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November 17, 2022



Sounds like Jordan Miller is better at basketball.

Dan Tana

Miller is spoke of this wheel. He is that important. Kid plays alot taller and bigger than he is.


Per MH article it appears Key'Shawn Smith is no longer practicing with the team. Slowly the reshaping of the team continues.

Terrance Sullivan

Boom 💥 Go Canes let's get to 4-0 tomorrow as our Canes Play Coach L Alma Mater Providence at 4pm on ESPN NEWS

Old skool

Say Bye-bye to Thad Franklin. He's entered the portal

Old Skool

Franklin, I don't give a damn


Since he walked out of practice, no surprise. That's 2 officially, including Frierson. Assuming Keyshawn Smith is likely, and given parent comments on social media, wouldn't be shocked to see Khaumari Roger's also go. Throw in expectation of Jake Garcia, and we're at 5. As Tony said, only 10 use up eligibility this year. If we had to account for a guess of 25 incoming, which between freshmen and transfers in, and my not remembering if we're at 85 total right now, gives at least 10 more likely to hit the portal, and maybe more. Obviously TVD could well be one of those, but then we'd likely need to bring in a transfer qb with some experience to compete or else we'd have Brown and the incoming freshman as his backup. Now just hoping Fletcher comes in at RB, as the likelihood is it's either FU or UM.

Hoping for something that looks more competitive vs Clemson.


How’s everyone doing ?? Canes on tomorrow afternoon. Can’t wait. I am in Florida now. Lots of snow up north in Michigan. Happy to be out of that cold and snow.
Happy Turkey Day everyone. GO CANES ❤️


Franklin, I don't give a damn
Posted by: Old Skool | November 18, 2022 at 05:18 PM

😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Definitely Old Skool!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

VA Cane

I would rather lose with kids who never give up make mistakes but not excuses...than someone who quits on his team and himself.....he is a quitter and ultimately a loser...I hope that follows him in the portal....quitters learn to lose and losers learn to fail not hate...fact...sorry thats reality!


Man, they are carving up the D! If Kevin can’t stop the O it’s gonna be a long day for them.

VA Cane

Yea a bit of a rough start...their QB has not lived up to billing....lets not make him look like the Heisman winner....
ooops spoke too soon!


Penalties are goi g to be the death of us


Kevin, your D absolutely stinks right now! You can’t defend anything. C’mon man!!

VA Cane

So you run and get 3 second down you miss a wide open guy, third you scramble and make it...but penalty kills you. Penalties are usually from several things...you're getting beat, you are tired or you did not think....we do this quite often...quite often...Penalties come from not adhering to fundamentals...and they have been the death of us since Jan 2003 its been a 19 year affliction....a disease that appears to be terminal...
oops...here we go again


I love these 3 and outs! We definitely don’t look like a D1 school. We just can’t compete. How sad! Illinois did a great job against a powerhouse and at the big house!


Good job Canes!! The D is so good!! We are dominating on the front!!woohoo! I love this game! We are rocking it!


We may not win this game


Man Kevin! Wake the fuck up and make some adjustments! They are wiping your D’s ass with a huge mop!


Josh, you stink too!! You idiot!

VA Cane

Glad you decided that Hillview....I thought you might have been drinking....I was not...but damn it may take some now!!!!!!

That 15 yard roughness penalty is just what I am saying....you are in the other teams bench....THINK it is a fundamental!!!!! Announcer said another young player making mistake....I have young players on my HS team...16 to 18....that is plain stupidity...not thinking!!!!!! We do not think very often!!

That makes me madder than getting beat...mistakes are one thing and we make plenty of them....but wow lets think!!!


Kevin is awesome! He knows how to call a great defensive game, good job bro!! We love your hire and your expertise! You rock bro!! So glad that we have you! You make a definite impact on this team!


Canes up by 12 at the half Vs a good Providence team. This team has so many more weapons than last years Elite 8 team. Tenacious D and rebounding, baby!


I love the passion and grit that the Canes are showing! This has been one of the best games I have ever seen! These Canes and coaching staff know how to game plan, I absolutely love it!! I’m so proud to be a Cane today! Woohoo! Go Canes baby!

VA Cane

Well at least we got a FG....


Man, we are just falling apart, nothing new!


Maryland looks pretty damn good against Ohio. Why in the worl can’t we play like them? Do they have more talent in player personnel and coaching personnel than we do? Hmm?


Well, another non competitive game. Another beat down on TV and we couldn't stop their scrubs at the end.
How about a complete rebuild from the top down.
This is sad. Said it once and will it again, we had enough talent to win 8 games but this coaching staff butchered it from the jump by trying to make this a power offense when we didn't have the personnel to run it. On defense we don't have enough speed in the back 7 and no big time rush Dee end, yet.
Lot of leaks with not enough plugs.
I could stand it a little more if we could move the football but we are unfortunately one of the worst offensive teams in America, high schools are more exciting to watch.
GONE should be both coordinators, plus DB coach. Dump about 15 to 20 players.
We are so bad I don't know how Mario holds this class together.
We play at home next week, where that has been nothing but a house of horrors.
Do I want us to win, yes.
Do I want Pitt to put us out of our misery, hell yes.
I don't think we could score 30 points against UMess.
These are dark times.


Defense showed some fight in the second half. They didn’t quit. That’s an improvement



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