, I don't know what does.

Posted by: toledocane | October 23, 2021 at 09:17 PM

Will someone PLEASE target Manny at halftime?

Posted by: nemo2020 | October 23, 2021 at 09:19 PM

Great sequence here after the time out yesterday. Made me LOL!

VA Cane

Did not even watch the game; my guys are way better players, execute far better,are more fun to watch...and win. We played at 7 last night. We have beaten the 2 top supposed contenders rather easily and are 6-0; why? we are a team that is disciplined, executes fundamentals, never take a play off...and the coach coaches them...I push them to be champs on and off the field, and love the time we have together. Man my OL blew people off last night...and my D...2 opposing stars...out from low fast hard clean licks..swarmed all night!!! I do love knockouts it shows you are playing to win every play!

I did not record the game..I do not care. I am sick and tired of 18 years of bad football; I want them to do well but they will not.Even in winning its such bad football. I read the good bad ugly in SB nation....winnning is good....but so much bad football. We got lucky. QB didnt do bad for a guy who cant keep his trap shut...he did a good job!

That article about things looking up is the biggest bunch of BS I have ever read. The whole athletic department is rotten. I am proud of the ladies teams and the other sports doing well...they deserve a lot of credit and recognition. It is pitiful when your 3 biggest sports..football baseball basketball are bad. I gave that school a ton of money for my nieces education...I will not give any more money to athletics ever; its wasted money.

Hope they can win a few more; Pitt will be tough...but the last 4 we could..could win...the recruiting is done...there will be nothing next year, and if SMD goes 7-5 they will keep him. no top players will come here, recruiting is done. Why...who wants to play on a 7-5 has been over the hill behind the times loser program! They want to go to places that are on TV and win...cannot blame a kid for that. I'm with you Herbie...recruiting is all but over...those kids aint coming.

Not sure how many of you are going to the games...sad to see 20 years ago at the half...I watch highlights of those teams...how fast they were how hard they played how they blocked tackled kicked caught passed unreal...greatest college team ever...hands down...wasent that fun? they were unreal...and now....we have this ...cannot even think what to call it....just bad football...a sad VAC thinking about it. Glad we won.

orange 'n green in the vein


Cry harder.


Hi guys, It could be much better, of course, but it could be much worse.
Think of me, freezing my ass up here in cold Michigan, and rooting for the Canes, and the Detroit Lions. What a sad combination, but I am loyal to both.

58 Straight


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