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September 10, 2022



Go Canes!
Disappointed with the way we’ve played these first 2 games but happy we won!! I bet Norte Dame or A&M would be happy to of played crappy but won!
I still would like to of seen more of Garcia today - his mobility and moxie (is this a word LOL ) has me really liking him IF we need him

Sarasota 'cane

Some big upsets today with West Virginia and Florida still on-deck.

58 Straight

Fix it, Mario, fix it.

Harry Miller

I wish they had played better because I was going to be in Mansfield

I wish they had played better because I was going to Mansfield Texas next week and it's not that far College Station. but not now, not after that showing. They are not going to get me again.

Sarasota 'cane

That Gator honk Basura was on the last blog talking shit about Miami today. I bet that troll is eating crow tonight!😂

F the Gators!


Canes have me wondering what's going to happen. O looked better than they are vs. Bethune Cookman, but that's because BC is awful. SC State took them down 33-9 today. Our D in the 1st half had me scratching my head. Dumb penalties and 3rd down conversions...not again. Mesidor was held out today, so there's thar, but this is a separate issue. Looked better by 2nd half at least. Hope the O was simply playing vanilla thus far, but still TVD looked out of synch and not always making the best decisions....1st half 2nd down and ?10 dangerous throw to a well-covered Mallory about 10-12 yards upfield vs. hitting a wide open undefeated RB over the middle @5-7yards out. Incomplete, led to 3rd down non-conventional, another series done. Hopefully just early season stuff...bummer to see TAMU lose today. Would rather just next week, but only concerned with 2 teams...UM's matchup and whomever plays FU. Loved UKy today!!

Terrance Sullivan

Preach Soupster Preach!


Sleep walking? I hope that’s what it is. But perhaps this isn’t sleep walking. Maybe it’s reality.

The DL gets no penetration. The DBs give so much cushion and/or just get straight up beat down field. They make zero plays on the ball, just camp under it and allow he receivers to go outcompete them for it because of their laziness. Williams looks freaking amazing tho, that guy gonna be something special.

Vanilla offense? Sure. But vanilla O-line play still means vanilla blocking. Guys just running free straight into the back field. The O line has no sense of unity, guys don’t know their assignment including the most basic of how about block the guy in front of you. Cristobal an OLine guy? Really?!?

TVD is looking awful. Bad decision making, staring WRs down, playing just throw it to Restrepo. I get it’s a new system, but he has regressed in a big way. Give Garcia a shot if TV-INT doesn’t step up (that offside INT was another putrid ball, regardless of free play or not).

I do like what I see from the RBs. We got depth and talent there. OL needs to step up.


First half was no bueno - O-line was a mess. Last 2 minutes it began to change and whatever HCMC said to them at half time because it all improved from there. Defense included. I like that it improved after half time and traditionally, our Canes do not generally play well with noon start times. Maybe the got caught looking ahead a little bit.

There are many unhappy fans today - the Aggies loss to App State has College Game Day heading to Boone, NC next Saturday lol. and Jimbo has been there for what, 5 years and has top ranked recruiting classes. Bama almost lost yesterday, think Saban is happy with that? Gators lost to Kentucky. Again. Pitt lost to Tennessee and so on.

Maybe this was our uh-oh game, every team has one. Let's keep it in the rearview and improve.

GO CANES! And Happy Sunday everyone


Posted by: StillBasura | September 11, 2022 at 09:04 AM

TVD did not look like TVD yesterday. I wouldn't say he ":regressed in a big way". Remember we lost Rambo and Harley.

The Word From The Herb

We ain't bashing the Boyz already are we?
Just the second game, playing a bunch of players, with a whole new staff and system, new culture (They seem to use that word allot), and using competition to motivate the players into earning their spots.
We have deficiencies no matter what Mario does. We have talent, according to the experts, so that shouldn't be the problem, or should it?
The problem to me is we don't have enough IT guys yet. We don't have the It guy at WR. We don't have the IT guy at LB. We don't have an IT guy on the DL.
You get my drift.
Van Dyke was anointed that title and so to has Nelson, last year.
Our Corners are terrible and to be fair, their only going to be as good as the pass rush they get, which against 2 inferior teams we have what, maybe 3 or 4 sacks. Maybe it's the system they are running, who knows.
U look at recruiting and Gattis and Addaei are supposed to be great recruiters and yet we can't sniff the 3 five star WR's that lurk in our back yard.
We have one CB and still don't have a DT and only 1 DE out of our 18 verbs.
Yeah, there is still time to fix that.
To The Herb, you need 4 guys on defense that are difference makers and one at each level. So far who are those guts?
Restrepo is a good player but he shouldn't be your go to guy but he is. We need an outside WR to be the it guy but we have none.
Van Dyke seemed to play better when everything was riding on him and now he is playing like a band leader.
I knew when Mario got here, it was going to be all about running the football, which don't get me wrong, we have sucked at that for a while, but in this day and age it's about passing.
It's going to take time to get to get this turned around and our next game against A&M should give us a real indication of which way we are headed. It just goes to show, no matter how much talent you have you can get beat, especially with these new offensive systems. If you have a QB that can run the system you can move the ball against anyone.
I'm waiting on for the time when they are going to have to open up the play book and that should come this weekend, then we shall see a clearer picture.


Agreed Herb


I have a great idea. Let's keep running the ball between the tackles. Let's keep the string of Miami OCs running uncreative offenses that do not utilize our team speed. And how about once again coming out flat and energizing the home team fans (and the opponent)? Great idea. And while we are at it, let's have a lot of guys who give less than full effort. Because they will all be in the NFL any day now. Just look at last year's experience, guys. And we can keep talking about the potential of this or that guy. And presto, he will be gone. Who wants to wear that U with pride and fierceness every down? Step on up. Go Canes. Show us all out effort and aggression at Texas A and M. Those guys are ripe to get beat (again). Pretend you have the heat of App State!....A play that says it all about our beloved Canes over the last several years: #2, our best CB, gets the ball thrown to him in the end zone for an interception. What would any other player in D1 do? They would come out full speed with aggression.. But a teammate ot=ells him to down it. #2 has 103 open ye=ards in front of him. W=What does he do? Hesitates and loses a TD pick six. Why? How often do you see that? Besides making another inexperienced QB look like a Heisman candidate again, our guys give up the chance to stuff it in his face for a TD. Come on, Canes, and Coach Cristobal, change this culture! Give it your all, for you anthe U and US!

orange 'n green in the vein

"But I want my unicorn now!" Won the first quarter, tied the second to win the first half, won both 2nd half quarters to win by four scores. Defense surrendered single digits for the game.

Keep whining though, no seriously, it's hilarious.

VanDyke apparently went to the indoor practice facility after the game last night with the receivers to throw himself out of what he considered a bad performance Saturday, going to miss Enos' best recruit when he's gone, maybe he makes enough NIL money to stay another year though.

Sour grape reptile boosters, leprechaun aficionados and aggie milkers having a terrible week, like they deserve. We'll see if the next opponent really was looking ahead or are just media darlings as usual.


Hate autocorrect. Uncovered, not undefeated, RB, and 3rd down non-conversion, not non-conventional.

Shows value in Sunbelt, apparently the next super conference, in players who stay 4-5 years in a system when well-coached and hungry. Think Frost wishes he stayed at UCF?!


Frost, looks like a frozen pizza on the sideline. Dude looks like he just smoked a bowl. I guess the word is comatose.

Sarasota 'cane

Posted by: HerbieIbis | September 11, 2022 at 01:28 PM

Reminds me of Rich Rodriguez at Michigan. Rich was from West Virginia and could’ve written his own script with the Mountaineer’s for years. He was a hometown hero.

Michigan was like, “Next!”

Sarasota 'cane

I’m digging this Dolphins game. The AFC East and West appear to be stacked with potential playoff teams this season!

Go Dolphins!


Hey 86 When we win next week in Texas, could you please run my photo, from when you and I were at the game, many moons ago?? I would appreciate it, my good friend.
Worried about the Canes, but they will play their hearts out, especially since Mario is in charge.
I am watching my beleaguered Detroit Lions, losing right now.


We moved up only 2 spots, in the polls. But, so much better than losing.


Before yesterday, the outstanding question was whether UM is better than TxAM. But now we are also facing another question: whether UM is better than App State.



I'll be VERY content with being better than TAMU next weekend and let the rest sort itself out. From a strength of schedule perspective beating UNC, as well, would give us a few points on App State. I'm getting way ahead of myself to presume to have any expectations just yet though.


Agree, but Tua is serviceable at best - imagine if the idiot Grier had picked Herbert instead what our offense could be!!
Also, what a waste of a first round pick on Noah!
Overall, very happy with the result!!


AC or Herb:

Any idea what is gonna happen with Avantae Williams? Not looking good...


Hadn't heard anything. What's up?


Supposedly canceled all references to UM on social media, etc.


Strange situation
Awesome player
I really have no idea but we could use him IMO

Sarasota 'cane

Here’s the condensed UM Southern Miss game it’s about 20 minutes long.


Aero I just rewatched the condensed Dolphins game on NFL Network and you’re right, Tua is not the guy. I’m not sure Teddy Bridgewater is the guy either. I’m gonna enjoy the victory but wait and see who develops over the season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Skylar Thompson before the season is over. He was the most exciting QB in the preseason IMO.


Frost frozen out in Nebraska.


My suggestion to the idiot Grier: trade Tua and our next 2 number 1s for LJ (make sure there is a contract in place first)
Imagine what our offense could be with Jackson at qb, waddle, hill and Wilson at wr and mostert and Edmonds at RB
I see Tua being nothing more than serviceable but I hope I’m Wrong


About Avante, apparently he had the 4th lowest grade against Betty Cookman and seeing as how Mario has a merit based playing system, he didn't see the field against So. MISS. Was not happy about that. I have to believe, he has a problem with ass chewings and coaches singling him out and to me that probably got him benched, the tude wasn't right.
Either he can man up or hit the portal. I hate to see him roll that way but he's already used that get out of jail card, so I assume the ball is in his court.


Alex Donno on Avantae situation:

A: Avantae Williams was barely used in week 1 and didn't grade out well. PFF College gave him a 49.6 grade against Bethune-Cookman, the fourth worst on the defense. He wasn't used in Week 2.

My understanding is the approach from coaches is strictly merit-based. Playing time is earned in practice and he's apparently not earning it over the likes of Kam Kinchens, James Williams or apparently even Al Blades, Jr.

I hope Avantae uses this as motivation to prove himself on the practice field, because I believe he is one of the most talented players on Miami's defense. Apparently, he's not so happy with his current situation

(PS, Miami stuff is back on his IG now)


Thx, Herb and Ohio. Guess this is gonna be one of those major life crossroads for AW. Loads of talent, but has a lot of growing up to do. I wish I always got my way, but...how we deal when we don't is what truly separates the men from the boys.


Listening to Mario today is basically what we thought and said. I do believe everything is cool now.
Mario ain't taking no shyt. Bust your azz everyday. If u let up, it will be pine city.


Miami Hurricanes roster comparison vs A&M - offensive positions:


Sarasota 'cane

So the Bronco’s had Russell Wilson 4th and 5 but they opt for a 64 yard FG attempt? And the time management was awful as well. Worst coaching I’ve seen in a while on Monday Night Football.

Terrance Sullivan

Preach Sota! Yeah and the Denver Head Coach post game presser was even more egregious he. Should be one year and done! Dude is not Head Coaching Material

Terrance Sullivan

My Early Prediction for Saturday Night
Miami 24
Texas A&M 21
Go Canes!

orange 'n green in the vein

Some claim that our destinies choose us and this lends some credence to that idea;


"He actually deleted Twitter at the start of fall camp."

We're back? I wish he'd return for another year no matter how this one plays out but if he's projected top pick of the draft and has his degree, I understand selling high.


The way he’s played in games 1 and 2, I say he’s coming back LOL
He needs to show out Saturday night and then I’ll be sold and so will the scouts
Huge game for home, Mario and the Canes!
Go U!


Well, maybe the problem, is the move back to the pro style type offense. As I said before we don't really have a go to WR, aside from Strepo.
I don't see us running to much, although they will keep trying. Thad has to have a breakout game.
This game will ultimately be in Van Dykes hands.
King is not a great passer but as everybody knows our history against such QB's is terrible. If we can make a kid look like an A-A we will. They have speed everywhere. The LB's and CB's are going to have to show up.


Nice summary Herb!!


Hey 86 When we win next week in Texas, could you please run my photo, from when you and I were at the game, many moons ago?? I would appreciate it, my good friend.

Posted by: MLALUMNI1970 | September 11, 2022 at 03:53 PM

Sure thing. I'll do anything for a buck fity.

Except listen to OGV ramble on. That will cost U $5.


Thanks 86. Do you remember what year it was, and what game it was that you and I went to. CGNC was there too. Filled parking lot and stadium, which was so nice. I flew down from Detroit, you picked me up, etc. A wonderful time was had by all.
I need a national championship before I croak!.
Cheer loudly, boys and girls, if you are going to Texas.


So IF we are struggling offensively this Saturday, does Mario mix it up and put in Garcia for a series or 2 or more?
I’m only asking because IMO, Tyler has not looked comfortable or very good and he looks really slow in the pocket so far this season.
(PS I hope Tyler has a heisman type day and Garcia comes in late as mop up cause we are crushing them - but my hope and reality are two totally different things)

Old Skool

Restrepo out with a foot injury :((


HCMC wants a more physical team all around, so we are not going to get the explosiveness of a Lashlee offense, at least not right off the bat especially after losing Rambo and Harley. I would rather win 24-21 than lose 45-43. Tired of explosive losses.



No Restrepo, dam who will it throw it to. He seems to be the only one who consistently gets open.


Well, this game will be a tough one to judge. I like what Mario is doing, I'm just not sure I like the offensive shift from RPO back to the pro style.Our Oh line is good but still a ways away from being elite. Van Dyke doesn't seem as comfortable as he was last year. Our WR's are who they are going to be, sometimes there, sometimes missing in action.
Our CB's and Lb's the same can be said of them. If Texas A&M switches Qb's to Johnson it would be better offensively for them but who knows. Having home field sways me this game. Until I see the offense open up, no matter how putrid A&M's offense has looked I see it 27-20 For the Aggies. I don't want to feel this way but haven't shaken the past yet.


I don't want to feel this way but haven't shaken the past yet.

Posted by: HerbieIbis | September 16, 2022 at 09:41 AM

I can relate

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