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March 12, 2024


Terrance Sullivan

Excellent Series for our Miami Hurricanes


How are all our Canespacers doing these days?? I am old, have trouble getting around. But, I am moving from my condo to a house in Satellite Beach, FLl. Has a pool and is very nice. Condo is way too expensive for me now. Monthly maintenance alone is $1100 a month, and I can’t afford it anymore. Wish me luck, everyone. Hope our football team kicks some serious ass this year!🟩🟧💚🧡


What, no post game analysis?


UM men's basketball?

No height, no depth, no good.

Ten straight losses to end the season. That must be a record. UM's worst ACC season ever?

Coach Larranaga? He is the king of small ball and big excuses.


First 2 games against UNC are W's, taking tonight's game 2-1.


Miami gave up 6 FG's to UNC and got lambasted 18-6. The heels hit 7 bombs. Needless to say something needs to change with Sunday starter. Gave up 14 runs last Sunday.

Old Skool

Parrish gonna run to the portal
Hope it's a sign of overwhelming competition particularly with Fletcher and Citizen working their way back


Canes Basketball Transfer Portal Tracker | Michael Nwoko And Bensley Joseph Make It Four Total Transfers

Looks like the scrubs are all leaving Coach L and the U.


UM Men's Hockey are National Champs



Perhaps, its time to finally end the "Coach L-ollapalooza" here at UM. Let's face it. This act is getting old.


Correct me if I'm wrong...
Wasn't UMiami Men's Basketball in the NCAA FINAL FOUR one year ago?
IMHO I think Coach L. should continue coaching for The U, and remain in Coral Gables as long as he wants.
We just had too many injuries this year.


I figured that it wouldn't long before one the "Coach-L-can-do-no-wrong" apologists would spring to his defense.

Okay, fair enough.

But late in the season, didn't Coach L blame his PLAYERS for not "stepping up" this year? In my opinion that is inexcusable. Doesn't he take ANY of the blame for UM having such a bad team this year - especially after he over-hyped it's prospects earlier in the season?

Sad to say, but some injuries to some key players prevented us from making the Big Dance again this year. That is UNDERSTANABLE. However, a record breaking 10 straight losses to end the season. By any standard, that is UNACCEPTABLE.

Yes, I agree that injuries hurt us this year. However, what hurt us more was a lack of height and a lack of depth.

Who's fault is that?

Apparently, you want him to be anointed the men's basketball "Coach for Life" at UM. That's fine, I guess. I respect your opinion and your zeal for UM basketball.

Nevertheless, I am reminded of these lyrics from the Kenny Rogers song, The Gambler.

You've got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away.

Part of the responsibility of leadership is knowing when its time to step aside so others can lead.

"So [Coach L], if you don't mind my sayin'
I can see you're out of aces."
It's time to "fold 'em" and "walk away" from the game.

orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: CGNC | March 19, 2024 at 01:53 PM"

It is 'only' an AAU title, but, still, not too shabby for essentially a club team. Do they plan on attempting to graduate the program into the NCAA championship division of the sport any time soon do you know? Quinnipiac is the defending NCAA national champion, they can't be that far behind them, can they?


Baseball with 2 nice series wins against ranked ACC teams, but without enough killer instinct, or pitching, to win the game 3 of either to get a much needed series sweep.

Football with Parrish now entering the portal, rumored to be heading back to his former school, Ole Miss. Still, about 6 over the limit and with some need when the portal opens again in a few weeks, who else goes? A few WRs who didn't or barely played last yr I'd think of 1st.


More news on the men's basketball team . . .

"Another one bites the dust".


Katie Meier, Miami's coach for the last 19 seasons, announces her retirement

Katie Meier, who led Miami to 10 NCAA tournaments and guided the Hurricanes to the Elite Eight last season, announced her retirement from coaching on Thursday.

Meier, the 2011 Associated Press national coach of the year who had four years remaining on her contract with the Hurricanes, will remain with the university as a special adviser and ambassador for the athletic department.

Meanwhile, to quote Sonny and Cher, for "Old Coach L" THE BEAT GOES ON.

orange 'n green in the vein

Shopping list for next year;


Can't play him at the end of the games with how poor he shoots free throws but he's the perfect running partner to move Omier out of the five to at least the four if he returns.


You can play him at the end of the games and he's the perfect player to move Omier even farther down to the three where he's ideal to start and play heavy rotation minutes. Coral Gables can compete with Malibu for campus attractiveness so you can get the best players off of bad teams like Pepperdine to improve UM's bad team to be a good one again, but get in line because everyone's trying to pitch these players on their programs.


Can't imagine a better way to welcome this terrible program fit to the league than taking off their best role player turned star from last year's team and keeping him in the league just a coast away and a world of step up in quality of life.


Defensively the team lost so many man to man match ups consistently last season that a rim protector not being in the regular minute rotation got exposed constantly. Lots of years left potentially in college for this player to help fix that.


Tweener size, can't play him at the end of games with a lead due to the free throw conversion struggles yet, but you might be able to polish something up in his game, despite all that, a needed post size upgrade candidate.


Another late game free throw weak spot potentially, Drexel was a good but not a great squad last year and he can use a bigger stage to try and prove his defensive game can handle deeper talent pools in his league. He'd still be a front court needed upgrade despite the drawbacks as a free throw contest participant.


We're deep into tweener sized additions at this level, but this one could be a correct answer, showed great leaps in production the last two years and may be able to not miss much of a beat jumping to a much tougher conference.

That's the seven big front court transfer market addition potentially out there to land, in descending order from greatest to most limited potential help they can offer; get two and win, more to win bigger.

Terrance Sullivan

Excellent Stuff OGV!

Old Skool

Pringle is a Cane. 2025 Armwood RB with 10.56 speed in 100 meters


Soon we will be RBU again


Canes avoided being swept by the Irish by winning 12-10.


Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | March 20, 2024 at 08:46 AM

I don't know if they plan on graduating the team to a higher level, would be cool if they did

58 Straight

Look, a Hassan sighting!



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