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September 24, 2022



They need to worry about having fun playing football and having fun kicking butt. The future of the program depends on it.

That’s probably my biggest worry about Mario. Not sure if he can teach the kids how to enjoy what they are doing.

I could be wrong, I am wrong a lot but that’s the nagging feeling I have.

Posted by: HillViewCane | September 26, 2022 at 09:49 PM


Every other team I see on Saturday looks like they are having FUN playing football. Miami does not and has not for 15 years. They make football look difficult, challenging and painful.

Mario is not an extremely positive guy. He SEEMS more serious and has his challenges ahead of him but that is why he was hired. So far, NO BUENO.


Well, Mario calls a spade a spade. If u stink, he don't mind saying it.
He wants competition and allot of these hold overs, aren't used to that. Not used to harsh criticism either.
Manny sugar coated everything, Nario ain't that guy.
Players better get a backbone and a short term memory. Unless they get this righted, we could be anywhere from 7-5 to 5-7 and our typical rollercoaster season of highs and lows but nothing but consistently, inconsistant.

58 Straight

Unless they get this righted, we could be anywhere from 7-5 to 5-7 and our typical rollercoaster season of highs and lows but nothing but consistently, inconsistant.

Posted by: HerbieIbis | September 27, 2022 at 06:23 PM

And those results are EXACTLY what Mario was hired NOT to produce. If that is the case we could have stayed staus quo. If better coaching and better game planning and better play calling do not improve this team, then why change?


Well, Soup u are right about all the things u cited but these players ain't excited about this offense. Now it may be a dream for the Oh linemen because Mario loves to run the ball and Mirabal is an excellent coach and Gattis, I guess loves the big ten smashmouth football but we don't have the players at present to run this system nor do I care if we ever run the pro style again, once we hopefully dispose of it for the final time.


Let's see:
Tyler William's picks Georgia
Brown picks LSU
Innis picks OSU
Hakeem William's picks FSU
Andy Jean picks Florida,
All these top WR's and we can't get one.
Not only does Gattis offense system suck, he ain't much better on the recruiting front.

Harry Miller

I love this new Dolphin coach. He looks and acts like he is having fun while he is coaching and teaching the team his approach to football. The players are reacting to him in a positive way, playing all out for him.

Mario needs lighten up a little, laugh a little or at least smile once in a while. He looks like he is not enjoying what he is doing at all. Have some fun or at least act like it, maybe it will rub off on the players and they will have fun playing and want to do better for him.

Maybe I don't know what I am talking about here, but I do know one thing, it sure as hell can't hurt.

Harry Miller

One more thing while I am at it, go back to our last year's spread type offence. Throw the fricken ball around the field, make the defense run their asses off, then run the ball up the middle when safeties are expecting pass and standing back with hands on hips.

Thats what I'm talken about.

Let Gattis go to Georga Tech yesterday. who said that?

The Word From The Herb

Well, yesterday Finbaum called us frauds and today were in college football's bottom 10.
Just think 2 weeks ago we were riding high after squeaking by So. Miss and projected to win the rest of our games, except Clemson, now we are also projected to lose to FSU.
That ain't happening.
U just can't figure out college football anymore
Marshall beats Notre Dame and I think scores 7 this past weekend against a nobody. If your name ain't Bama, Georgia or OSU the rest of the college landscape is on high alert for upsets.
A&M should be 1-3 but alas the football gods have smiled on them because their offense is worst than ours.
The curse of Willis MaGahee will surely abate, it has to at some point. The moment he got hurt, we have never been the same.
If we can ever find a way to get out of our own way we might be back. The word that keeps popping up is Culture. That word has also been a curse to us.
So not only do we the curse of MaGahee but the word culture hanging over us. We haven't broken one in 20 years, how do we break 2?


So, where are we? We have a bye week, which should help with injuries.
I love my school, but I would rather listen on the radio. Can’t bare to watch it anymore.❤️❤️


David Hicks to A&M. Slowly but surely all the top DL Mario was after are going else where. Obviously u can't get them all but having one with roughly a little less than 3 months to go before the early signing period is Not a good sign.
Bain, Wilson & Mpemba are still on the board.



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