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December 03, 2021



Well it looks like they got their wish. Super Mario is coming home.

Posted by: HerbieIbis | December 05, 2021 at 12:06 PM

WOW. IF TRUE, THAT'S BIG. What's your source?
Is "home" Miami or Eugene?


Go with lane if not Mario. I and most fans and the U football program couldn’t stand another year with manny! I’m afraid VACane might have a heart attack!

PS happy birthday Herb!!


Inside the U

Mario Cristobal reportedly expected to agree to $8 million deal with Miami, Clemson AD could follow

Sarasota 'cane

Turn on ESPN2 and watch the Formula 1 season finale. Hamilton on the pole and the points leader Verstappen hit the wall in qualifying! Mucho drama!
It’s the best green flag start in auto racing!


Nemo, the answer is Lane Kiffen!
I swear to god, if Lane gets to the playoff next year with ole miss & we miss with Mario, crow will be too small to eat.


Go with lane if not Mario.

Posted by: AeroCane | December 05, 2021 at 12:19 PM

No can do! Lane has agreed to a contract extension with Ole Miss.


Sarasota, haaa! Formulae 1. I was a avid fan when I lived in london long ago. Those were the days of ayrton Senna, Alan prost, and Nigel Mansel.

Sarasota 'cane

Senna…the best!


Nemo, he probably found out miami got Mario yesterday and stopped holding out.


It's just VA's way of saying he is excited. As David Lake says, read the tea leaves. VA is always talking about not quitting, he can spew all the rhetoric he wants but deep down he don't feel that way
He's just poor mouthing. I did the same when I coached.
Venables is headed to Oakie. The walls are crumbling down in Tiger Town. They will still be good, though

Mario is supposed to be all that and a box of chocolates at recruiting let's see if he can pull us of the muck on the recruiting trail.


But with major change to his buyout from what I can tell
Moot point cause I’m pretty sure it’s Mario
As I wrote yesterday, that 4 star LB knew something when he committed to the U

Look for 4 star DE Njalik kelly to commit as soon as Mario calls him with the news!!


No major

VA Cane

I see Afri...thats my frustration and my words reflect something different maybe better if we keep doing the SOS...are we trying...sure dont look like it now does it?

With all the rumors flying maybe we are...AD from Clemson...Mario... got to be better I think...

Now Mario is not gonna win a NC next year...but the one thing I think he has is being in the moment when he played...he knew what it took to be the best...he was there...I think a lot of the old guys will be happy and will use their influence to help him get guys who are top notch to come...if it all happens!!!

Afri I love your passion Aero 58 KY Herbie Nemo CGNC DTX Tony Sota Roach....Harry Miller god bless him...everyone on here wants to win...we all do....I just try to explore all possibilities options and counter arguments...makes it healthy and exciting!!!!

hope what we hear is good for all of us...we are the core we want it and it shows!!!!!


THANKS AERO. You're the best!!!

INSIDE THE U." Mario Cristobal and Miami are in the late stages of negotiations on a deal estimated in the $8 million annual range for more than five years, according to a report Sunday morning by Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald."

MIAMI HERALD just posted an updated article (5 minutes ago).

VA Cane

Herbie I do get mad...and fuss...and think what are the alternatives....but ya never quit the U...we all are supporters...and we can rant and rave...but we are the core of Miami...what made UM great...coaches players and the bind between the fans and them...its like Earnhardt...the greatest ever...we all are like that...just people grinding to be # 1 and never quitting!!!!....if its is Mario I will be behind him!

I will say this..one of his players got a foolish taunting call against OSU...Mario went off...announcers were like no need...I was like yes need...I want him to get these guys to focus on winning being # 1...on the field off the field...all the noise dont matter....its like Madden said...be on time, do what I tell you, and play like hell on Sunday...in our case Saturday!!!!!


MIAMI HERALD just posted an updated article (5 minutes ago).

Posted by: nemo2020 | December 05, 2021 at 12:38 PM

The online Miami Herald article, "Miami Hurricanes close to finalizing deal with Oregon football coach Mario Cristobal", contains one disconcerting comment, as follows: A UM official said Cristobal is expected to join UM "unless he gets cold feet."

In other words, it is not a done deal YET.

I wonder what Manny is doing/thinking?


Does anyone think they offered manny to stay as an analyst for a year before his next gig? Because he can’t get a coaching position until he gets all his buyout money anyway. This would be a first.

Sarasota 'cane

Manny can coach right away if a team wants him. They would subtract his buyout money from any new salary he would receive.
There’s no “double dipping” in college and pro football.


Dave Hyde SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL (5 minutes ago)

Miami is closing in on Mario Cristobal as its next head football coach barring a late surprise in the deal more than $7.5 million a year, sources say.

The university also is deep into negotiations with Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich. His deal would be worth more than $1.5 million a year.

One common theme has emerged as these negotiations have continued: Money is no object of concern at Miami, just as insiders suggested leading up to these negotiations.

Deep-pocketed boosters have step[ped] forward like Miami attorney John Ruiz, * * * and brothers Jorge and Jose Mas of the Miami-based infrastructure firm Mastec, and Board of Trustee member Stuart Miller [Lennar Home Builders].

Miami expects the hiring of Cristobal to be wrapped up quickly. He was negotiating for Oregon on Saturday. Manny Diaz, who remains the Miami football coach, was planning to recruiting in California on Sunday.

There are questions emerging as Miami makes a big investment in sports, some directly to the coming hires and some of broader scope:

Does Cristobal reach out to his former quarterback at Miami, Ken Dorsey, to be his offensive coordinator. Dorsey is currently the quarterback coach with the Buffalo Bills. Cristobal’s offensive coordinator at Oregon, Joe Moorhead, was named coach at Akron.

Will Miami start plans for its own stadium? It currently plays at the Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium, but there has been renewed whispers of a stadium closer to campus. Tropical Park in west Dade has been mentioned. Ruiz has talked of a stadium on the site of the Coral Gables High stadium, according to InsidetheU.com.

Will Radakovich, if hired, reach out to Alonzo Highsmith to be part of his athletic administration, as some have suggested? Highsmith was interviewed seemingly to be athletic director, but was discussed for a managerial job overseeing football last winter.

No matter, this hiring cycle suggests Miami still has heft inside college football. Cristobal, Mississippi’s Lane Kiffin and Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy expressed interest in the job.

The clock is ticking for both him and Radakovich, the Clemson athletic director Miami is deep in talks with. A Miami insider said Sunday morning the school expects it all to be decided, “in the next 24 hours.”

One coaching name mentioned with Radakovich simply through current schools is Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables. He appears to be taking the Oklahoma coaching job, a source said.

Lane Kiffin waited and waited for Miami to show any interest. I thought he’d be the best fit for Miami considering his offensive style and personality with a healthy quirk to it. After having a contract extension sitting in front of him for more than a week, he signed in on Saturday. His $1.5 million buyout didn’t change, but the Kiffin ship has sailed.

Is it part of business that both Cristobal and Diaz were out recruiting for schools this weekend they might not be part of?

Board of Trustee member Marcus Lemonis has told everyone to have patience. “Trust the process,’' his tweet has said. This all plays out like one of Lemonis’ TV shows, “The Profit,” where he goes into an underachieving business and scripts a successful gameplan of change. Spend money. Get the best names. Become a top program again. That’s the idea of it all.


ESPN Computer Releases Its Final Top 25 Rankings
(5h ago)

Miami is #20.
Oregon is not ranked in the top 25.



Computers are stupid!

VA Cane

We are not #20...or 30....
I hope things will pan out...got to be better than the last 20 years of patchwork and 18 years of failure...its Sunday family...pray for good things!


Why I like him (of course there are better options but there are far worse options) and why he is head over heels better than Coker, Randy, golden, richt and manny
He has head coaching experience at a high level
(Richt did but was fired from Uga and ‘tired’; golden at temple - need I say more; the others had none)
He’s an elite and tireless recruiter
He understands the south Florida landscape (golden never got it)
He will have the resources to hire a really good staff (including a really awesome strength and conditioning coach)
He has experience under the 2 very best coaches in recent memory (Jimmy Johnson and Nick saben)
I think a wonderful hire if it really happens
(Unlike VA and 86, I’m all in and am more excited about this hire than I’ve been since Butch! - I hated the Coker, Randy, golden, richt and manny hires!)

Sarasota 'cane

Posted by: AeroCane | December 05, 2021 at 02:44 PM

I think we’re all “all in” even if our favorite coach was not selected.

Ride or die!

Go ‘canes! 🙌


So what does the CRYSTAL BALL say about CRISTOBAL coming back home?

The Word From The Herb

Well, what worries The Herb, Is the possible change in offensive philosophy.
No need to fix what ain't broke. Do not want to go back to no pro style. Only time I want to see a QB put his hands under a centers ass, is for a yd. or less.
Now that we supposedly have the loot to dish out for recruiting and A-1 coaches and dare I say a Stadium, say all this ain't so. Well if the heat wasn't on before to succeed, it sure will be now.
Everything that we needed before but didn't get, is now at our disposal. Maybe now we can real in 2 to 4 five star players a year. Maybe now we have the depth at every position. Do something stupid on the field and watch their azz get jerked off.
Is accountability the word I'm looking for?
We get the right pieces, thru the portal, we can contend next year.
What has really been lacking all these years has been the ability to win and compete in the big games. We use to rule the world in those type games. We use make away games seem like we were playing at home. Kick your azz and talk smack while we were doing it.
All of college football wants us back
Hell we wrote the up dated rule book. The everything u use to be able to do but can't do now. Illustrations of The U.
We've bent over long enough and been punked!


I hear u herb.
But there’s always the equalizer, the fan base.
They will let him know if he runs a dumb ass pro style or anything not a RPO.

MAN, I feel sorry for this guy. I hope he knows what he’s coming back to.

Sarasota 'cane

What do you all think of Jim Leavitt for DC? He was DC at Oregon with Cristobal and I liked him a lot when he was coaching the USF Bulls here in Tampa. He got a raw deal for manhandling a kid who need to be disciplined. The kid he yoked up and the kids father both defended Leavitt after he was fired.
Leavitt is currently the DC of SMU.


Colin Cowherd on Mario Cristobal Rumors: 'It's Going To Get Done' (1h ago)


Fox Sports personality Colin Cowherd weighed in on the news, and noted that he believes the deal 'is going to get done'.

"The people closer to the program told me, they’ve been working on it [and] it’s going to get done. And they told me today was the deadline, and it’s done. Mario Cristobal, new coach of the Hurricanes,” Cowherd said.

“College football is always better when you’ve got these big city programs. So I’m fired up.”


Computers are stupid!

Posted by: AeroCane | December 05, 2021 at 01:53 PM

True. Would you believe the final ESPN rankings have Miami at 20 and Michigan State at 21.
Go figure?

Sarasota 'cane

Miami is outside the Top 25 in the final CFP poll. Deservedly.

Sarasota 'cane

Miami is not ranked nor mentioned in the CFP, AP, or the Coaches poll. Deservedly.


Leavitt fir DC
Likens for OC
Keep TRob and DVD and I’m ok getting rid of the rest
Oh, definitely keep patke! LOL


Read, where AD candidates wanted Lane.
Maybe explains why one hasn't been officially hired yet.


Fir $8 mil/yr I don’t feel sorry for him at all


I'm hearin they are trying to contact CMD to fire him but he's being like Costanza in Seinfeld when the GF wanted to break up with him and he was hiding


That’s funny!!

PS if likens is retained I think we keep the same basic offense and we keep the WR’s happy

VA Cane

Travis Homer with 75 yd td run on fake punt...he was a good kid...DJ plays for Seattle as well...hard workers good kids!

If its Mario I am ok with that...AD is very important as well. Mario needs to get a little hungry...not aggressive as I think needs to be. I want guys that really want to hit...OL that is hateful...a team that is hateful...Hit Hate Hurt..Tatumize people...Manny and AlPa had to be the worst hires ever!!!!!


Miami is not ranked nor mentioned in the CFP, AP, or the Coaches poll. Deservedly.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | December 05, 2021 at 03:42 PM

Agreed! The ESPN rakings are a statistical anomaly.


Read, where AD candidates wanted Lane.
Maybe explains why one hasn't been officially hired yet.

Posted by: HerbieIbis | December 05, 2021 at 03:51 PM

Count me as a wannabe passenger the Lane Train too. But that train has left the station - for now anyway.
Besides, if enough Whales were willing to make big donations to upgrade the UM athletic program, provided that we hired Mario Cristobal (rather than Lane Kiffin), then I say "Good Bye Manny" and "Welcome Home Mario."

P.S. But I still won't believe it, unless and until ORE or MIA makes an official announcement.


To: UM
From: NEMO

Please close the deal(s) ASAP.
I need to get some sleep.

Thank you!


Report: Miami Has Given Mario Cristobal A Deadline
(22m ago)

We all know Miami wants Mario Cristobal. But does Cristobal want the Hurricanes? That’s what we’re waiting to find out.

Miami has offered its head coaching job to Cristobal, despite the fact the school hasn’t fired its current coach, Manny Diaz. Cristobal, the Oregon head coach, is reportedly still deliberating his future.

Well, he must make up his mind soon, according to Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated. Dellenger reported this afternoon that Miami is giving Cristobal until midday tomorrow to let them know his plans.

Incredibly, if Cristobal turns the job down, Diaz will apparently be retained, even though the school openly tried to hire his replacement.

As of right now, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald says Cristobal and Miami have agreed to a final contract agreement. It’s just a matter of the former Hurricane offensive lineman signing the pact. "To be clear: Every aspect of the deal between Mario and UM have been discussed and resolved, pending HIM SIGNING. As one UM person said just now, he sure as hell invested a LOT of time on every intricate detail of a UM contract NOT to take it. But again, he must sign."

Would Cristobal really come this far only to back out? It’s unlikely, but not totally unprecedented.

Back in January 2012, he was in negotiations to become the new head coach at Rutgers after Greg Schiano left for the NFL. It looked like Cristobal was all set to head to Piscataway, but he ultimately declined RU’s offer at the last minute.

It sounds like things might be a little further along in the process between Cristobal and Miami than they were between him and Rutgers, so we’re still thinking he winds up at his alma mater.

Nothing is official until he signs on the dotted line though.


Waiting to hire the AD once Mario has signed the dotted line, what the hell does that have to do with anything.
I guess the Clemson AD had someone else in mind, so as to not sabotage anything they just said will hire the coach and u have to live with it for now.
Sounds like Mario has cold feet. Hope he stays and they are stuck with Diaz another season or until he loses to some team like UMass.
What a bunch of turds. Didn't even have the descentcy to fire Manny first, get turned down and then start patting that dude on the back again.

orange 'n green in the vein

Turns out playoff expansion isn't required for access to a championship bowl appearance opportunity after all, will all the media pushing for it admit they were wrong now? Not holding my breath either . . .


Just explained to me. Many can’t quit, or he forfeits his buyout money. That’s y he’s dealing with the bullsheet!!


It's Crappy Bowl season again.

THE U plays WS U in the Terrible-Tony the Tiger SOL BOL on New Year's Eve in El Paso, Texico.


Sounds like Mario has cold feet.
Posted by: HerbieIbis | December 05, 2021 at 07:13 PM

Actually, the main "problem" is that he (and his family) really like living in Eugene. And Miami's offer isn't so much better than what Oregon would pay him to remain there.


As I’ve said over and over: it wasn’t that hard to hire a good ad within a week or 2 from Blake’s firing and then he would of had his top 3 coaches lined up and granted, because of the board, Mario would be at the top, but if he said no, then no biggie move to number 2 (lane)
But no, this effed up university can’t even get that right
(Manny should not be nor never be an option)


Miami in deep negotiations with Oregon coach Mario Cristobal
3 mins. ago
Mario Cristobal is closer to coming home.

Sources say Oregon coach and former Hurricane Cristobal and the University of Miami have worked out the final details of a contract that could be worth in excess of $8 million a year.

A UM official said Sunday evening that everything in the contract has been agreed to and the Hurricanes expect Cristobal to be their next coach, but that it will not be certain until he signs the contract. According to a source, Cristobal wants to inform his players before a decision is leaked publicly. An announcement from UM is expected in the coming days.

The Oregonian reported, citing sources, that Cristobal flew back to Eugene from a recruiting visit on Sunday night and canceled recruiting visits in California for Monday.

Cristobal would be Miami’s 26th head football coach and would replace Manny Diaz, whose status has not yet been addressed publicly by the school.

Both coaches accepted bowl bids on Sunday — Diaz to the Sun Bowl and Cristobal to the Alamo Bowl. Cristobal appeared on a video conference at 5 p.m. to accept the bid. He made a few statements about the bowl, but did not address the Miami job and was not asked any questions about it by the moderator. Diaz canceled a recruiting trip on Sunday, according to CaneSport.

Cristobal, 51, known for his unbridled energy, intense work ethic and exceptional recruiting skills, has been the Oregon Ducks coach for four seasons. He won the Pac-12 championship in 2019 and 2020 before losing 38-10 to Utah Friday night in the Pac-12 title game.

A large contingent of Miami fans on social media have been mercilessly criticizing Diaz for not bringing the 7-5 UM out of its longtime mediocrity and were desperate for UM to hire Cristobal. They will no doubt revel in the news.

Cristobal was eager to get back to South Florida for reasons beyond just returning to his alma mater. His mother Clara, with whom he is extremely close, has been very ill. He flew across the country last weekend to visit her before returning to Eugene.

Cristobal’s overall record as head coach at Oregon: 35-13, including 10-3 this season. Before Oregon (where he also served as co-offensive coordinator/offensive line coach in 2017), he spent four years (2013-16) being groomed at Alabama under Nick Saban as the assistant head coach, offensive line coach and recruiting coordinator. He got his first head-coaching job at FIU (2007-12), where he became the first Cuban-American head coach in major college football.

Cristobal was an offensive tackle at UM from 1988 through 1992 under Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Erickson and won two national titles. He coached at UM as a graduate assistant from 1998 through 2000, then as an assistant from 2004 through ‘06.

He replaced former Oregon coach Willie Taggart as head coach when Taggart left the Ducks for Florida State before the 2017 bowl game.

High-ranking Hurricanes officials were optimistic about UM’s chances of landing Cristobal, despite Oregon booster/Nike founder Phil Knight being expected to extend him an offer difficult to refuse during recent days in which coaching contracts have increased to obscene amounts of money.

Sources familiar with the negotiations said money would not be an issue in landing Cristobal, who in December 2020 signed a six-year, $27.3 million contract that pays him an average of $4.45 million annually. His buyout is $9 million through Jan. 14, 2022.. Among the UM donors with deep pockets and interest in the athletic department are brothers Jose and Jorge Mas, owners of Mas Tec, a $6.6 billion infrastructure contractor. The Mas brothers are co-owners of David Beckham’s Inter Miami MLS team and are close with Cristobal through their Miami Columbus High connection.

Another donor believed to be involved in the pursuit of Cristobal is billionaire John H. Ruiz, an attorney and entrepreneur whose Medicare litigation firm MSP Recovery last summer was valued at $32 billion.

UM understood that it would need to pay Cristobal more than it has paid any coach in its history — and was prepared to do so.

After the game Friday night, the first question Cristobal faced was about his future. Asked if he plans to sign a contract extension with Oregon or accept the UM job, if offered, he replied: “I haven’t talked to anyone. Let’s not create narratives. Oregon is working on some stuff for me and that’s what I have right now. That’s the extent of that conversation.

“If there is anything to report, I’ll report it. I always have. Every year, we have people come for our staff, including myself. How the media treats it, I have no control over...Do I expect people to come at me? Yeah, I do. There’s nothing else to report. If there ever is, I’ll make sure to get it to you as fast as I can.”

It has been known for a long time that Cristobal was the major target by at least some of the big-time UM decision-makers who have been pushing hard for him.

A standout lineman at Christopher Columbus High School, Cristobal graduated from Miami in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and later earned a master’s degree from Miami in 2001. Following his college career, Cristobal signed a free agent contract with the Denver Broncos in 1994 and then played for the Amsterdam Admirals of NFL Europe in 1995 and 1996.

Cristobal and his wife Jessica were married in 2006 and have two sons, Mario Mateo and Rocco.

Meanwhile, UM remains in negotiations with Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich to take the same job at Miami. A UM official said before any deal is reached with Radakovich, the school would like him to meet with Cristobal if he takes the UM job, as the Canes expect. That meeting would be after Cristobal takes the UM job.

Radakovich, 63, earned his MBA from the University of Miami and started his career in the Hurricanes athletic department as a business manager from 1983-85.

He is a highly respected athletic director at a football powerhouse that has won three football national titles, including in 2016 and 2018. He reportedly made $1.3 million at Clemson this year, but could get a huge raise to come to UM. His buyout is believed to be $150,000. Sports Illustrated is reporting UM “has reached out to several high-level Power 5 ADs with contract offers that would make them the highest paid in the industry ($3M+ a year).’’

If he is named, Radakovich would replace Blake James, who was dismissed Nov. 15. Sources said there were at least three other athletic directors on UM’s short list, including New Mexico’s Eddie Nunez, a Miami native.

Radakovich joined Clemson in 2012 after six years at Georgia Tech. The Clemson athletic department increased revenue from $69 million in 2014 to $120 million in 2019. During his tenure, Clemson spent $180 million on facility improvements. Radakovich served on the College Football Playoff selection committee after 30 years of college football experience as an athletic director and former football player. He played tight end and punter at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


Well Aero, I hate to tell u, he is.

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