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May 23, 2024


58 Straight

Lookie there. Canes baseball with just a little magic still left, pulling out an 8-7 win over Clemson, meaning UM advance out of their pool as an 11 seed over the 7 and 2 seeds.

Posted by: JCane | May 23, 2024 at 02:44 PM

I was looking!


Finally getting to watch some Cane Baseball.
ACC Network is not Cane friendly.....
Next up Semi finals......
Go Canes.....


Canes will get Duke on Sat in the ACC semi

Old Skool

NCAA settles $2.8 billion lawsuit. The ramifications are just beginning

That decision leaves open the possibility that athletes who are part of the settlement class in the House case — any Division I athlete going back to 2016 — could opt out if they believe that the Fontenot case might deliver more money to them. The formula used in the House case calls for schools to share about 22 percent of their revenue with players; that number is far below what is provided by the major professional sports leagues, which have agreed to share about 50 percent of revenues with players.

Ramogi Huma, a longtime advocate of college athletes, said that more will become known about the settlement when it is presented to the judge, Claudia A. Wilken. “But I don’t see a settlement in this case as anything that would pass for comprehensive reform,” he said.

The settlement has two components: back pay from name, image and licensing revenue that were denied to players before the rule change three years ago, including revenue from football broadcast rights; and a framework for paying athletes for those rights going forward.

What is unclear is who will get paid and how much.

The $2.8 billion in damages is tied to revenue generated almost exclusively by major conference football and men’s basketball, whose athletes represent one class of plaintiffs. Another class is women’s basketball players in the major conferences. And the final class is everyone else.

Going forward, the settlement means that schools could set aside about $20 million each to pay their athletes as soon as the 2025 football season.

Want more info. This is from the NYTimes


Middle 8th, Canes coming to bat, Cuvet up 1st, tied at 2, and Cuvet still responsible for UM O with a 2 run HR as one of only 2 hits for the U so far. Good news is Duke isn't hitting much better thus far, with 3 hits. A win, although I have no expectations, would earn a match-up manana with FSU for the ACC championship, a chance to get to 500, and a bid for the post-season. I guess one could say there is something to play for, huh?


Oops. Meant Duke up B8


And in traditional Canes baseball fashion this season, Duke with a 2 run shot to take a 4-2 lead, still bottom 8.


Keep bringing in new pitchers just to give up fingers, and we're still in B8, now down 6-2 and needing a miraculous 9th.


Make that 7-2. Maybe the miracle would he getting the 3rd out. Now 8-2. Think I'm gonna find something else to do. 'Night all.

Old Skool

Alexa Noel won the NCAA tennis tournament


Alexa Noel won the NCAA tennis tournament
Posted by: Old Skool | May 26, 2024 at 10:42 AM

I SAW that! AWESOME for Alexa and The 🙌🏼 Tennis program!

Old Skool

Blue Devils bedevil the Canes. Baseball season over.

VA Cane

The ruling by courts on college sports will ruin the game we love....excessive NIL already has it on life support......I think it could have been solved long ago by paying each kid a fair stipend...pay for school, books, housing, feed them....give each kid $3,000.......this money is way out of control. In excess it is the root of all evil.

RIP Big Red Bill Walton....gone at 71....what a legend!

I figure we will be about the same as usual on the field.....looking at the schedule.....hmmmm..it looks as if it is easy....my HS teams might win a couple of these....but we will find a way to screw up a easy schedule We will lose to Duke FSU Ville...we should beat Cuse Wake Ball FAM...that puts us 4-3.......GT VT SF Cal FL....SF VT GT had same record....Cal 6-7...and FL even though it had a losing record....its FL a rival and in their place...so at 4-3....we could go 9-3 at best with these 5 games...or we could go 4-8.....7-5 8-4...most likely.....but maybe MC gets it together this year....we will see...another hom hummer it looks like....but hey ya never know!!!!

Soup....hows the bus...last I remember it had to be towed back home...

Hey maybe the NCAA will go back to the 70s and pay me some money for my 2 years at VT...lol...hope springs eternal!!!

Hope you all are well and safe!!!! My 3 granddaughters (3, 7, 8.5) keep me hopping!!!!

Old Skool

Ted Cruz speaking about college athletics

On the other hand, where we are now in college athletics is the Wild West. We have wide-open bidding wars. We have athletes moving from school to school to school and not having any loyalty to any institution. Not having the esprit de corps of the fan base and the alumni base. We have a real risk of chaos ensuing and fundamental damage occurring to college athletics, which would be a travesty.

The current path we’re on could very quickly lead to a handful of super schools with virtually unlimited budgets having all the best talent and the other schools left not able to be competitive, which does real damage to the quality of athletics overall. It’s no fun to watch an N.B.A. team play a J.V. team. For sports to be fun, you need some kind of parity where you have a real contest. There is also, I fear, a serious risk of all of the focus being on major conferences, football and basketball, and women’s sports being neglected, nonrevenue sports being neglected. One of the most important things about college sports is that it has provided an avenue for thousands upon thousands of young men and young women to be able to get a college education who would not otherwise have gotten a college education. And I think it is critically important that we preserve and protect that path.

Old Skool

More Cruz

If student athletes are treated as employees, that would ultimately hurt the student athletes. There are all sorts of restrictions that fall upon employees. Employees can be terminated at will in many instances. We should not have student athletes losing their scholarship simply because they dropped too many passes. Employees have all sorts of restrictions in terms of work, in terms of overtime, in terms of the conditions of employment. I’m quite certain the two-a-days that I ran in high school would not comply with OSHA.

Old Skool

Expect some battles of the $2 Billion NCAA settlement

The settlement in House v. N.C.A.A., which must be approved by a federal judge, has two main components whose full details are not yet public. Both components could invite scrutiny under Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school that accepts federal funding, according to lawyers and legal scholars who have followed the case.

One of those components looks forward: Schools would be allowed to set aside around $20 million per year, beginning in the fall of 2025, to pay both male and female athletes. The other looks back: It would essentially allow for back pay of name, image and likeness rights dating to 2016 — largely a share of television revenue from football and men’s basketbal

Old Skool

Woohoo Unlimited Transfers without penalty. College football will become even more of a revolving door

A consent decree announced Thursday makes that policy change permanent, allowing athletes to transfer an unlimited number of times without penalty. It also requires the NCAA to restore a year of eligibility for current athletes who missed a year of competition since 2019-20 due to the old policy.

58 Straight


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