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March 05, 2022



Coaching matters!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Terrance Sullivan

Boom 💥


Not a good evening for the baseball team. Gotta hit, score, not commit errors or give up big 9th innings to win. Guess none of these were on the table today. We'll see what tomorrow brings in game 3, along with whether the ladies will run outta gas vs. a very good NC State team.


canes ladies get their SI headline, too:


the bad news: NC unexpectedly takes down duke at cameron
- meaning canes will be 4th seed instead of 3rd
- and the canes will not be the ONLY team to have beat duke at cameron this year
- still don't know how NC pulled that off, given the historic nature of the game; something like 92 former players showing up for coach k's last cameron game


- i feel like i've had at least a decades-worth of disappointment in them as far as faltering in big moments;
. . . so far, they have not done that; and i am crossing my fingers, that they will finally advance beyond the "diasppointment curve" and knock off nc state in acc finals or advance far into the ncaa tourny instead of exiting right away


- speaking of disappointment, also thru a decade or more, canes baseball has simply not cut it on the big stage
- let's see if dimare can finally get his team to quit underperforming in the bigger moments
- otherwise, move on to a coach who can actually get the canes over the hump again


just revisited last year's ncaa tourny
- 7 teams von ACC:
- 5 knocked out in initial round (clemson, nc, va tech, va, ga tech)
- 2 (fsu & syracuse) made it to final 8
- gonna be hard, but gotta rep the ACC better or soon our conference respect will have swirled down the drain


ACC in basketball is starting to look like the ACC in football, mediocre.


after 3 q's, canes women losing pretty badly
- if they come back (down 18 i think) vs #1 seed it'll be history book time

- in between, i switch over to canes baseball and remember why i haven't watched a game in a couple years
B O R I N G ! ! !


byebye ladies, great run!


Bracketologist gave the women a 9 seed guess in the S Carolina bracket. Obviously they didn't move up based on performance today. They had a nice run though, like you said, Alpine.

The men will face the winner of WFU vs. BC/Pitt, and obviously next would be the Duke bracket. Fortunately it's unlikely they'd face UVa, FSU or VT.


Depressing last 2 games in baseball, getting outscored 19-4 by FU and losing the series.


Yeah, JC they get drubbed again, this time 11-3. Ok, they got them last year but here we go with same old story a good team and we fold like a lounge chair.
Long way to go but if this is a reoccurring theme, then get the broom to his azz too!


ESPN's Pete Thamel reported on Sunday evening that Miami added veteran NFL special teams coach Marwan Maalouf to its staff.

InsideTheU can confirm that Maalouf, who has spent time with the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, and Indianapolis Colts since coming into the league in 2004, will be on Mario Cristobal's staff but will not be considered an on-field assistant. Maalouf spent 15 seasons as either an assistant special teams coach or special teams coordinator.


Wonder how that is going to work? I guess one coach takes a day off, while they work on special teams!


Dimare should of been fired after the Seminole disaster last year. He’s not the right guy and nothing will change that especially beating up on lower rated teams and getting beat up by the big boys.
Hopefully AD Rad has given him his notice and is picking out his top candidates as this will most likely be another disappointing season!


Methinks there is a whole lot more of recruiting and scouting required now on college coaching staffs.


Yep and coaching! LOL


Agreed, Aero, and I don't see the new AD sweeping it under the rug at the end of this season. Would have loved DiMare to have been a huge success, but he has shown where he's at already. Ok is simply not good enough at UM.


Is coach DiMare any relation to DiMare family who are big financial supporters of the U ?


My understanding is yes


Condolences to Mario

Herald reported his mother passed away on Friday


Newcomer jersey numbers for the spring:

Frank Ladson - 8
Jacurri Brown - 11
Henry Parrish - 21
Khamauri Rogers - 21
Jaleel Skinner - 23
Wesley Bissainthe - 31
Cyrus Moss - 39
Antonio Moultrie - 44
Jake Lichtenstein - 55
Logan Sagapolu - 77
Nyjalik Kelly - 90

orange 'n green in the vein

Congrats to McGusty on the first team all-ACC selection, well deserved.

UM will obviously need him to get and stay hot offensively in the postseason to have any chance of advancing so hopefully he plays up to the reputation he's earned this season.


Good news- the canes baseball team didn’t play UF or FSU tonight so dimare wasn’t embarrassed- again! LOL

VA Cane

In developing championship teams, it takes a lot form many areas.

Head coach and ultimately all staff must be steeped in fundamentals. You cannot win with guys who cannot block tackle run catch pass learn and think. If your staff is not well versed in the basics, and breathe them every day when they rise, your players will not believe in them, and they will not respond. Very important to staff to be able to listen, learn, give and take constructive criticism...even the head guy.

Player are critical to winning obviously. You have to develop them...there will be stars, and there will be role players...in the NFL they are treated differently. Thats pro...I do not agree with that at any other level...even at that level but thats me. You must convince your ST guys, OL DL etc they are just as important as the stars...cause they are. By treating them as equals, they will buy into what you want to attain. Kinda my specialty....main reason I coach my linemen directly...both sides....they win your wars in the trenches...and thats where titles start.

Players will be different levels of development...thats for you star folks. I dont like stars to rate, but I do look at how far my guys are along in development. Some guys will be more athletic...but good exercises and fundamentals will develop all guys to be better athletically. Eating is important, as is conditioning. you will have guys who are solid from their HS coaching....but not that many. I have changed many a guys stance on the lines, and it amazes tjhem and my self how it helps. Guys who are average through hard work, good coaching, development, getting in shape eating right and being coached mentally will become good players, and good ones, through the same processes will become great players.

It takes a lot to develop players; these are the basics...you must apply it to each coach and player....in my camp, there are no pets or favorites...they are all my guys.

Had the pleasant experience to talk to one old player Sat, and see another on sunday. Never can happen too much...I love my guys!

VA Cane

Last 2 articles have been really well written, great insight! Damn, somebody give that guy a raise!!!!!

Oh...and....has anybody checked in the garage way back at the back of the lot on the bus?...its spring....we might want to look at it...start it...kick a tire or 2....IJS!!!


4-Star OL Antonio Tripp commits to the Canes.

VA Cane

Nothing better than having a good OL see the changing landscape and commit to the U!!!!
We need a lot of good OL.....IO would say since the Fiasco at The Fiesta it has been the most consistently weak unit on the team....smallish muscle wise, but fat belly wise concrete feet...soft shoe shufflers do not pick up the feet and move!!!! Nice addition! Lets keep him and keep them coming...recruiting never ends!!

58 Straight


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