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September 21, 2023


58 Straight

I take back any bad things I said about Larranaga.

I was WRONG!


OhioSU AD says recruits regularly ask for $5,000 just to visit the campus. During the visits, the discussions naturally include how much a student-athlete can expect from the NIL.

These are 17-year-olds whose time is valuable. Why waste time visiting the campus? Have the coaches do a FaceTime walk around then just auction your services to the highest bidder.

Just wondering, at what point does a student-athlete become a mercenary, a QB for hire?

Posted by: Old Skool | September 21, 2023 at 06:49 PM

College football is becoming increasingly cutthroat.

Deion Sanders cut most of the returning 2022 Colorado Buffaloes. They were forced to enter the transfer portal

College players are demanding cash bonuses to come on recruiting trips.

Relationships and NIL are increasingly going to become a premium in the sport.

Just wondering, what would happen if the Ohio State AD revealed the names of all the players who asked for cash bonuses to come on a recruiting visit.


Deion left a lot of wreckage behind.

WR Grant Page
From the Denver Post’s Sean Keeler:

“I couldn’t have stayed (at CU),” Page, the former Buffs and Fairview wide receiver told me Monday. “I really wanted to. They said it was just best for me to leave.”


“It was my position coach,” Page replied.

John Tyson, father of WR Jordyn Tyson
From the Denver Post’s Sean Keeler:

“My thoughts on Deion wouldn’t be good, so I’m not going to say anything,” the elder Tyson, father of former freshman Buffs wideout Jordyn Tyson, another Monday portal entry, told me by phone.

“It’s a bad situation for us as a family, I will say that. And it’s unfortunate, but it’s the nature of the system.”

TE Zach Courtney

For the coaches who are trying to recruit me. I am sorry but I will not be able to get y’all my film from my practices last season since I am not allowed to have it because the head coach at CU won’t allow it. This is very unlucky and if you have any questions just text me!

— Zachary Courtney (@ZacharyCourtn11) April 25, 2023

C Travis Gray
From The Athletic:

“He’s walking with me and said, ‘Hey buddy, you’re going to get cut today. I’m sorry to tell you this. I didn’t want you to hear it from Coach Prime. I wanted you to hear it from my mouth. I didn’t want to cut you, but we had to cut five offensive linemen, and you were the last one,’” Gray told The Athletic on Tuesday evening.

S Jeremy Mack
From The Athletic:

Did players like Mack have the option to stay and not transfer?

“I guess not,” Mack said. “At the end of the day, I knew I did everything I could in my control to play ball. I just took it how I have to take it. It was out of my control.”

And when he arrived at Colorado, he held a team meeting and stated:

Be ready to transfer, the new head coach told them in his first team meeting.

“We got a few positions already taken care of because I’m bringing my own luggage with me,” Sanders said. “And it’s Louis, OK.”

Terrance Sullivan

Let's Go out Beat Temple Convincingly with our health in tact and get heated up for Conference Play in October. Looking forward to our Mens and Women's Basketball Seasons hope we can stay healthy and continue to win at an excellent clip. Go Canes!

Old Skool

Some speculative musings early in the morning.
Assuming there's a limited pot of money and a competition to pay for the best talent ...

Could college coaches' salaries start to decline?
Assuming a coach gets paid $8 million per year, what if I cut it by $2 million and put that into the NIL kitty? Which offers the better outcome? It's the old talent versus coaching debate.

The absolute power of a coach used to be not just winning but putting players into the league. And that power enabled them to stock quality players and have them ride the bench for a few years. The portal started to change that. The NIL could further impact that. Why get second-team money for a couple of years when I could get first-team money now?

Also, I presume the more money becomes central, the more the Moneyball quants (or AI for that matter) can calculate the returns (wins) based upon the percentages paid by position, the right combinations of portal players versus recruits, the various physical metrics like those in the NFL combine, and, as they're 17-year-olds, the likelihood that a 6'4" 250-pound lineman can grow into a 6'5" 340 behemoth.

Could Athletic Departments become like political parties? The parties used to have a lot more power doling out money helping choose and then doling out money to favored candidates. Very wealthy candidates did an end run around the process and now much of the power lies in the candidates themselves rather than the party. I've heard that fundraising for some athletic departments has dropped as donors give directly to the NIL entities. If all I'm interested in is football, why have my donation spread to include lacrosse and rowing?

Finally, if the power shifts more to the players will ADs still need to build lavish football palace dorms or just put the funds into the NIL? Will amenities take a back seat to bank accounts?
There are a lot of the specifics that I don't know regarding how the NILs work, so clue me in if you know. I imagine it's evolving year to year like entertainment law.


Old Skool...the only thing I know is that I should get some NIL $$$ for doing 16 years of hard time here on the blog!

Sarasota 'cane

In all fairness to Deion Sanders Colorado won one game the year before he got there and this year Deion’s team is 3-0. I just watched an interview with Deion and his TE Harrison and he was also told he may want to look around and Harrison said F that, I’m staying! I think that’s what Deion was looking for. He let all the quitters walk. And whenever a “Helicopter Dad” is chiming in that’s always a sign that junior is not getting good counsel.
I expect Colorado to lose on Saturday to Oregon and next Saturday to USC, but if Colorado can win 1 of those games then IMO Colorado is way ahead of schedule for a 1st year coach.

Sarasota 'cane

I have a buddy who’s a Gator fan and he is saying they should go get Deion right now. I was like why would Deion go to UF and what makes you think UF has that kind of clout? That worm Finebaum wrote a column apparently stating the same.
Once again proving that FloriDuh fan thinks they’re Vanderbilt in the classroom and Alabama on the gridiron.


Dam, haven't been able to access canespace. Kept popping up old blogs.
Soup, anything differen?

Should trunk Temple but if weather is lousy, that may help them beat the spread. 34-13.


Let's Go out Beat Temple Convincingly with our health in tact and get heated up for Conference Play in October. Looking forward to our Mens and Women's Basketball Seasons hope we can stay healthy and continue to win at an excellent clip. Go Canes!

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | September 22, 2023 at 04:37 AM

Yes, I want a beat down on Temple for the reasons: 1) Al Golden and 2) Manny Diaz
Yes, I am that person LOL



Sota - I would just say NO to Coach Prime, health issues, too much about himself, yuck

Sarasota 'cane

We used to call that swagger, CNGC! He’s entitled to a few growing pains. I guarantee his schtick will be a lot more humble the next few weeks. Love him or hate him IMO Deion will be a transformational coach in the next few years if he can maintain the same trajectory.
Jimmy Johnson has said himself that the performers were treated differently at UM and Dallas. Coffee is for closers!
And Deion should’ve been a Hurricane.

Old Skool

It appears that Kinchens, Kelly and Mesidor will play today


Sarasota, I’d say that the issue was that with the majority of the players that they didn’t quit. Deion simply cut them.

Many new coaches have done the same, but the difference is no one has ever done it on the scale that Deion did. That’s primarily due to the temporary suspension of the 25 annual scholarship limit. But theoretically, Deion could force out 60-70 players after this season concludes and do it again for 2024. The scholarship limit rule does not become active again until 2025.

That said, if Urban Meyer becomes a HC in the next few months at a program like Baylor I expect him to do the same thing. Deion set an awful precedent.


Furthermore, Deion’s transformation of a Colorado is smoke and mirrors. It only works during a window when you can cut almost an entire team and replace it in the off-season. If he was forced to build it gradually, that’s where the wheels fall off. His gimmick - and I’ll call it that - is in a sense like Butch Davis or Nick Saban. He simply put talents his opponents. He transformed Jackson State into a power JUCO school, then brought in 78 transfers, a very good QB (Shedeur), and Travis Hunter to overwhelm a horrible Nebraska team and an inferior Colorado State squad.

Put him as head coach of Vanderbilt and little of this success happens. He’s been very strategic at this and props to him for it. But I can’t stand the ethics of the mass releases, not refusing to honor the commitments of the 2023 signing class after the Colorado AD begged them not to decommit.


Tony - agree!

Sota - Swagger - doesn't age well on a 56-y-o-man wearing a hoodie and conducting interviews with sunglasses IJS

Sarasota 'cane

It’s gameday so I’m done with Deion. As previously stated I think Colorado comes back to earth today in Oregon.
Success for UM today will be getting the backups in by the 4th quarter, no later than halfway through the 4th quarter.

Go ‘canes!


BTW, anyone notice last week's OT win by Miami of OH over Cincinnati? Makes the solid dominant game 1 win a little nicer than many might realize.

58 Straight

1) Al Golden and 2) Manny Diaz
Yes, I am that person LOL

Posted by: CGNC | September 22, 2023 at 02:56 PM

Don't look now but Al Golden is the DC of #9 Notre Dame and Manny Diaz is the DC at #7 Penn State.

58 Straight

Nore Dame is ranked #4 in total defense.

Penn State #16

Miami #18

Old Skool

If you haven't seen the Aussie rollout punt in today's Rutgers Michigan game, it's worth it


Old Skool

Thad Franklin's stats for the year at Louisiana Monroe 6 carries 11 yards 1 TD 1.8 rushing average

58 Straight


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