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March 05, 2024


DallasTX Cane

Nice article 86. Hope the boys are really flying around out there this spring. Numero Uno says I!


Kings of Spring DTC!

DallasTX Cane

And I voted! U got any awards for doing civic duty??


Nice article Soupster!

Yeah... QB room looks stacked!

Besides Cam W., looking forward to seeing the other newbees, Puff-n-Pass, and Judd A.

Also hoping for some improvement from Dawson... REALLY seemed too conservative, and confused on the sidelines in a few games. (How about using a tight end for more than blocking occasionally, eh?)

But as always, it's going to be the play of the BIG UGLIES on both sides of the ball that determines whether our Canes make the top 12. Gotta get meaner and more disruptive!

Let's Go CANES!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼



orange 'n green in the vein

In the prototypical game standing in for a season result, Pack struggled with his shot coming off of injury going 0% conversion, played 14 of the first 16 minutes, got hurt again with UM up by 10 on what was uncalled as a foul and not even reviewed to be upgraded to flagrant 1 which BC enjoyed in the 2nd half as a visiting gift (91%+ win probability if you eat that stuff up as reality), finished with a 3:1 assist to turnover ratio anyway; which led to Joseph continuing to play every game this year taking over point guard duties, who then closes out the game with a 1:2 assist to turnover ratio as Miami lost by 10 in a 20 point swing to blow senior night in the final 24 minutes. Just another reason any player with eligibility should come back if they can again. Nwoko played much better this time out and didn't have the refs try and run him off the court, George shot well and the rest maybe caught a dreaded Wednesday night South Beach nightlife flu strain? Final exam pride check Saturday, hope Pack finds the same rejuvenation machine Omier did last postseason, he's been fun to watch.


Eight straight losses! From the NCAA final four to the ACC cellar door. Not good!


OGV, I liked Nwoko last night. All players should come back, who can. Looking forward to next season and hopeful that they can win a game or two in the Tourney


Nice article 86! Glad to hear that about Emory Williams and all of the guys flying around LOL

orange 'n green in the vein

No Pack no chance, Hamilton's a hell of a coach, uh-huh, but also;

Omier comes up three rebounds shy to close out the regular season in order to average 9.96 a game for the year, which would have rounded up to 10, and resulted in a second legit double double average in the ACC for him with points and rebounds for his two seasons at Miami. Going to miss him when he's gone, wish he'd play the three for a season in Coral Gables on the floor because teams solved the riddle of him at the five this year. Joseph went 1 : 1.75 assist to turnovers this game, can't win with that. Team didn't share the ball well and turnovers killed them, all year, but especially over the last month. Poplar getting banged up lowered the team ceiling and injuries then kept them grounded in the top of the rotation, sometimes it happens, they will be better, next year.


As always we love your basketball updates and analysis. Do really think we will be better next year or are you figuring we can’t be worse? I really think coach L made a huge strategic mistake not getting a true center this year. Let’s see if he learns from his mistake or is too old to change his habits.

orange 'n green in the vein

Coming in to the season they failed to replace


this on the team from the final four and relied on Joseph making a leap from useful reserve to legit star to replace the league player of the year. A 50% increase in minutes per game led to Joseph shooting worse from the field and struggling from three point range so much that he ended up back to the bench to begin games, which is justified and shows how hard it is to replace league mvp's if you doubted that for whatever reason. Next year they're going to try and replace the lack of replacement this year with #1 in black in this game;


Plus Joseph may actually be ready for the bigger role with one season of it not really being the best answer of him as the primary ignition key if he minimizes mistakes. Nwoko will have a year of collegiate development to rely on, or Casey can make a jump into a bigger role because he's due now. No reason you can't use them both and the double double machine on the floor if the three point shooting progresses even more for UM's best player like it did last off season. Omier led them this season in points, rebounds and blocks, and he's prototypical sized for a burly small forward playing essentially two positions too short defensively. Last question for his game as a pro is can he cut down on the turnovers while still being the most dominant player in the game night in and out in college enough to stick in a rotation professionally? Everyone who averaged 30+ minutes/game this season missed at least one game and as many as seven, except for Joseph, so the bench has to have a much greater role in the last half of next season particularly. They also have no seniors, everyone can return for at least one more go when this postseason wraps up and if they retain all four juniors who can avoid the injury bug hopefully, they'll be just fine and the media can try and down play the league when Miami wins it again. Retain the roster, all the 30+ minute average a night players play more like 25 minutes a night, and the current 10-23 minute a night averaging players bump that up closer to 20-25 as a rotational group each, it is very doable with the best recruit in modern program history, sure.

58 Straight


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