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April 14, 2022



Top 7th, still 6-3, Turkeys. Oh, and 1st.


B8, 7-5, VT, after VT gets 1 in 7th and Canes get 2 in 8th to inch closer. One more chance to get out of the 4 run hole they put themselves in during the 1st 2 innings.


On O, story of the night is 11 Ks, with Pitelli having an awful evening being responsible for 4 of them after 8.


Hard to interpret pitching outings in college sometimes. Um's Palmquist had 6 KS in 3.1 innings, which sounds dominating, but gave up 6 earned runs, so clearly he wasn't.


Walking a run in the 8 to make it 8-5.


Bases are cleared as VT is now up 11-5, regaining the 6 run lead. Have a good holiday weekend all, whichever one you celebrate, or neither if...


12-5 final. Streak is over. Hope they can pull out the next 2.


I think we will get a good feel for this team the next 2 games! Hopefully we win both but have to win 1.
College baseball is unpredictable and fun: #9 Louisville loses 8-1 to unranked FSU; #7 Texas loses to unranked Kansas State 8-5; #4 Texas Tech loses to unranked TCU 7-4; #10 ND loses to unranked Duke (who we swept) 15-5; #13 Georgia loses to unranked Texas A&M 8-1


List of recruits coming for the spring game tomorrow:
5-star LB Anthony Hill
5-star WR Jalen Brown
5-star QBDante Moore (loves coach Gattis)
Top247 S Joenel Aguero
Top247 ATH Jaxon Howard
Top247 TE Riley Williams
Top247 DL Anthony James (Texas A&M commit)
Top247 EDGE Dylan Gooden
Top247 OL Zechariah Owens
Top247 QB Malachi Singleton
Top247 DL Derrick LeBlanc
Top247 ATH Robby Washington (Miami commit)
4-star DL Ashton Porter
4-star WR Anthony Brown
4-star OL Antonio Tripp (Miami commit)
LB Bobby Washington (Miami commit)
TE Jackson Carver
S TJ Metcalf


Canes baseball getting crushed by VT 9-1 in the 4th
Not a good look for dimare and the EX #2 Canes


Usually what happens after a winning streak, u go on a stink it up streak. As I said before, u can be beaten by anyone in baseball.

Terrance Sullivan

Not Good Getting Pounded by The Castrated Turkeys of Virginia Tech SMDH! Go Canes!

DallasTX Cane

Baseball weird game. Fail 3 of 10 times and become an all star. A CWS appearance would be huge for the program.


Canes beat VT 8-5 to salvage 1 game out of the VT series. Kayfus and Burke with HRs and McFarland with the victory.


Well a lot of big time recruits at the spring game but as herb has said many times, we need a key commitment already!
Also, very disappointing we lost mims to FSU! He would of been an immediate starter at RT at a minimum and Mario couldn’t even get him on campus.


Dem cruits still acting the same way. Nobody big loving Mario. It's good to get them big timers on campus BUT until we start to add some names (Elite) supastars it's that same old Sonny & Cher song " And The Beat Goes On".
Mims going to FSU stinks but it's his boat with no oars.

Sarasota 'cane

The Heat are on fire!


1992 Nintendo NBA Jam



Dazalin Worsham WR 2020
Keyshawn Smith WR 2020
Michael Redding WR 2020
Xavier Restrepo WR 2020
Brashard Smith WR 2021
Jacolby George WR 2021
Malik Curtis WR 2021
Romello Brinson WR 2021
Isaiah Horton WR 2022
Frank Ladson WR 2022-T

Will Mallory TE 2018
Dominic Mammarelli TE 2020
Elijah Arroyo TE 2021
Kahlil Brantley TE 2021
Jaleel Skinner TE 2022

Don Chaney RB 2020
Jaylan Knighton RB 2020
Michael Parrott RB 2020
Thaddius FrankliRB 2021
TreVonte' CitizeRB 2022
Henry Parish RB 2022-T

Zalon'tae HillerOL 2017
Cleveland Reed OL 2018
Delone Scaife OL 2018
John Campbell OL 2018
Adam Elgammal OL 2019
Jakai Clark OL 2019
Ousman Traore OL 2019
Zion Nelson OL 2019
Chris WashingtonOL 2020
Jalen Rivers OL 2020
Isaiah Walker OL 2020-T
Laurence SeymoreOL 2021
Michael McLaughlinOL 2021
Ryan Rodriguez OL 2021
Justice Oluwaseun OL 2021-T
Matthew McCoy OL 2022
Anez Cooper OL 2022
Logan Sagapolu OL 2022-T
Jonathan Denis OL 2022-T

Peyton Matocha QB 2019
Tyler Van Dyke QB 2020
Jake Garcia QB 2021
Jacurri Brown QB 2022

Jahfari Harvey DE 2019
Chantz Williams DE 2020
Elijah Roberts DE 2020
Jabari Ishmael DE 2021
Nyjalik Kelly DE 2022
Cyrus Moss DE 2022
Antonio MoultrieDE 2022-T
Mitchell Agude DE 2022-T
Jordan Miller DT 2018
Jared Harrison-HDT 2019
Allan Haye DT 2021
Leonard Taylor DT 2021
Ahmad Moten DT 2022
Jacob LichtensteDT 2022-T

Waynmon Steed LB 2017
Avery Huff LB 2019
Samuel Brooks LB 2019
Corey Flagg Jr LB 2020
Ryan Ragone LB 2020
Chase Smith LB 2021
Deshawn TroutmanLB 2021
Thomas Davis LB 2021
Tyler Johnson LB 2021
Wesley BissainthLB 2022

Al Blades DB 2018
D.J. Ivey DB 2018
Gilbert FriersonDB 2018
Keontra Smith DB 2019
Te'Cory Couch DB 2019
Avantae WilliamsDB 2020
Brian Balom DB 2020
Isaiah Dunson DB 2020
Jalen Harrell DB 2020
Keshawn WashingtDB 2020
Marcus Clarke DB 2020
James Williams DB 2021
Kamren Kinchens DB 2021
Chris Graves DB 2022
Jadem Harris DB 2022
Khamauri Rogers DB 2022
Markeith WilliamDB 2022
Tyrique StevensoDB 2021-T

Clay James LS 2019
Louis Hedley P 2019
Andres BorregaleK 2021

Terrance Sullivan

Great Stuff TonyCane


Did Herb count 89?


There’s a few that I am not certain of, but I’m leaving on there until we hear otherwise. As of tonight that is what the official number would be. That will change by season kickoff.

The Word From The Herb

By the way, Mims will stay at Georgia.
After reading all the stuff on the Spring game, quotes, coach talk and blogs, the conclusion for The Herb is, we have talent, more so at certain positions, than others.
We still have a problem at LB. Our OH line will be average to good depending on who we play,( C to a B-) good.
We need more beef at DT. Taylor Miller and Haye are around and over 300, the rest probably 275 to 285.
I think we will be better defensively, especially tackling but them LB will be our albetros.
Will we have a go to WR? Got plenty of potential.
Will Gatis turn Tyler loose. I hope it's not 2 runs And an obvious pass and all this dinky shyt. I get that we have to run the ball and be more physical but with the overall talent on that side of the ball, I don't think it's possible against good teams to try to jam it down their throats. We have plenty of good backs.
Our kicking game is solid, we all know about our qb's and our secondary, dare I say might be the strength of our defense.
How well we play at A&M will give us a clear picture of what to expect for the rest of the 22 season.


WOW! Canes look like they will have a pretty good team this year!
But, I am an older Cane graduate, 1970!!!!
Hope everyone had a nice Easter, and ate lots of chocolate!


Excellent post
We sure could use a top OL transfer, a huge DT transfer, and 2 long, big LB (6’2 plus and 225 plus)
I think our WR will be ok especially when Bronson comes back
As for the spring game: I was not impressed at all but I understand they kept it vanilla
I also wasn’t that impressed by Parrish - I like Franklin more and hopefully Chaney gets back but not counting on it; I think if citizen works hard, learns the O and enrolls in excellent shape, he has a shot to be number 1 or a key contributor



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