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January 04, 2022


orange 'n green in the vein

And here we go with the cool dad attempt by the usual gang of idiots who couldn't get the soon to be retired coach's jock out of their teeth to floss with;


"Winner: Miami is legit

It was easy to write off Miami's 4-0 start in ACC play because the wins came by single-digits against Clemson, NC State, Wake Forest and Syracuse. It seemed likely -- certain almost -- that reality would come crashing down on the Hurricanes as they visited No. 2 Duke on Saturday. Instead, Miami handed the Blue Devils a 76-74 defeat to take sole possession of first place in the conference. With Louisville losing to Florida State on Saturday, the Hurricanes are the ACC's last team unbeaten in league play.

The win over Duke was its first Quad 1 win of the season, and Miami can expect a serious bump in the NET rankings after beginning Saturday all the way down at No. 95. All of the sudden, a team that began the season 4-3 without any clear direction looks like an NCAA Tournament-caliber squad that may have something to say in the ACC race."

Oh, bonus content, hows the defensive liability midget doing as a pro, or a first tiny guard off the bench still in college instead it turns out?

"Loser: Arkansas is struggling

The Muss Bus has officially turned into a struggle bus. Arkansas and its third-year coach Eric Musselman, who has been mostly successful to this point in his tenure, dropped to 0-3 in SEC play with an 86-81 loss at Texas A&M on Saturday. The Razorbacks rose as high as No. 10 in late November amid a 9-0 start. But their record was inflated by a series of easy wins, and now that league play has arrived, they have been exposed.

Their league losses are to Mississippi State, Vanderbilt and the Aggies, which are all mid-tier SEC teams, at best. The issue on Saturday was a defense that allowed Texas A&M to shoot 56% from the floor. JD Notae scored 31 points for the Razorbacks, but as has been the case too often this season, he shouldered too heavy for a team that is struggling mightily. The Aggies, meanwhile, are quietly off to a 13-2 (2-0 SEC) start."

Uh oh! 2 starts in 15 games, the worst scoring average since he was coming off the bench as a backup freshman midget and only 2 points total in the last two games in 20 combined minutes so he's now picking up pine splinters on his rear end, guess the talent scouts on the blog blew it again when they cried about him flushing himself down the commode in Coral Gables, who could have ever imagined that?


ky - thx for welcome; good to see you gettin' up for early prayertime! give solar a shoutout from me if you're still in touch with him

nemo - good to be aboard!
. . . i was looking around for the bar on this larranaga-wagon, but evidently the bar's too high to find


Hey! DTC here too!
Posted by: DallasTX Cane | January 06, 2022 at 10:33 PM

LOLof course, without question!

Terrance Sullivan

OGV off the Top Rope Haha!


2021: 50 (out of 91 players)
2020: 40 (out of 79 players)
2019: 36 (out of 77 players)

Up 14 blue chippers in just three years and still couldn't win shyte! Please remember it not where they start out its where the end up. 50 Mark Popes ain't gonna win you anything.

Coaching and talent development matter!


OGV off the Top Rope Haha!

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | January 09, 2022 at 12:15 PM

That dude always comes flying in outta nowhere off the top rope landing an elbow on some poor unsuspecting soul. Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark!

Terrance Sullivan

Big Facts Soupster 💯



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