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March 27, 2024


Terrance Sullivan

I Love This So Much Canesspace Family!


My first game with Raize was Tampa Stadium, tailate grilling, Captain Morgan spillin'.....
Was this the scene of the infamous chainsaw incident......?

58 Straight

Native, we were at Wekiva Island where we went kayaking. The Chainsaw incident I believe occurred at Wekiva River State Park just a stone's throw away. Ranger Rick said: "Sir, we don't do that here."

58 Straight

In photo #2, that is the tumbler that was gifted by Sarasota Cane. Much thanks!


All the Canespacers I have ever met have been super cool party people

Old Skool

Brings back the memories.

in other news, looks like the Canes have grabbed a 6'10' center from Va Tech in the portal. Much needed. Hope he delivers

orange 'n green in the vein

Lynn Kidd is from Gainesville, which means depending on where he went to Clemson as a freshman from, I may have to have a new favorite basketball team player. He can be dominant but also vanishes from time to time, better conditioning is a need but depending on how George fills out if he comes back, could move a returning Omier to at least the 4, if not the ideal 3 spot in the rotation.


Hope everyone ate some chocolate on Easter, besides church, family, friends, and food.
Can’t wait for football season to begin! So boring without it. But, I always get my hopes up, to be greatly disappointed. I am 75 years old and I need a great season, desperately, like all of you.
I remember, fondly, when I flew down from Michigan, and went to a game with 86. Had so much fun, meeting all of you.💚🧡🟩🟧



orange 'n green in the vein

This guy is in the portal now, don't want to run him out there with four guards and expect him to the be only offensive board crasher but he's got enough bulk to take post defensive assignments that a potentially returning Omier got his lunch money stolen off of the previous season where a new post pairing partner for Norchad would probably hold their own, can't hurt to kick the tires on this prospect;


orange 'n green in the vein

Another transfer portal target that would increase the ceiling of next year to unlimited, free throw struggles means you have to sub offense for defense with late leads for him however, he's the most proven collegiate post prospect available this offseason though despite that:


Old Skool

Brandon Johnson 6'8" transfer from ECU has committed to the Canes

Terrance Sullivan


orange 'n green in the vein

Omier can now opt to return and move over to small forward where he will win most man assignments defensively, if they can go nine deep with Cleveland and Poplar returning while retaining George, they can hang up another banner in the home arena very soon.

Johnson was the best player on a bad team last season but can fill up the bucket. He's had a few outstanding rebounding effort games against lower level competition and shoots well enough at the line you can keep him in games late with a lead trying to land wins in the column. Solid addition for a year in the front court.


Old Coach L, the KING of SMALL BALL, has finally recruited a couple of much needed BIG MEN for our basketball team. Yes, indeed, this is good news.

Perhaps, this proves that an OLD dog can still learn NEW tricks.


I would like to that thank the academy and the Hollywood foreign press..... LOL.

In all seriousness 86, I appreciate the kind words. I told you before that the people i have met here (on-line or in person) have been (if i can use a catchphrase from TSully) - OUTSTANDING.

I would not have made it though many a football seasons if I didn't have this website and freindships made. It was great knowing I wasn't the only one depressed these last 15 or so years. With that being said, i look forward to another 15 years.... and hopefully some natty's to go with it. PEACE


Noel, it has been a pleasure knowing you all of these years. Many good times, and some hard losses, have come along the way. I wouldn't trade it for anything! Another Natty would be nice, kinda like icing on the cake, but I ain't holding my breath.

Anyway, it has been an OUTSTANDING journey all the way!


Old Skool is on deck.



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