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May 05, 2022



Not too bad!
Still wish we got a huge starting RT, a big, speedy starting LB (besides Johnson cause we need more than 1) and possibly 1 stud outside receiver (even though I think between smith, Ladson, George and Brinson, we may be ok)
Go Canes!!


7-foot four-star center Shawn Phillips (@shawnphillipsj1) has announced his top five options.

UM, LSU, KState, Georgetown, and The Overtime Elite League...

Seems like that's an odd thing to list in a top 5 with 4 colleges, but I don't follow bball recruiting either.


Recruiting news
We are in on most all the top guys we want
We may not get any (but I’m sure we will get a few) but it’s been a long while since we’ve legitimately been in a top 5 of so many top guys!
PS I don’t count 2020 as that was a Covid year with guys wanting to stay close to home and most not even able to take officials


Thought Tyler Johnson was in the portal?
We do need another LB and WR but if they don't have the wow factor, then we just have to roll with what we got. We got talent at WR.
LB is whole other issue but maybe with better coaching and a different approach somebody will crawl out from underneath the rocks and ball out.
Mario is reaching for the stars with the big time cruits. I believe initially he is going to find the sledding a little tougher than out West. This team now is at least a 10 win team on paper. Still got to stem the tide of Georgia and Bama from picking our fruit.


I was referring to Caleb Johnson
Tyler is in the portal


Game 1 of 3 game set vs. ND State, and Canes are winning handily, scoring in each of the 1st 5 innings for a 3 TD lead, 21-0.


Well Dimare said they were a really good team. Wonder who caught dem TD passes.

Harry Miller

Sure would like to get local Five-Star Jeremiah Smith.


16-1 the U after 8 against an overmatched NDSU team. Happy mom's day to the ladies out there.


Meanwhile at Florida State, a couple of decades hence....

It had been many. A once roaring stadium now stood silent. Even worse so, it now lay in a state of disrepair if not outright ruin. A once mighty college football franchise had relocated to a nearby sandlot carved from a brush and weed infested track of land. It was there that a grandfather and his grandson found themselves watching the Florida State Seminoles engaged in their annual spring scrimmage.

“You know Bobby, one time these Seminoles actually beat them.”

“Beat who, pappy?”


“The Hurricanes?” The grandson looked around is disbelief as an FSU player caught a ball out of bounds and got ensnared in a bush. He slapped a genetically modified mosquito and looked on in amazement. “We played the Miami Hurricanes?”

“That's no cap, my child. It was a long time ago.” He looked wistfully at Doak Campbell…at what was left of it. Australian pines now grew from holes in the stands. Fetid water still leaked from now collapsed bathrooms. But it had not always been that way. No once there had been hope. Even victory, but now -

“How poppy? How did we do it?”

“Ah, indeed. The how.” The grandfather looked at Bobby with a sad smile. “A simple play. A 4th down. We converted. They did not. And we celebrated. Oh, how we celebrated. There were banners. Parades. Commercials on what we used to call TV. We thought the good times would never end.”

“But what happened?”

“They got better players. Many, many better players. And an army of coaches. And their facilities, they became second to none. Soon they…soon they were winning championships. Eventually it was as expected as the sky being blue.”

“It’s not blue here, Poppy. I think it’s brown.”

“That’s only the swamp gas rising from the old stadium. That and the mosquitoes that now color the sky.”

His grandson sat thinking. After a minute, after watching undersized players grab flags and cheer when first downs were made, he turned back to his grandfather.

“Poppy, are you just kidding. That didn’t really happen, did it?”

The Grandfather watched the Seminoles coach thirty yards away. The man’s cornrows were long, but tinted silver with age. An assistant used a weedwhacker to carve a path through the undergrowth for him to stride the sidelines. Upon the snapping of the ball on the next play, three offensive linemen began blocking each other. An running back fumbled the ball, and the quarterback picked it up and tried to punt it away, only to kick himself in the face. After that the coaches made their way onto the sandlot to berate and console the players, and eventually practice resumed.

He turned to face Bobby. In the distance, they could hear clowns practicing. “Yes, Bobby, I was kidding. It never happened.”

Bobby grinned. “I knew it! But the Hurricanes, all that stuff you said about them, it did happen, right?”

A tear welled up in his eye. “Yes Bobby. Yes it did.”


Update to the roster listings as of May 6th. We currently stand at an estimated 86 scholarship players:

Keyshawn Smith WR 2020
Michael Redding WR 2020
Xavier Restrepo WR 2020
Brashard Smith WR 2021
Jacolby George WR 2021
Romello Brinson WR 2021
Isaiah Horton WR 2022
Frank Ladson WR 2022-T

Will Mallory TE 2018
Dominic MammarelTE 2020
Elijah Arroyo TE 2021
Kahlil Brantley TE 2021
Jaleel Skinner TE 2022

Don Chaney RB 2020
Jaylan Knighton RB 2020
Thaddius FrankliRB 2021
TreVonte' CitizeRB 2022
Henry Parish RB 2022-T

Cleveland Reed OL 2018
Delone Scaife OL 2018
John Campbell OL 2018
Jakai Clark OL 2019
Ousman Traore OL 2019
Zion Nelson OL 2019
Chris WashingtonOL 2020
Jalen Rivers OL 2020
Laurence SeymoreOL 2021
Michael McLaughlOL 2021
Ryan Rodriguez OL 2021
Justice OluwaseuOL 2021-T
Matthew McCoy OL 2022
Anez Cooper OL 2022
Logan Sagapolu OL 2022-T
Jonathan Denis OL 2022-T

Peyton Matocha QB 2019
Tyler Van Dyke QB 2020
Jake Garcia QB 2021
Jacurri Brown QB 2022

Jahfari Harvey DE 2019
Chantz Williams DE 2020
Elijah Roberts DE 2020
Jabari Ishmael DE 2021
Nyjalik Kelly DE 2022
Cyrus Moss DE 2022
Antonio MoultrieDE 2022-T
Mitchell Agude DE 2022-T
Jordan Miller DT 2018
Jared Harrison-HDT 2019
Allan Haye DT 2021
Leonard Taylor DT 2021
Ahmad Moten DT 2022
Jacob LichtensteDT 2022-T
Akheem Mesidor DT 2022-T
Darrell Jackson'DT 2022-T

Waynmon Steed LB 2017
Avery Huff LB 2019
Samuel Brooks LB 2019
Keontra Smith LB 2019
Corey Flagg Jr LB 2020
Ryan Ragone LB 2020
Chase Smith LB 2021
Thomas Davis LB 2021
Wesley BissainthLB 2022
Caleb Johnson LB 2022-T

Al Blades CB 2018
D.J. Ivey CB 2018
Te'Cory Couch CB 2019
Isaiah Dunson CB 2020
Marcus Clarke CB 2020
Malik Curtis CB 2021
Tyrique Stevenson CB 2021-T
Chris Graves CB 2022
Jadem Harris CB 2022
Khamauri Rogers CB 2022
Daryl Porter Jr.CB 2022-T
Gilbert FriersonS 2018
Avantae WilliamsS 2020
Brian Balom S 2020
Jalen Harrell S 2020
Keshawn WashingtoS 2020
James Williams S 2021
Kamren Kinchens S 2021
Markeith WilliamS 2022

Clay James LS 2019
Louis Hedley P 2019
Andres BorregaleK 2021

Terrance Sullivan

Happy Mother's Day to the Canespace Mother's Here! Enjoy Your Day!


Canes get the sweep with 3 in the 7th to take back the lead for a 6-4 victory in a close game after 2 lopsided victories earlier this weekend. Y. Morales added 2 HRs on the day.


Surprised Brookes and Huff are still hanging on.

Terrance Sullivan

It should be a 3 Team race for ACC Coastal Crown this Fall between Pittsburgh the Defending Coastal and ACC Champs, North Carolina, and Our Miami Hurricanes, obviously another school could slip in but I doubt it! On The Atlantic Side Defending Champ Wake Forrest, NC State, and Perrenial ACC Juggernaut Clemson are vying for ACC Atlantic Crown and Winners Face off in Charlotte on December 4th! Any 2 of those 6 Teams should and will be battling it out in Charlotte! The other 8 Teams are battling for bowl eligibility and respect! ACC should have around 10 Bowl Teams outta its 14 Team League! I would love to see Our Canes play Clemson twice in a 3 Week Period once In Death Valley and Second Time in the Queen City! Dig What I am saying Man! Go Canes!

The Herb

Well, in The Herb's humble opinion it should be us and the rest of the coastal beating up on each other, based on talent anyway BUT of course we have always, since we have been in this God forsaken conference, managed over and over again to play down to our comp. So Tee, you probably are right about it being a 3 team race.


Soon there may not be a Coastal to play for. ACC is talking about getting rid of divisions and playing a 3-5-5 model. 3 would be the automatic same 3 teams played each season, which I'm assuming for the U would include teams with rivalries like FSU and VT, while rotating between 2 groups of 5 schools every season to make sure all play each other by the end of every 3 year cycle. Goal is to avoid a weak division champion and preferably have the top 2 teams play in the conference championship game.


Canes up 15-6 on UCF before our big weekend series in Tallahassee.


Final 16-10 canes
Levenson with a grand slam (6 hr of year)
Some stats:
Morales leads the team with 11 HR’s
Romero and Burke with 9 HR’s each
Pitelli with 8
Kayfus leads the team with a .383 BA (and he has 6 HRs)
Palmquist with 7 Wins
Ligon and Garland with 6 W’s each
Walters with 13 saves (26 innings pitched with a minuscule ERA of 0.34)

Terrance Sullivan

This will probably be the last year with Divisions so let’s win the Damn Thing again! Go Canes! And let’s win A Bowl Game last time that Happened we Had BK15, DN86,CE29, and Company beating the Mountaineers of West Virginia in Orlando 6 Seasons ago 2016! And Let’s Win 11 Total Games haven’t done that in 19 Football Seasons 2003! Finish in Top 10 haven’t done that in 18 Football Seasons 2004!


Looks like Sam Brooks is going to be hitting the portal


JCane, with that we are at 85 players.


And next recruiting class should include a s-load of LBs, Tony.


Like I said what was he waiting on, Huff too.


Mario ain't got no recruiting urgency with LB's either.

VA Cane

I think this NIL is a bad thing...not good at all...bad idea. To me....if these guys are going to make money....they should pay taxes on it...assume they will have to...and they should PAY their own tuition since they are making money in what they call a job. The education was the lure...so now you are "working" LOL!!!!...you have $ so pay your own tuition board books etc....cannot have it both ways. I would be good if every guy on scholly got a stipend along with the tuition books board if they live in athletic dorm, food...all of it....$3,000 per guy....you could buy a few pizzas shoes etc....that would work....but these giant numbers make these people professionals....not what it was about when I played....besides...they may be bigger faster stronger....but lazy, not as smart, and fundamentally inferior to my day....thats what you get when you coddle them with the new woke mentality thats been around for a while now...very disappointing outcome. Read NCAA is trying to get some regs passed maybe via govt!!!!

Too late the cats outta the bag now....its just not good for college sports IMO!


I agree - it sucks and there should be caps etc
Also, the irs doesn’t care how old you are, how stupid you are or if you’re in college
IF you earn money, you will be taxed! (And the companies paying it out, are deducting it)


VC & AC.
I totally agree!

We need congressional action to exempt college sports from the federal anti-trust laws, so as to permit the NCAA to impose sensible limits on NIL payments to college athletes.


Canes at FSU postponed
Doubleheader tomorrow


Canes up 4-1 in the bottom of the 4th in game 1 at Tallahassee


T6, still 4-1


Now 5-1 heading to bottom of 7th
Palmquist still in there (4hits, 4 k’s)


I meant bottom of 6th
Now it’s 5-2 heading to the 7th


Still top of 7th


Canes win, same score as last AC update. Game 2 later. Always nice to beat FSU.


Posted by: VA Cane | May 13, 2022 at 08:51 AM

Professors, janitors, coaches are all staff of UM. They get reduced or free tuition for themselves and their kids. The players should get the same. Salary doesn’t change that for other staff so sources of income shouldn’t change it for players. Honestly I am happy for the athletes. I like to see people get more. That doesn’t mean there is less for me.

NIL works out better for Miami than most schools honestly. We lost athletes over the years because we didn’t pay the same as other universities did in the past decade. Nobody is going to Clemson unless you are getting paid. Have you ever heard anybody say I want to visit Clemson or Athens for fun? Also Why would we put limits on what athletes can make and not limits on what coaches can make?

Miami benefits from this new environment long term for the same reason people are moving to south Florida. It’s the weather. Even kids who leave south Florida and end up in Tuscaloosa or some other SEC town will say, “ I tried it out, but I am ready to leave”. Kids were trapped there before when they committed.

College towns are often great to visit for a weekend. Living in them for 4 years sucks though. Just my opinion. I am wrong a lot. However South Florida is a destination. You may not realize it living there but it is. Freedom means choice and there are not many better places to live in the country than South Florida. Unless you like living in the country, desert or mountains. Then hey to each their own

If you can play in Miami and get paid😄. Hahahahahahaha the life. Now if you won’t get a chance to play, then you have to do what’s best for you. Good luck


Canes win, same score as last AC update. Game 2 later. Always nice to beat FSU.

Posted by: JCane | May 14, 2022 at 05:40 PM

Agree JC! Love to beat the seminoles in any sport!


6-3, Noles, after 6


6-4, 7 done


6-4 final, doubleheader split


Professors, janitors, coaches are all staff of UM. They get reduced or free tuition for themselves and their kids.

Posted by: HillViewCane | May 14, 2022 at 05:41 PM

HVC, F Y I - Your premise is somewhat incorrect. Not ALL professors, and NOT all janitors (or other outsourced service support staff) at UM, get reduced or free tuition for themselves and their children.


So our canes lose again to effing FSU
Lost 2 of 3


Per the herald and the reason dimare needs to do better / under his realm, our defense has sucked

‘UM has completely struggled on defense. They had two errors Friday (meaning the 1st game Saturday), three Saturday and another Sunday. UM should have been hit with four errors Saturday, but a fly ball that came directly to center fielder Jacob Burke, who misplayed it, was inexplicably ruled a double.’

Read more at: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/college/acc/university-of-miami/article261451172.html#storylink=cpy


Finding a way to choke the the division away. What's that 3-6 The last 3 ACC teams we have played. We may find a way yet 2 finish in second.


Pitt beat the Irish today but won the series.


Va Tech takes 2 out of 3 vs Da Ville.


In other news

Frank Gore celebrated his 39th birthday Saturday by scoring a knockout in his professional boxing debut. 


As it stands right now, it don't look good for us snagging a top notch QB this cycle. I guessing the word to use is the potential for upward trajectory that has not yet been met.
I don't have a good feeling yet, on Mario's recruiting prowess. I know he will land us some big fish but how many is the question.
We already have four 3 star players and I would think a recruiter like him 6 or 7 would be tops for 3 stars.
Long way to go and I guess, it's not how u start but how u finish.


I agree
We are going after these high 4 and 5 star guys and now we are going after 3 stars etc
This is for QB and the lines
Very troubling but we will see as there is a lot more time for this recruiting cycle
Never thought we’d get moss or citizen but we did

Terrance Sullivan

TV Selections and Times for First 3 Weeks will be announced next Thursday Daddio! Which will cover Bethune Cookman, Southern Mississippi, and Texas A&M Games!

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