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November 18, 2023



No. I don't expect that he will...


Well, I'm glad somebody else said we are getting beat by nobodies because that is a fact. How do we keep playing down to the comp I'll never know. This conference was the worst move we have ever made. The word mediocre comes to mind. None of these teams, aside from Clemso and for a time FSU have been able to sustain any consistent level of success. It has us bogged down. Supposedly, we have the 14th most talent roster in the country but thru coaching blunders, stupid penalties, Injuries, inept QB play, lack of speed, sorry officiating and not recruiting certain positions hard enough, plus sorry tackling and lastly conservative play calling, any of those have cost us. No way in he'll this team should be 6-5. Each game we reinvent ways to lose. It sucks!

Terrance Sullivan

Mario Cristofraud Strikes Again!

grape drank

Long established UM athletic department culture. Period.

orange 'n green in the vein

Miami matches up a little better in the trenches against BC than Louisville by comparison. One team is going to get a win off a straight up loss to end their streak of them before the postseason, Hurricanes might be it. ACC pulling the rug on this potential money rivalry is another nail in the coffin of the dying league, can't wait to spit on its grave. Dallas at least can be a fun road game destination for the interim going forward, speaking of which:

"Posted by: DallasTX Cane | November 18, 2023 at 04:56 PM"

Another year of roster turnover will only make the foundation finally show some fruits of the labor setting it for them. Dorsey doesn't want to walk through that door, and I don't blame him, who needs snowflakes to rely on to do what you tell them to?

Basketball season only going to get more interesting as it goes on this year it looks like, having four potential double-double threats, Poplar-Omier-Cleveland with points and rebounds, Pack by way of points and assists if his teammates are on shooting tears, in the core rotation means they're a tough task to get a win against every night they're interested in winning the majority of the their defensive assignments in the man to man scheme they don't want to ditch if at all possible.


Tired of the mouthbreathing on our sidelines yet? []_[]

I might need a dictionary to read OGV posts, but I'm damn good with a Ti86. The data is suggesting Orgeon is beyond thanking us at this point. []_[]

DallasTX Cane

Posted by: 58 Straight | November 18, 2023 at 09:12 PM

Yes Sir, I am! Like us all…

58 Straight

DTX...Irealize I was a little harsh on the beaver last night, but I was frustrated beyond all recognition. I am tired of making excuses for, and other people making excuses for, our Miami Hurricanes football team. Lesser teams beat better teams every Saturday in football and yet in most games WE are the better team on paper but lose to lesser teams too many times.

One glaring example was the offensive play calling for UM at the 4 yard line near the end of the game to tie it up at 38. Are you telling me that U don't have 1-2 plays that are your got to, completely unstoppable plays at the goal line? Those four plays were a snapshot of Miami's season. Weak, weaker, dumb and losing.

Another example was when on defense two Miami players had absolutlely no situational awareness, no field of vision, no idea where each was and ran into each other knocking both to the ground and out of the play with concussions. Miami is the only team where two players can give each other concussions on what should have been a non-contact play. Then Kinchens, who clearly is not cooking with grease, gets juked along the sideline and misses the tackle allowing the WR to run unimpeeded into the end zone for a TD.

It is these type of plays that leave U just shaking your head and wondering why, why, why? Or maybe trying to find what sin Miami committed along the way to be cursed this badly for this long. A six year stretch and two bad coaches? OK, maybe. A twenty year stretch and five coaches later and still sucking, no way!

I would love to believe that next year Miami will be undefeated and win the National Championship and Mario will be a true hero and make me eat my words. But after the last 20 years of wanting to think or believe the same exact thing I am just a tad tarnished on that thought.


Look at the bright side.

No one can complain this year that UM failed again to finish first in the ACC Coastal Division.


What a time I am having! Watching my Detroit Lions ahead of the Chicago Bears 14 - 13 and Miami Hurricanes ahead 15 - 6 in the Bahamas!! Wonderful! Love Norchad Omier!🟧🟩💚🟩


Hey 86! How about posting this old broad’s picture, from decades ago??
Still going back and forth between Canes in the Bahamas and my Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Bears lead by 5 with less than 2 minutes to play!💙🩶💙🩶


So sad about Rosalyn Carter passing away today. I think she was 96 and Jimmy Carter is still alive. God bless both of them and may she rest in peace.❤️


Legendary College Football Program (UM) Draws Embarrassing Crowd For Senior Day


Terrance Sullivan

Canes Hoops beat Kansas State in Baha Mar 🇧🇸 Championship Game. 91-83 to improve to 5-0. Nigel Pack and Norchad Omier led the way and we finally got legitimate bench contributions. Pack was named Tournament MVP and Wooga Poplar also made all Tournament Team! Go Canes.


Pack and Poplar were on fire from 3 point land, hitting over 50%. Great first half by the team, making a late KSU run too little too late.

Terrance Sullivan

Correct JCane!


The curse is from The Fiesta Fiasco 2003......we have never recovered from it we have died as a program...they went into the game thinking OSU were cupcakes we cannot lose...OSU outplayed us....and the call at the end destroyed the program.....we will never be back...The Cocaine Cowboys era is done the great years are gone...Mario is fat and soft...I would rather have Oregons coach...intensity.....we are a bad football team...future dim...we suck


I know talent I have coached talent....the talent coming here is way over rated...it is not top tier...it is bad.....has been bad for 20 years they suck....we do not recruit good....we have average players who do not develop....we are average at best we suck!....talent is not there coaching not there we are bad very bad!


Fans not there.
We suck?


58 - your last post was spot on and excellent and most of us agree (including me of course).
It appears we recruit south Florida talent and the coaches refuse to coach to their strengths - instead we are playing boring Mario offense!
Lastly, maybe we will get lucky and Mario will resign suddenly like richt did! Then we have to hope our idiot, lazy AD chooses the right guy!!
PS TVD is slow afoot and slow at his reads and not a leader! Mario should have known this after last season and went out and gotten a proven portal qb and who cares if TVD transferred out! A true leader would of done anything to of scored at the end when we had 1st and goal; a true leader would of taken us downfield against the noles to at least tie it (ie not throw an int)etc


Cam Rising... Throw some NIL cash at him...🙌🏼


Posted by: DallasTX Cane | November 18, 2023 at 04:56 PM

Nice post! I can see a better team than last year. Not translating into as many wins as I would like but still an improvement.

86 - you know what happened to us. We had too many years of Shalala emasculating the sports programs, then she was finally gone and we had her last hire Blake James as AD and now he is mercifully gone. This last hire is the first time the school has opened its wallet and gotten us a decent AD and coach. It has truly been a trail of tears for us but I have decided to remain optimistic. This is my team. if they play hard and don't quit they deserve our support. IMHO

We have been in most games, sometimes we win them and some times we don't.

This game, our starting corner was out and 3 starting D-linemen which is a lot to overcome along with the refs swallowing their whistles. The roughing the passer on Bain was a joke and a total flop job by Plummer. I see the team playing hard and caring about what they do. I believe this will get better.


LOL I have to laugh at Aero - can't keep his contempt for TVD on the d-low and VA always mentions the Fiesta from way back. You two are like money in the bank with that.

It's all good. GO CANES


Amen, It’s All GOOD. It is what it is. Support our team. I remember that awful Donna Shalala. She damn near ruined Miami sports, for good. How did we ever let her get away with it?? At least she’s gone. But, it will happen again, if we don’t pay attention. Coaches are making too much money, I think.
What’s new with Ken Dorsey?? I wonder how much money he was paid per year, at Buffalo. Anyone know??
Let’s cheer our players, up in Boston. It gets cold up there and the wind is blowing all the time, especially by Old Ironside.
Bring home a nice win.
My Detroit Lions won, and play Green Bay packers on Thanksgiving. Tradition.
Great basketball game by the Canes, yesterday.🟧🟩🧡💚


I will be going to Florida on November 29th for the winter and spring. Seriously thinking about selling my place. Oceanfront, 3 bed 3 bath, Satellite Beach, on the Atlantic Ocean, just south of Cape Canaveral, where all the rockets go off. 2330 sq ft. Maintenance is $900 a month. Hope t get 1.2 million. Simply breathtaking, with only sand and ocean in front of me. Oceana Oceanfront 1045 A1A.
What about our Canes this weekend?? Boston is a great city to visit and walk around. Go Canes 🟧🟩🧡💚 Win one for this old broad, Class of 1970.

Dan Tana

Miami Hurricane Mens Basketball: Ranked #10

The program continues to rise.

Kentucky next.

Terrance Sullivan

Dan Tana exactly but since it’s not an underachieving, underperforming, Trainwreck it gets 5% of the press and attention which is laughable but I appreciate the 5% of Press and Fans that support this well run Canes Hoops Program!

dan tana


UM basketball program has been my single source of alumni pride over the last 15 years and counting....for the most part, exciting as all get out.

I find the basketball games to be a great source of heart stress.....in a good way.

Yes, Coach L and staff are fantastic. We will not lose because of poor in game coaching decisions or lack of adjustments.....teams will just have to beat us or catch us on a bad shooting day.

Terrance Sullivan

Correct Dan Tana

Old Skool

Must feel good to be Nigel Pack now. He transferred from K-State. On Sunday he dumped 28 points on them and was named Baha Mar tournament MVP

Old Skool

From the SS

Last year, Miami’s top pass-catcher was current NFL tight end Will Mallory, who racked up 538 receiving yards and three touchdowns,

Jeff and Brian Brohm's group of tight ends racked up 113 receiving yards and two touchdowns on 10 catches against Miami.

For comparison, the Hurricanes’ tight ends have a combined 12 catches for 107 yards and one score in 11 games this season.


Skool, the lack of use of tight ends is mind boggling, I just don't get it

Sarasota 'cane

Posted by: MLALUMNI 1970 | November 20, 2023 at 04:52 PM

Sounds like a potential pocket listing for Soup! Get on it!

orange 'n green in the vein

The large first half lead enabled Miami to get Omier defensive minutes for about half his game total at the 4 instead of mismatched at the 5 with KSU's taller and longer front court. Finished with only 3 fouls, about one every 10+ minutes of time on the court, just like you draw it up.

Getting a shot at the bluest of blue blood programs in a marquee game will be a great test of spotlight performance up and down the rotation. They'll have to go bigger off the bench for sure because Kentucky has a wide selection of rangy guards who can spot in the small forward spot for them no problem so getting them outpaced in transition for most of a home game may not be something they can hope to do successfully.

DallasTX Cane

Posted by: CGNC | November 20, 2023 at 02:17 PM

Thanks CGNC. Feels like we’ve been typing the same old crap for eons now. Reality is that no major program has handled rebuilding AND all the changes in college football worse than our CANES. The sanctions + poor coaching hires cannot be underestimated - basically a decade long death sentence in terms of relevance. Then we missed the bus with the arms race of $$, facilities, and modernizing (promotions, relevance to younger generation etc). The hiring of Mark Richt, even though he didn’t deliver the promised land, saved the Program. Then the hysterical panic over Manny set us back yet again long term. All the while changes to the landscape were happening that threaten to relegate us to 2nd tier forever.

Is Miami an academic school that fields a decent football team typically and a good one every 4 years or so, like a Virginia, UNC or Stanford? Or is Miami a football power that is perennially top 20 with top 5 runs? I know what the answer is to that question right now, but the real answer won’t be known until the conference jumping stops and settles into the final “nfl light” superconferences. I feel like that day is close with only fsu and maybe a couple others like Clemson still in flux. CANES are giant unknown.

Happy Thanksgiving to U all!

Be thankful - we are all much blessed! And, if U r old enough to remember the late 70’s, when the Herald (and the U) debated dropping U football altogether… be thankful for all the championships and glory that followed. Better than no football at all and better than most other programs ever had


HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Eat a helping of everything for me. I am going out to eat with friends, but sad that so many people have to work in the restaurants.
Then back to Miami sports and my Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving. The annual Lions/Green Bay Packers football game in Detroit. Be safe, if you are all on the road driving. ❤️🧡💚🩶💙


Hearing Rumblings that Jamil Burroughs is in the Doghouse and may be on his way out!! Anyone heard anything about this??



Wouldn't doubt it. I think he had some problems at Bama. It ain't like we got a bunch of hogs on the deeline, maybe 3 over 300. They can't recruit consistently big DT's but we can get some 280's.

Terrance Sullivan

Happy Thanksgiving Canespace Family!


Also wishing all Canespacers a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

58 Straight


VA Cane

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and your families...we are one big funny family eh?

Game on 12 pm UM 9 point favorite...both 6-5....very mediocre teams...I can see BC being average...but we have also been average for 20 years....I really think the teams after KD11 were not that good...there was still some talent but we have never had a real productive QB that was a leader....and dont anyone dare say Kaaya, Jascory, or Morris...good kids not real QBS!!!!! KD11 did not have a strong arm, he was not real mobile, he had a wack delivery, and never made it in the NFL....but damn he was a leader who made others better big time. He had great talent around him, but he was smart and led the team...he and Ed Reed were coaches on the field.

I always hope for better...but hope/wish in one hand and S**T in the other and see which one fills up first! IJS!

I always pull for us to get better, but I do not see much improvement in the next few years.

Its like a brand new Rock T shirt....its great it shines but eventually it fades so much you cannot see the original print...thats us!!!!

The only thing that has been constant for the past 20 years are The Rolling Stones!!!!...and they are going out on tour in 2024...I'll be in The ATL June 7th!...hell they been doing it 62 years in 2024!!! Canes could take a lesson in consistency from them!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all enjoy good food family and football!!!

Thanks for the nice comments CGNCPa.....you keep this crazy house sane....bless you!!

Go Canes hoops!!

Sarasota 'cane

Happy Thanksgiving Canespace!


Hope Thanksgiving to everyone. Hope you and yours ate to your hearts content! ! What is new with our Miami Hurricanes? Maybe it will be just basketball!

58 Straight


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