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May 08, 2024


Terrance Sullivan

Boom 💥 Go Lady Canes


JD is not the answer for the Canes. This has to be one of the more pathetic teams Miami has fielded in years. Got some injuries, sure but the pitching just plain sucks. Same 3 weekend starters, pretty much all season. Gage started out rough but has gotten better but the other 2, Nah. Why not give some other dudes a chance, it couldn't be any worse. Aside from a couple guys, hitting has been up some but mostly way down. A bunch not hitting their weight.

58 Straight


Gators SUCK!


Yeah Baby!


Florida tennis coach called it: "...but at the end it came down to a few little things and Miami was just ruthless at the end and you have to credit them in how they competed.”

Need to hear that kind of description for our "other" sports... RUTHLESS COMPETITORS!



Need to hear that kind of description for our "other" sports... RUTHLESS COMPETITORS!


Posted by: roachcane77 | May 10, 2024 at 06:01 AM

Yeah, now about that football team...

Old Skool

Athlon with an article noting that the U has failed to develop the talent it has recruited.



Love it! Go Lady Canes!! Waiting for Canes Football, like so many of you.


QB play has been average and until recently the OH line was a big issue.


Drums are starting to pound on realignment for the ACC. Hopefully it will implode. FSU and Clemson could be gone by August. We need to follow right behind. The Big 10 would make since for us but only if we get their first. FSU would likely get the invite and therefore we would be left out.

Terrance Sullivan

Canes vs Gators at 3:30PM on ABC August 31st! Guaranteed 100% Swamp Butt Conditions!

DallasTX Cane

Posted by: Old Skool | May 13, 2024 at 01:48 PM

Brilliant investigative journalism, lol. I just heard Nixon ordered the coverup of a burglary too. They should’ve just read the Blog a couple of decades ago. That’s how long this Crew has been saying it.

Ahh hell… we’ll win again one day. I’m sure…


So I wonder who TOLD U about this exact thing happening 3 years ago before it ever happened?

I wonder who TOLD U that if colleges desparate to compete would pay (read: bribe) players all of 18 years old many millions of dollars to play for them?

Who may have TOLD U that these said "student athletes" would transfer more often than a full moon shows itself, become players who have diamonds larger than the Queen's jewels, drive Porsches and Maseratis to campus and wave cash at coaches, other players and the hotties on campus?

Who possibly could have predicted that this would all go wrong? I wish I could remember who THAT GUY was? Man was he right!

Nick Saban has said it. Now another one spills the beans:



Well, everyone has bags now, albeit, some have grocery bags.
The few thing The Herb says about the are this, high schoolers should not earn NIL until after their first season ends.
Their should be a cap for each position. You can only use the portal once, unless you have graduated.
Obviously ain't none of that going to happen and you still have the same big dogs eating at the top but there just a few more plates at the table and it gives the others a chance.

orange 'n green in the vein


Reinforcing the power forward position with veteran depth, more height, and more athleticism compared to who took those minutes every game last year with this player is going to really help turn next year's team around in the win/loss column. Plus he doesn't have to play in Idaho for the end of his basketball career, a win all around!

Seeing a higher motor effort level consistently in a tougher league so he's a better all around rebound positive player on the floor will be the deciding factor most likely if the move pays off for the one year he has left to play. You can't play him at the end of games with a lead unless he shoots Rick Barry style free throw attempts next year it appears, however . . .


Does the Rashada sage end?

Jaden Rashada has emerged as the poster child for everything that could possibly go wrong with the NIL & Transfer Portal system. Today, Rashada filed a lawsuit in federal court against the University of Florida’s head football coach (Billy Napier), an administrator (who no longer works at the school) and a top donor (Hugh Hathkock), alleging they fraudulently induced him to abandon a lucrative offer from UM to sign with the Gators instead.

And, of course, the UF collective never came up with money promised to him. So, now he is suing for fraud.



My bad! I intended to lead with "Does the Rashada saga ever end?


And, of course, the UF collective never came up with money promised to him. So, now he is suing for fraud.

Posted by: W | May 21, 2024 at 01:12 PM

Oh no, really, U don't say? Who could have ever warned us about this or thought about this crazy scenario in advance? #ToldUso


That Rashada situation could drag on a long time. The positive is that it should continue to make FU look bad, even though the whole NIL situation is absolute lunacy.

Lighter side for the U: Tyler Baron, our lone remaining, as far as I know, transfer portal target, has committed to the U. This adds that much more depth on the edge for a solid player out of Tennessee (with a brief stop at Louisville).

Also, although not having much faith in our baseball team (finished season with a losing record to boot), they won their opener in pool play today, 8-5, as the 11 seed over 7 seed Louisville. Daniel Cuvet crushed 2 HRs in this game, and this kid has been a bright spot on the team all season. His hitting skills are no joke, and he's only going to get better. Unfortunately, he doesn't also pitch. :( The top seed in the pool is 2 seed, Clemson, so the next game could be huge, which means they'll give up at least 8 runs if their pattern holds.


I’m betting Tennessee, Georgia or Vandy come calling for DC and we lose him. Arteaga has no clout and no charisma at all.


Sure hope not, AC, although without showing signs of more talent coming in, why would a guy who wants to win want to stay?


Lookie there. Canes baseball with just a little magic still left, pulling out an 8-7 win over Clemson, meaning UM advance out of their pool as an 11 seed over the 7 and 2 seeds.


What's happening Canespace Peeps? Looking forward to the Olympics. Hope everyone is well!

58 Straight


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