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December 03, 2021


58 Straight

Mario getting trashed by a REAL coach. His team is down 31-3 in the conference champioship game in the 4th quarter. Yeah, NO!

58 Straight

Utah 38 - Oregon 10

I tried to tell U, but NO!

VA Cane

gotta agree 58...the team Oregon attitude is I dont care...Herbie said it reminds him of the UM NC game...UNC had over 700 yds of O...he said Miami said no we have had enough this season...and quit...we have had a lot of quitters since 03 in the Desert...I hate quitters...
Manny cannot stay...if he does..I will get a line on TVD...tell him to transfer...No More Manny!!!!!


agree with you both. I don't really want Mario. Yeah he would be better than what we have but the bar is so low....and we would pay $$$ to get him....not a good idea..getting handled twice by Utah


Also, TVD was 3rd on the depth chart - how did the coaches not see what we had? If not for the injuries, he probably would not have been starting.

VA Cane

Mario lets his kids run the show...bunch of skinny chirpy mouthy kids...getting they ass beat and talkin....I have a solution for that...even if I am up 38 to 3...next skinny chirpy WR crosses that middle ....Tatumizer...not a target...but a low hard clean fast KILL shot...just to send that final message before you send Oregon to the grave....


From twitter verse

SOURCES: Brian Kelly let go of LSU’s longtime strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt, who helped spark the football program to 3 national titles, sources tell me and
. Moffitt's tenure began in 2000. He is the first LSU staffer who has been informed he’s out.

Moffitt was the strength coach here before LSU - then we hired Swasey


duck ur mum
Replying to
please take mario. The most stubborn and worst in game coach. Recruits well but doesn’t let the OC or DC take full control of the offense and plays a 3 star ass QB that’s terrible over a 5 star freshman. please let us grab lane kiffin.



Let’s start flying the FIRE MARIO plane over Hard Rock stadium.


Afri - LOL, a little premature. I don't think the plane was flown for Diaz either - maybe due to Covid?

The Word From The Herb

Like I said, Kiffin is the pick, to lead Van Dyke to greater heights. All these years one of our biggest albetros has been consistent QB play. We got a couple of them. Oregon's QB sucked passing when he was at BC. Another Rosier.
All these Flo. Kids that flew the coop, are migrating like Ducks to the portal. Frank Ladsen is the latest. Hazlewood didn't come to Miami because he said the culture was terrible.
I guess Mario has Mannyitis getting beat up in games that mean something.
Finally whomever is the coach, our needs from the portal are as follows:
2 LB's
2 cb's
2 DE's
1 DT
1 WR at least 6'3
1 OL
May want to get 1 TE.
The high schoolers pretty much have been picked over, since Manny forgot game prep matters as well as results on the field. So much for having 19 of 22 starters back. Dam Coastal was in the bag, if we had competence.
No way we need Clemson's Dee coordinator as our head coach.


Honestly, if I were manny, seen how they r using in him as a pawn incase they don’t get a top coach, I would focking quit. To see they r going to fire him when they hire someone new. If he has any Fucking pride, he would quit. And if he doesn’t, I don’t want him to coach on that basis alone. A real cane would be a boss and give the whole admin the middle finger and bail for trying him.

Harry Miller

Thanks for for all the blogging everyone. I have been working every day for months except Sunday morning when I go to Church. If it wasn't for all my cane's family I wouldn't know what was really going on.
I want Kiffin, Kiffin wants us. End of story.



Oregon Ducks head football coach Mario Cristobal is a wanted man.

Cristobal is being heavily pursued by his alma mater, the University of Miami, to lead their football program.

Following Oregon’s 38-10 loss in the Pac-12 Championship Game against Utah, Cristobal was asked if he intended to sign a contract extension with Oregon or accept the Miami job if offered?

“When you say somebody has offered, I haven’t talked to anybody, so let’s not create narratives as we sit here in this press conference," Cristobal said. "Oregon is working on some stuff for me and that is what I have right now. That is the extent of that conversation.”

Cristobal was then asked what he would say to the fans and people that support the program with all the uncertainty about his future…

“If there is anything to report, I report it," Cristobal said. "I always have. Over the years, because some things are put out there or not, every year our entire staff, whether it is behind the scenes or public or not, we have always had other people come for our people. Including myself. How the media treats it and chooses to posture around it, I have no control over. That is the extent of it.”

Cristobal on if he thinks the reports distracted the players during the Pac-12 Championship Game…

“I don’t know what to tell you," Cristobal said. "I can tell you that if I had a decision to make or something to report, I would. Do I expect people to come at me? Yeah, I do. It happens every single year. Is there anything else to report besides that? There is nothing else to report besides that.”

Cristobal was then asked if he would listen if other programs approached him.

“Look guys, I am not going to get into hypotheticals," Cristobal said. "We finished off a game that we played and coached poorly in. I understand that you have a job to do, but we are going in circles with the same answers and you are going to get the same response.”

Cristobal is expected to listen to the pitch and vision from the UM decision makers for a once proud program that has largely been dormant for the past 15 years.

Miami has never paid a head coach more than $4 million per year. Cristobal earns more than that now at Oregon. Moreover, although he is only in the second year of a contract that runs through 2027 it is believed that the Ducks are now offering him an extension and a salary competitive with the recently announced LSU and USC deals - calling for an increase to (at least?) $7 million per year. Some sources also say that Miami will retain Manny Diaz, if the school is unable to hire Mario Cristobal to replace him.

VA Cane

Oregon smoked...they beat Buckeyes...but both games against Utah...bad QB play, cannot stop run...important...cannot stop TEs in short pass game...Utah QB had couple picks going for broke...score could have been 14 more...but their D held up..remind ya of something? I dont see it happening with Mario...not consistent yet...Mario said no offers...I do not see it happening...he may grow and mature as a coach...but it takes time

Quick note...I am so sick of Lebron James..whines about everything...Covid 19 is real you stupid MFer...whine about testing...yea so you had a positive so you got to do right by protocol....said had negs after...never should have been in protocol blah blah.. knew he was never sick basically acting like he knows everything...he aint no Dr...if not for a round ball he would be a turd in Cleveland on crack or working at a Mcds...you may have money way more than many...but you are still stupid as the poop that comes out your mouth...the one between your AZZ cheeks...try a real job you dumbass!

nothing to do with his politics...his dumb ass stupidity...2 things...1....I had to go to Dr after I came back from ATL...sore throat ear infection cough fever...got meds...first test neg...gave me the 2nd and I had to wait until it came back and go by protocol until it came back...it turned out ok...but I did what DR asked me to do...for me my family, my granddaughters (my babies) and the other human around me that I care about
2...I have a kid on my team who lost a parent to Covid...so sad...but his family did what they had to do...and he will start today at LB for me...

Lebron is a moron and too many people worship him...he is a fool...King James...Chosen One my foot...blasphemy...One King JC no other...guy has never had a job...plays a sissy girls game...shut the F up and dribble 2nd fiddle...MJ23 always the best...

Sorry I hate Covid... wherever or whomever it came from...but it is real and aint going away...
ever...we have to do things right...we do not know what is effective and what is not...but I practice safety and acceptance...please all of you be safe and cautious...not flipped out just safe...I know everyone knows someone affected by this terrible virus...I wish it was never known...but it is real and just be safe...

Never listen to idiots who think they re smart and think they really are chosen...or all his stupidity and ignorance...and boy talk about ugly...and to think this moron gets paid to play a girl game millions...and is dumber than a box or rocks!!!!
LETS GO LEBRON!!!! Tatumize his AZZ!!!!

again nothing to do with his politics..his right to frre think...just his lack of understanding, arrogance...and lack of a friggin brain!!!!



UM is intensely pursuing Miami native Cristobal, the Oregon football coach and former Hurricane whose Ducks faced Utah in the Pac-12 title game Friday night, several sources told the Miami Herald. Utah dominated the 10th-ranked Ducks 38-10 to end their season at 10-3.

High-ranking Hurricanes officials are optimistic about UM’s chances of landing Cristobal in the coming days. An announcement is expected before Tuesday. UM understands that it would need to pay Cristobal more than it has paid any coach in its history — perhaps in the $8 million per year range — and is prepared to do so.

Contrary to previous reports, there is no AD deal yet.


I like your post and agree! I hate basketball and Lebron!


Tonight's the night I think they'll make it happen
Tonight they'll put all other things aside
They'll give in tonight and show some real affection
They'll show some love and close the deals tonight.

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it
I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
I know, i know, I know they want the U.


Nice Nemo!


That may of read wrong LOL
Nemo, very nice post!


$8 million and no championship. Not even conference. I must get into coaching. Heard all you need is a 3-ring binder and a tie...

VA Cane

I think the AD choice, if it works, would be very very good. The man has shown intelligence, stability, and ability to build a program. Not so sure about Mario; still new to the game; his team looked like our team the last 18 years...and that is not good!!!

I have been up since 5 am...pumped for my last hurrah today at noon. I have a pre game speech I give each game; this one is from the lore of history; a couple of tyrants I transposed for my guys, but meant to inspire.

"Our opponents today are crows in peacock feathers; decked in peacock feathers but they cease to be crows: loud, bragging, yet never able to stand as individuals playing together...for each other for a worthy cause. We must at all costs strive to finish our goal. There is no reason this should not be done. All our fundamentals are required; all our methods are permissible. Our opponent must learn they are faced by a resolute foe from whom they can expect no mercy. We have no heart or nerves;eradicate every trace of pity or sympathy from your hearts.Do not hesitate or stop...today we play our game. We hit hate and hurt; but always hard low clean fast. By this we achieve our goal of victory and eternal glory. No Mercy!"

sure wish I could say this to a great UM team; I find it inspiring!!

Good luck to my Raiders today; we will bring it home...after 44 years...one more time for the team. No Mercy!



If anyone is interested David lake of inside the U has a free article titled ‘ It is time for Miami to bring Mario Cristobal home’
Good read IMO


I rather read David Lake's article than listen to him explain it on the podcast.
It's the tea leaves.
Utah shows what a real football coach can do with lesser talent.
We shouldn't have any problems getting WR's with Van Dyke Qbing.
Game day reports we still have no AD, well I guess everything should be known either today or tomorrow or maybe we are back to the hunt for an AD and if Mario turns us down we will be stuck with Diaz another year. They hadn't got the balls to go after Kiffin.
We all will be left waiting for the next flop against a nobody.

VA Cane

You know how you can tell you have reached a new low, but not hit rock bottom yet...look at the ads the TV.

We used to have a couple cuts when College Game Day came on; not anymore. I see clips of USC, Tenn, Nebraska...FSU...other teams that suck...not one clip of the U. ESPN has always despised us...but we are totally irrelevant.

Notice the Rocket Mortgage commercials...thats Quicken Loans..one of the very top lenders...I know do work for them...no Ibis anymore...why? we suck...they dont want you on tv if you are a bad draw a bad team... we are a bad team.

This has really become a nightmare..Hope AD works out...Manny has to go...how the hell you think you gonna win? Manny is horrible, no AD no OC...why would you even answer a letter or call to come here? what tradition? aint none...these kids have no clue as to who the U is...ancient history...dont think Mario is the guy...

TVD you are good son...too good to be here...get packing hit that portal Harbaugh and Nick are waiting


We should of had an ad in place a week ago!
We should of had our top 3 candidates for the HC position in order
And we should have this done by tomorrow Morris morning whether Mario or or kiffin or another top option. But no, we had to wait on the ad and then hire a freaking search firm which slowed everything down!

This may work out but it could also end up being a total cluster you know what


Not sure where the ‘Morris’ came into play but ignore it


Sounds like we are all over the place. Nothing for sure about nothing. The Canes story over and over. I sure hope that I am wrong. I love my school, but get so frustrated.
Mario’s return? Who knows? Lots of money, finally on the table, and we need to be smart.
Divide up all the spots between Dorsey, Lewis, Wayne etc. and let them take it over. Just kidding, but maybe not.
I just want the Canes to be great again.


Everyone PLEASE check with your purported SOURCES and post updates ASAP on the blog.
CANES FANS want to know what's happening.
Even well founded RUMORS are greatly appreciated.
Thank you!


U know when we became irrelevant is when NCAA started substituting the Oregon Duck, instead of the Ibis in commercials with Mascots.


1st rumor
Gators fire Napier and hire manny away from the U! They pay the buyout!
2nd rumor
Norvell signs a 20 year extension with FSU
3rd rumor
Nick saben decides to leave Bama for the U with a 3 yr contract and Mario comes with him as coach in waiting!


After reporting that Clemson's AD was coming, ESPN is reporting he has been offered but probably won't know until tomorrow or Monday but could change depending on Mario.
With our luck Mario says no and the AD search goes on another direction and Manny is still beating his chest about that 5-1 finish. No mention of this shyt recruiting haul we are about to Not get.
We got all this money to spend and nobody wants it.
It's also funny how all these Miami sites have hardly mentioned anything on recruiting. Like most media outlets covering up a story that only Fox will report.


"Thank you sir. May I have another?"

You are now on "double secret probation".


I wonder how NIL money (paid to players - not paid by schools) complicates the decision making process these days for top tier coaches (such as Mario Cristobal) mulling competing offers from schools who want/expect their football teams to regularly recruit 5-star athletes and compete for a NC.


Also, TVD was 3rd on the depth chart - how did the coaches not see what we had? If not for the injuries, he probably would not have been starting.
Posted by: CGNC | December 03, 2021 at 11:09 PM

I KNOW! And we would have never seen Rooster if Harris hadn't gotten injured. Very poor eyes for talent!


Roach- and they ran Rooster into the ground - over 30 carries one game - did we even have a back up for him? Honestly these coaches........the players and fans deserve better, much better.

Aero - why do you like Cristobal so much? I am not bein g sarcastic, I am really just asking. Did you not see the two Utah games? Yes they have a bad QB, but surely he is not the only QB on their roster.....and yes he is probably better than Manny but that is not saying much


We got all this money to spend and nobody wants it.
It's also funny how all these Miami sites have hardly mentioned anything on recruiting. Like most media outlets covering up a story that only Fox will report.

Posted by: HerbieIbis |

Kiffin wants it. We are just too effed up to realize it cause we are so ‘it’s Mario or bust’
And I’ll bet 10 or so other top coaches would love the U, Miami and the acc coastal but again, no foresight on behalf of Frenk and the BOT, just Mario or bust
PS manny has NEVER been a good recruiter. If not for Covid, I doubt we get Taylor and JW! And he sucks as a DC


Dear Santa:

Please bring me a Kiffin/Venables combo for Christmas. I have been a very good girl.


Yeah, I know.....she..... said......


CGNC I have been a very good girl too. I want coaches, AD, etc. that can right the Canes ship and kick ass, before I croak! I am 73 now and want national championships, plural, before I die. I MEAN IT!!!!


Marylou yes you have! Hope all is well!!

Terrance Sullivan

Canes Hoops Beat Clemson today at Home now 6-3 on the Season. Keep It Going Canes!

The Curse of Art Kehoe

Clappy, Marble Mouf, The Golden Years, Sunset Richt, MANNY DIAZ

Still spiraling downward.

Been telling you for years, you haven't seen the bottom yet.


Even Oakie made a run at Mario and apparently the Gators did also.


Well if Mario does come it will be without Joe Morehead, he was named the head coach at Akron.


Yes and supposedly he told them both ‘no thanks’


If Mario I wouldn’t mind if he kept likens in some capacity


Here’s something interesting
4 star LB Wesley Bissainthe is supposedly going to choose the canes today over FSU - it was FSU up to last night but the FSU insider changed his pick to the U early this morning after talking with some sources.
All I’m gonna say is something’s cooking! Let hope good news


So bissainthe chooses the U (not manny)
Here’s his quote:
He added early Saturday morning: "I'm committing to a school. Whatever happens, happens."


Well if he does choose us, that would be the first in almost 4 months. We still have no Dee line commits and last I saw, we need a whole lot of help at DE and another run stuffing DT but who am I but one of the Arm Chair Boyz.


Bissainthe to Da U. Finally another LB.

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