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December 03, 2021



I didn't believe it then but I believe it now. Powers that be read Canespace. Complain about alums not stepping up, and we might just get us a stadium near campus. You're welcome! Lol


File this proposal in the LOCO folder.

Politically connected lawyer assembles team to pitch UM football stadium in Coral Gables
Samantha J. Gross, Miami Herald - Yesterday 11:07 PM

Hours after rumors swirled on college sports blogs Sunday that politically connected Miami lawyer John Ruiz was scheming to build a football stadium for the University of Miami near its Coral Gables campus, the billionaire UM booster took to Twitter — riling up excited Hurricanes fans and skeptical Gables residents alike.

“We have the best fans! No stone unturned... Ruiz Family has named a Miami Orange Bowl Stadium Committee. It will be released in a few hours,” he tweeted Sunday night. “Fans, this is going to happen!!! I am currently working around the clock. WE WILL HAVE A STATE OF THE ART STADIUM!”

Ruiz, founder of Medicare litigation firm MSP Recovery, confirmed to the Miami Herald in an interview that he’s interested in building a stadium at Coral Gables Senior High School. He added that he plans to soon announce an eight-member committee to steer the project.

The committee Ruiz formed for the stadium idea will be made up of himself, firm executive, Coral Gables High graduate and former WSVN-7 News broadcaster Diana Diaz, University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute Director Lee Kaplan, MSP Recovery attorney Gino Moreno, Mocca Realty broker Alex Pirez and Ruiz’s three children Johnny, Alex and Cristina Ruiz — all of whom are UM alums.

“The University of Miami obviously is migrating towards making the school sports and overall campus much better. Not just sports but education, and that all requires to improve where the games are played,” he said.

Ruiz noted that he has not spoken to the university about plans for a stadium or potential locations.

The University of Miami did not return requests for comment regarding Ruiz’s statements.

The Orange Bowl was the home stadium for Miami’s football team from 1937 until it closed in 2008. The Hurricanes now host their home games at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, where the Miami Dolphins play.

Ruiz’s announcement came as UM got closer to hiring a new athletic director while pursuing Oregon football coach Mario Cristobal. Miami donors — including Ruiz himself — were reported to have the resources to compete with Oregon booster and Nike founder Phil Knight for the former Hurricanes offensive lineman and assistant.

Ruiz is related to Cristobal by marriage, a spokeswoman confirmed.

Ruiz’s firm has employed Coral Gables Vice Mayor Michael Mena since July 2019, and has other ties to the city as well. Earlier this year, he and a business partner purchased a $3.5 million city parking lot at 350 Greco Ave.

Mena said Sunday night that had never spoken to Ruiz about his plan.

“As far as I know, I am not aware of UM having expressed any interest in a new football stadium,” he said. “It seems like more of a Twitter thing.”

Some Gables residents and Coral Gables High School alumni took to Twitter to express their feelings on how a college football stadium would jam up traffic in the city southwest of downtown Miami, displace the high school and change the aesthetic of the quiet suburb. They also expressed concern over the seriousness of Ruiz’s comment.

“There are just a lot of questions about his legitimacy,” said Alain Pérez, 20, a 2019 Coral Gables High alum and former class vice president. “I don’t think billionaires are in touch with people who go to public school. Most people agree with me that this absurd.”

Don Slesnick, who served as Coral Gables mayor from 2001 to 2011, said the city was approached multiple times about a stadium during his tenure. He admits he “alienated some of the University of Miami people” when the ideas never made it far in the city.

“I know nothing about John Ruiz’s intentions but the idea of a stadium for University of Miami in the Gables is not a new one,” he said. I guess the guy with the money wants to see a stadium. The bottom line is this proposal will go nowhere.”

Ruiz said the high school would stay on the property and be rebuilt into a “state-of-the-art high school.”

Others — more than 9,000 as of Sunday night — signed a Change.org petition to bring a stadium to UM’s campus.

“An on campus stadium is ideal but won’t be easy,” the author of the petition wrote. “Our students need this, our alumni need this and the community needs this! It could be the focal point of many great memories for decades to come!!”

A potential Coral Gables stadium project wouldn’t be Ruiz’s first try at entering the sports space in Miami-Dade County. In 2012, his company La Ley Sports had plans to turn an aging baseball stadium in Homestead into “a first class youth and athletic sports venue” when he signed the lease-to-own contract. But La Ley was unable to find insurance coverage for the property and fell behind on utility payments, rent and tied the city up in lawsuits for several years.

Ruiz noted the issues at La Ley were the fault of the “politicians fighting themselves.”

“What we did was a huge success,” he said.

AN ON-CAMPUS OR NEAR-CAMPUS STADIUM? "False hope is better than no hope at all". NEMO


Mario Cristobal at career crossroads: Stay with Oregon Ducks or return home to Miami? (5 hours ago). OregonLive.com


EUGENE — Today [Monday] is the decision day: Either Mario Cristobal is staying in Eugene to finish what he started in a building process to return Oregon to the College Football Playoff with the goal of winning the program’s first national championship, or he’s returning home to Miami to attempt to resurrect his alma mater to glory it hasn’t seen in two decades.

Cristobal has until midday Monday, according to Sports Illustrated, to decide whether to stick with the Oregon program he’s rebuilt into a perennial Pac-12 championship contender, or to start over that process with a 7-5 Miami program headed to the Sun Bowl that also still very much has a head coach in Manny Diaz. According to the Miami Herald, Diaz could be retained if Cristobal elects to stay at Oregon.

A source with knowledge of the matter told The Oregonian/OregonLive that Cristobal’s decision would come in the morning.

Oregon has prepared a compensation package for approximately $7 million annually plus incentives that could top $8 million for Cristobal, who’s currently earning $4.3 million this season plus $700,000 in performance bonuses to date. Cristobal is in the second year of a recently extended contract that runs through the 2026 season.

That’s in line with the $8 million annual salary Miami is reportedly offering, according to multiple reports.

Should he leave Oregon, Cristobal’s buyout is $9 million and would effectively cost him an additional $1 million as he’d forfeit the aforementioned performance incentives for leaving before the end of the season and $300,000 retention bonus if he were still at UO on Jan. 14.

Cristobal is 35-13 overall and 23-10 in Pac-12 play in four seasons at Oregon. He led the Ducks to the 2019 and 2020 Pac-12 championships and played for a third conference title on Friday but lost 38-10 to Utah.

During his six-minute postgame press conference in Las Vegas, Cristobal acknowledged contract negotiations with Oregon and that he expected to be pursued by other schools but couldn’t rule out listening to those overtures or ultimately leaving for Miami.

“I haven’t talked to anybody, so let’s not create narratives, OK, as we sit here in this press conference,” he said. “Oregon is working on some stuff for me and that’s what I have right now. And that’s the extent of that conversation. … If I had any plans, if I had a decision to make or if I had something to report, I would and I wouldn’t keep it one way or the other. Do I expect people to come at me? Yeah, I do. It happens every single year.”

Cristobal was on the road recruiting this weekend with the rest of Oregon’s coaching staff, with the exception of outgoing offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead, since he’s headed to Akron.

Sunday afternoon, Cristobal was on a joint video conference with interim Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops to accept invitations to the Alamo Bowl. There was no mention of Miami or the impending career decision for Cristobal, who appeared wearing black Oregon gear while on the road recruiting in Southern California.

By Sunday night he was back in Eugene, the direction of the Oregon’s football program hanging in the balance.

The Ducks have finished in the top 13 nationally in recruiting each of the last four years under Cristobal and topped the Pac-12 each of the last three years. UO’s 2022 recruiting class, which has 19 commits, is currently ranked No. 9.

Due in large part to Miami’s performance under Diaz, who is 21-15 over the past three years, and his uncertain future, the Hurricanes’ current class is ranked No. 52 in the 247Sports Composite. Miami’s previous three classes were ranked Nos. 11, 17 and 27.

Cristobal, 51, is at a career crossroads.

He’s brought Oregon back to national prominence with what he’s done in recruiting, on the field with conference titles, and in player development with individual accolades and top 6 NFL draft picks in soon to be three straight years. The Ducks have been within reach of returning to the College Football Playoff and hopes of winning their first national championship are no longer unthinkable. Given the current composition of UO’s roster, Cristobal has Oregon well situated to contend for such heights in 2022-23. Sixty-eight of 86 scholarship players are either freshmen or sophomores in terms of eligibility, with only seven outgoing super seniors and 10 juniors to decide on their plans for next season. The Ducks open the 2022 season against Georgia in Atlanta.

On the other hand there is Miami, Cristobal’s hometown and his alma mater. It’s where the Cuban-American spent much of his life and where many of his friends and family are. Cristobal was back in Miami visiting his ailing mother, Clara, eight days ago.

It’s also home to some of the most fertile recruiting ground in the country and situated in a city, state and region Cristobal knows extremely well. Returning Miami, which hasn’t won a conference championship since 2003 when it was in the Big East, back to its years of national prominence like when Cristobal was there as an offensive lineman from 1989-92, hasn’t been easy for the program’s last four head coaches. But the lore of doing so as a native son and alum with resources available to him that those predecessors could’ve only dreamed of might be more appealing to Cristobal.

So what’s it going to be: The Willamette Valley or South Beach? The Swoosh or Three Stripes? Uncle Phil or Uncle Luke? The Duck or Sebastian the Ibis? The O or The U?

Either way Cristobal will have more than enough money to buy the vowel. This is about far more than dollar signs.


Huge mistake if he stays! He will regret not coming home the rest of his life! IMO
However, a good AD will fire manny and hire lane ASAP!


BREAKING: Manny Diaz fired as head coach of the Miami Hurricanes

Per inside the U

orange 'n green in the vein

Defensive coordinator got the head coach fired by not letting the offensive coordinator have more time on the clock for a score in answer at the end of the felonious sexual-assault university game.



No Manny, no problems

Does the Hurricane Club offer monthly installments? Time to get right with the U and show my support!


Miami Hurricanes fire coach Manny Diaz; Cristobal meets with Oregon players
Dave Hyde, South Florida Sun-Sentinel - 23m ago


Call me crazy, but I think that UM is relevant again!!! NEMO


DUCKS WIRE (17 minutes ago)

BREAKING: Mario Cristobal agrees to become next head coach for Miami Hurricanes


Mia Chi ‘Cane ‘98

Here’s a question… when Mario doesn’t win a NC next year and the team maybe doesn’t quite meet expectations or stumbles, when will the fan base start to turn on Mario???


BOOM! []_[]


Mario-Now lets bring some players with U!
looking at Oregon roster that stud LB Sewell #0 Somoan kid is a freshman-Justin Flowe freshman-they have a DT from Deerfield Beach HS--everyone but DJ Johnson we don't want him back!

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: Mia Chi ‘Cane ‘98 | December 06, 2021 at 11:49 AM

The second death star wasn't built in the course of one sequel.


and we don't want the RB #26 with the porn mustache


Welcome home Mario. You're a definite upgrade at HC. (How MUCH of an upgrade has yet to be determined.)

Hopefully, your recruiting skills will be enough to start us on the long road back... (Because I'm not gonna lie, your coaching skills did not have you in my final HC list.)

Please hire some SUPER Coordinators!

That is all...

Mia Chi ‘Cane ‘98

So now that we stole Mario from Oregon does that mean we are blackballed from Nike now?


We are adidas

Mia Chi ‘Cane ‘98

That’s if we ever wanted to go back to Nike…

Sarasota 'cane

Welcome (back) to THE U Coach Cristobal!

Go ‘canes! 🙌


Miami money talks and Nike bullsh*t quacks!

Yeah baby, I like it like that
You gotta believe me when I tell you
I said I like it like that
You gotta believe me when I tell you
That I said I like it
I like it like that!

Old Skool

Thinking back over Manny's tenure, I imagine he'd still be coach, but for two decisions

If he'd hired a good DC rather than trying to do it all

If he'd played more young un's rather than rely on the older guys.


Miami money SMACKS and Nike bullsh*t QUACKS!

Yeah baby, I like it like that
You gotta believe me when I tell you
I said I like it like that
You gotta believe me when I tell you
That I said I like it
I like it like that!


Thinking back over Manny's tenure, PERHAPS he'd still be coach IF WE DIDN'T LOSE TO FSU THIS YEAR?


[W]hen will the fan base start to turn on Mario???

Posted by: Mia Chi ‘Cane ‘98 | December 06, 2021 at 11:49 AM

I think he's entitled to a "honeymoon period". Let's give him a month or two!

the man

Devils advocate here, should they have targeted Kyle Whittingham instead? Hahahahaha


I am so excited, hoping for the U family to get all we want for Christmas, early!!
I am stunned that the BOT, etc. put it all together. They always were so cheap, when it came to the Canes football program.
I guess that billionaire, wants to build a new stadium in Coral Gables, and will put 400million on the table. AM I DREAMING, OR WILL WE FINALLY BECOME RELAVENT AGAIN?
How do you spell relavent???


Posted by: roachcane77 | December 06, 2021 at 12:08 PM

yes sir!!


I am NOT excited about a stadium in Coral Gables or anywhere in Dade County - for those of you who are out of state or not in South Florida - traffic is an absolute nightmare. Many ticket holders live in Broward and Palm Beach County and further out as well (shout out to 86!). Love the Hard Rock.


and a big LOL to all the peeps of other schools who say Miami doesn't have any money.....


Yes, this really is THE NEW MIAMI.

And, would you believe? Manny Diaz made it happen.

Terrance Sullivan

Preach CGNC all the stadium talk is pure rubbish. It's located perfectly in North Miami Dade County. Great for People who live in Fort Lauderdale(Broward County) West Palm Beach(Palm Beach County) and all points north and or east and it's close enough for the rest of the Residents of Miami Dade County. Win and everything else is Gravy!Anyone who has been to a Canes Game in last 6 Seasons 2016 to now pretty much Like or Love Hard Rock Stadium mostly the ones complaining have never been to a Game or its been since the Randy Shannon Days or first couple of years of Al Golden.


UM booster’s pitch to build stadium at Coral Gables Senior High School lands with a thud


58 Straight


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